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What Do I Do If I See Night Marchers?

cef8866c what do i do if i see night marchers
cef8866c what do i do if i see night marchers

Tell them to go home

What do I do if I see night marchers?

If you see night marchers, telling them that they are being too loud or inappropriate is only giving them more motivation to continue doing what they’re doing.

It takes stronger resolve to not let people be upset or to not do something about it. You will have to stand your ground and be firm with how long they should stop what they’re doing.

If you need help, then get some help. Don’t keep playing while others are listening; besides being rude, it makes things worse.

Letting this behavior carry over into sleep time allows for less productive days later. Your bed is the one place where you want to feel relaxed, comfortable, and safe.

Begin by putting away any other distractions (computer, tablets, etc.). Then try going to sleep with the lights off. Once you’ve got that down, you can work on learning to love it.

You can also start cutting out the noise. Have dinner ready at lunch so you don’t spend the afternoon chatting away as well as cooking. Try having a quiet breakfast in the morning and skipping the coffee.

Follow them


If you see strange people out at night, follow your gut! Don’t worry about being silly or looking stupid; just go with what matters most to you – safety.

People in weird places at unusual hours can be natural consequences of the urban legend known as “the night journey.” It’s a story that many have heard, but few understand how it works and even fewer take steps to prevent harm to themselves.

The “night journey” is a magical thinking process where someone travels somewhere they shouldn’t easily using the paranormal. They are assumed to be invisible or immortal so police/security forces cannot help them nor do they expect assistance from friends and family.

Many believe they need special powers to cross between different dimensions or time periods, others think religion helps such as Christianity which is practiced mostly by cult members. Belief in supernatural beings who protect humans against evil entities has been around for thousands of years.

Some scientists claim there is little or no evidence for this type of travel, the majority of documented cases are records of children claiming to have travelled beyond their parents’ control through illegal experiments or other means.

In my opinion, chances are you or somebody you know has experienced something real like seeing things that weren’t really there or hearing things that were too quiet to hear. I don’t recommend trying to prove or disprove these claims until you come off as a joke or

Wake up others

What do I do if I see night marchers?

If you see night marchers, people who are walking in the shadows at night, don’t try to scare them or mislead them with your lights. That only agitates them and makes them more scared for their safety.

What you can do is go about your business as usual and consider that one of these no-gooders may strike your house while they’re hungry and looking for food.

So check your doors and windows and make sure there’s not someone waiting outside to harm you. Then wake up some other residents of your neighborhood and have them join you in checking out what those villains are doing.

And remember, it’s not just burglars you need to watch out for. There are weirdos out there too, like child abusers, rapists, murderers and thieves.

Check Facebook pages and social media places where teens hang out. Read reviews online by customers (we all must now read Yelp ratings), talk to friends and family members and ask them whether they’ve noticed any changes in behavior from anyone new in your neighborhood.

Nobody wants to be stupid enough to fall prey to a knife jumper or loose cannon, but it does happen. Chances are, sooner or later, you’ll get sick of living without security.

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Watch them

What do I do if I see night marchers?

If you see night marchers (a group of people walking without lights), stay where you are until they have passed.

Then turn on your headlight to guide them away from populated areas or avoid tramplings.

However, don’t stop a child being held by an adult from running into the light! Tell that person to hold onto their wrist so they know it is still awake.

Do not be afraid

What do I do if I see night marchers?

Even though most people are frightened by night prowlers, it’s important to keep an honest face while reporting these incidents and do not laugh or become discouraged when asked for details.

It is alsoimportant to remember that it is your responsibility to prevent future nights marauders. There is no guarantee that sticking around to prosecute will solve anything as one of them may just move on.

What can you do to better yourself and your surroundings? Vigilance is the key. With vigilance, everything else will take care of themselves.

Tell your neighbor

What do I do if I see night marchers?

It’s hard to watch people you know get attacked or taken advantage of, especially when you can help them. If you see night marchers (people who go out at night without protecting themselves) being harassed, abused, or assaulted, call 911 right away.

It is very important to call 911 first and report what you have seen. Without calling 911, someone could end up charging these victims with assault or even murder.

My favorite example of this comes from the movie Fight Club. During one scene, character Edward Norton’s character calls an ambulance for Tyler Durden after he breaks some windows during a protest. While it sounds weird, keeping yourself safe is never weirder than telling others about it.

When talking to cops and authorities later, they were completely understanding that members of Fight Club had needed a medevac because of broken glass. ~shrug~

In today’s informed age, it’s easier than ever to identify dangerous individuals before those around them do. And though most bystanders are more likely to help vs. hurt, it still pays to be aware of your surroundings.


Tell your family

What do I do if I see night marchers?

You should try to tell your family or friends about your condition so they can prepare you and their community.

Whether you are living with night marian or know someone who is, it’s important to keep them informed.

This could be telling them about your esper sensitivity in person or over the phone, or putting up signs in your windows to let people know that you need help.

People may fear for your safety when there are things that they don’t understand, which is why it’s crucial to tell them.

Also, by having this conversation, people will know what to do to protect you, including letting others here know about your situation.

Call the police

What do I do if I see night marchers?

If you see people out after hours, it’s your duty to make sure they are safe.

Don’t worry about who called what type of business or whether something was legally open or closed, just make sure no one is hurt and that things are cleaned up.

Call the police immediately, tell them where you are, and let them do their job.

It’s not enough to say you saw someone get into trouble and were worried about him; the police need to know he’s missing and that somebody may have done something wrong.

Also, don’t assume anything about what time “night” starts. Some cities treat 3am as night time, some consider it early morning when it’s before dawn.

Finally, never try to catch a stranger doing something dangerous or illegal alone – keep others away and call the police. It’s better if more than one person is caught by surprise at a crime scene.

Go to their house

What do I do if I see night marchers?

There have been instances in history when people were frightened by stories of night marchers that emerged from nowhere at night. Some scholars believe that these mysterious creatures were once human beings who had entered into bodies of demons after they died.

Others claim that it was simply unknown aliens who had come to Earth in humanoid form, and that they were fleeing through our atmosphere because of some incident or situation which caused them stress.

No matter what your belief is, there are many historical examples where this phenomenon has happened. Regardless of your opinion on whether this is true or not, we can all agree that cases of mysterious sounds or sightings of strange entities have long existed.

For instance, around 30% of people report having experienced something known as a “feelings” or an “aura” before a traumatic event such as a car accident or natural disaster. These feelings may be subjective sensations that accompany a very sudden change in mood or emotional state.

They may also include perceptions such as seeing things that others do not. Experts say that about 20% of children experience this sensation prior to a scary movie.


How does someone know they are experiencing paranormal activities? It depends on the person, but here are some common indicators : [substeps] Hearing voices or hearing footsteps going down stairs or walking across floors. Feeling like you are being watched or touched. Also feeling like your bedroom window is open even though you shut it up.


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