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Do Crime Dramas Make Better Criminals?

Do Crime Dramas Make Better Criminals?
Do Crime Dramas Make Better Criminals?

Bad Kids


According to public opinion polls, most Americans view crime as a serious problem in our country. Some people even think that we need more police on the streets!

However, most citizens believe that education is the key to solving this issue.

They say it’s important for kids to learn leadership skills, personal responsibility and communication skills at an early age.

Some experts even think that watching movies like “The Punisher” (a movie about a vigilante who fights criminals) can help teach these lessons to young children.

But do you know what could possibly be worse than having real-life crimes taking place? Making them into cartoon stories with fictional names!

That’s why experts agree that some of the programs used in schools to stop youth violence are useless. Researchers have found no effective way to reduce violent behavior among teenagers.

In fact, studies show that treating high-risk teens like villains may even make things worse. High risk youths are often victims of bullying and prejudice themselves.

This makes it harder for them to connect with others and feel secure. When they leave school, they enter a dangerous world where they cannot always rely on adults to look out for their best interests.

Prejudice and discrimination only add fuel to the fire. They become psychological barriers impeding contact between officers and citizens. Therefore, there is a need to discuss ways to fight against juvenile delinquency.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Do Crime Dramas Make Better Criminals?

My thoughts turned to the new Netflix show, “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” when I read this article. The show follows the lives of officers (not detectives) from the NYPD’s 99th Precinct in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

While it is very different from previous shows, there are several similarities between characters and people that make up the police force. Personally, I love watching these cops because they are so funny.

They deal with many cases including drug problems, domestic issues, and even suicide. Though their job is hard, they have also got to watch out for each other.

Grey’s Anatomy

Do crime dramas make better criminals?

It is about people in hospital wards, those who work there, their friends and family, and the patients they care for. There are good doctors and bad ones; competent surgeons and not so much. Everybody has personal issues they need to deal with, which can make them come across as professional but stiff. You have to be empathic to the people you are trying to help.

I don’t think I could survive in the world of medicine; the constant stress would just get me down. The way these characters manage to keep going is by having normal lives outside of work. Their friends and families support them when they fail or succeed at work.

The other thing that makes this show special is the fact that it is set in Seattle—a city that knows how to take care of its residents. Maybe some day we will all live up here!

How to Get Away With Murder

Do crime dramas make better criminals?

More than any other type of crime, violence is often motivated by incentive. Many criminals are interested in money, but not all will go as far as murdering people to get it.

However, many criminal act from a sense of personal endangerment or ambition. They may try to beat someone up for trying to steal their girlfriend, or they may attempt suicide because they can’t stand what they’re doing anymore.

These aren’t crimes against humanity – only them. However, one could argue that such acts are possible ways to end up with a life you don’t want.

Fortunately, help is available. The best way to deal with this kind of problem is to find a way to create incentives elsewhere in your situation. Give yourself a reason to live another day by getting out of your current situation.

The Good Wife

Do crime dramas make better criminals?

Several recent studies indicate that crime dramas are just as likely as crime films to induce violent behavior. That’s because TV shows, especially those with high ratings, have an enormous impact on people’s perceptions of reality.

Many criminals who watch crime stories on television aspire to being famous, like actor Wesley Snipes or rapper Eminem. They believe they can get away with it, so they feel more secure about their crimes.

Research confirms that when viewers see others commit acts of violence, they begin to think that violence is acceptable under certain circumstances. Viewing episodes in which victims suffer can contribute to a sense of injustice (and perhaps resentment against other individuals for having higher status than them).

This may lead to feelings of insecurity and a desire to achieve dominance over others. Many criminals try to dress innovatively, look different from everyone else, and act out aggressively – displaying untraditional behaviors.

Another study found that kids who watched police drama were at greater risk for becoming teens who use guns or drugs to commit crimes. So if you need help, don’t worry about finding time to meet your family needs, work on improving your criminogenic skills by watching some good policing stories.

The Practice

Do crime dramas make better criminals?

Did you know that great actors like Matt Damon can really make the difference between a good movie or a bad one?

Well, he can.

And your role in this drama may determine whether you get to enjoy yourslef some well-earned quiet time once all the media blitz is over.

The directors, producers, writers and other participants need enough time to prepare for the attacks when they’re not filming. It takes a lot of effort to destroy a film set!

But keeping these people off my lawn has become a priority. And honestly, I don’t just mean the police do either.

Actors want time away from the set to be with their families and attend pre-production meetings and premieres. They have social networks and lead normal lives.

So what if someone decides to stab a star because she wouldn’t split the cost of food at dinner? Or shoot two more people because her character was killed off last week?

I guess it depends on who your father was. But we could use some stricter guidelines about being selfless among celebrities.

Maybe next time you see a famous person driving down the street put out his hand first. Give him a chance to shake hands, pick up the phone, and connect with you.

You never know – he might even tell you a story or two.

Sex and the City

Do crime dramas make better criminals?

We all know that television can really pull your heart strings, but do crime dramas actually make you more likely to commit a crime?

That’s what researchers in Canada found when they analyzed data from over 1,000 people.

They asked survey questions about whether participants had committed crimes before. Then they looked at how well those individuals responded to different messages about morality (such as “It is everyone’s responsibility to keep society healthy”) and ethics (for example, “I should help people who are less fortunate than me”).

Participants who agreed with statements like these were considered to have strong morals.

Those same people were less likely to have committed crimes prior to taking part in the study.

However, responding positively to some ethical concerns was associated with higher rates of criminal behavior.

For instance, if someone felt pressured into acting illegally, they might be more likely to have participated in illegal drug use or shoplifting.

But there was one type of behavior related to strength of moral values versus ethics beliefs. Only children raised in abusive environments were more likely to sexually exploit others for money or gifts.

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