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January 28, 2022
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“How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast)”: German Netflix hit with huge surprise at launch

The Abitur was for many the sheer horror and associated with many hours of cramming. In the third season of “How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast),” student Moritz not only has to deal with the Abi, but also with murderous drug dealers from Amsterdam. The six episodes are now streaming on Netflix.

The German export hit, which is based on a true case, repeatedly breaks with classic storytelling. Moritz (Maximilian Mundt) often addresses the audience directly. In one scene, the chief inspector confuses the small town of Rinseln, where the series is set, with the fictional town of Winden from the successful German Netflix format Dark.

In addition, the creators once again come up with many creative ideas to visually support the story. In a daydream, for example, Moritz sees himself on the cover of “GQ” (“Moritz Zimmermann: Ein Leben zwischen Geld und Freundschaft”) or takes part in a TV format similar to the RTL show “Undercover Boss”.

Other highlights include a guest appearance by ex-skater Katarina Witt as host of the crime show “The X-Files Unsolved” and the class teacher awkwardly chumming up.

“That’s probably one of those teacher phenomena. When you’re constantly surrounded by younger people and try to copy certain things and train them on you. But of course they can only go wrong,” explains actress Lena Klenke. The 25-year-old already played a schoolgirl in “Fack Ju Göhte.”

At the beginning of the new season, Moritz’s ex takes her class on a school trip lasting several days, during which she flirts with the ranger Josef (Langston Uibel). “I always found school trips insanely stressful because you spend 24 hours a day together in an environment you don’t know. You get to know people in a whole new way,” Klenke recalls.

HTSDO(F): Fourth season seems certain.

In addition to an allergy, Moritz has to deal with his best friend Lenny (Danilo Kamperidis), with whom he has fallen out. But now he needs his computer science skills to restore his online drug store “My Drugs”, which Lenny deleted. Moritz’s ever-smiling but tough business partners from Amsterdam are already breathing down his neck.

The turbulent story of a school clique dealing drugs is almost secondary in “How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast)”. The series’ international success is probably due above all to its innovative storytelling, which is tailored to a young audience (the episodes are released for viewers aged 16 and over). That’s why a fourth season is probably just a formality.

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