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What Do Introverts Crave?

What Do Introverts Crave?
What Do Introverts Crave?

Quiet time

What Do Introverts Crave?

“Quiet time” is when you set aside time to think about something or go somewhere for yourself without being distracted with others. This can be done in small amounts (e.g., during five minutes here or there) or as longer periods known as quiet times.

There are many names for this type of free time, such as:



Think tank

Music listening

Studying/learning things

Any other form of distraction / activity

Alone time


For introverted people, solitude is integral to feeling relaxed, focused, and rested.

But an extrovert’s world is suddenly turned upside down when they try to have a solitary day.

An extrovert needs quiet or alone time to destress and recover from social interaction. But all that frolicking around in a full park only makes an intgextrophobic feel more agitated and anxious.

This is why extros need less isolation than introfs do. Extroverts just want to be with others, but introverts require some “alone time” every week.

So how can an introvert get what they need? Make a commitment to yourself, especially if you are an overexposed worker who cannot escape for long periods of time.

Introverts spend too much time seeking out other introverts in a vain attempt to find like-minded individuals. They must learn that they can make advances along their path without having to worry about being isolated or losing ground.

In conclusion, it is crucial that we teach introverts their rights, because although isolating oneself can help one’s mental health, it also ends up damaging the person’s quality of life.

Thinking time

What do introverts crave?

For many people, spending too much time thinking about one thing is a frustrating experience. You feel like you should be doing something else. But for introverted people, making space to think is important.

However, there are ways to do it. With very little effort, you can create time every day to think about what’s going on around you or inside of you.

Here are some strategies that will help you think more clearly :

Strategize today to make room in your schedule for thought tomorrow. Think about how you’ll spend your time and plan accordingly.

Don’t put off thinking until you have to. If you don’t need to set time aside to write down ideas then try to do it tomorrow.

If you work somewhere with a timetable, move things you would usually do into the next few slots and use the remaining slot to focus on thoughts.

Whatever you do, keep this week’s blog post in mind. I’m asking myself these questions today – why did I choose to do this project now instead of putting it off?

Rest time

What do introverts crave?

Though it might not seem like it, rest is important for maintaining well-being. When you sleep at night, that’s one hour of your life. You can wake up early to get everything done, or you can stay in bed and enjoy sleeping again.

However, most people don’t have enough time to sleep. A recent study found that most adults only get around seven hours of sleep per night. That’s less than half of what health professionals recommend.

Now, research shows that when we don’t get enough sleep, our brains respond by trying to force us into awake mode. This can actually make it more difficult to fall asleep and increase stress in the process.

One way to improve this habit is through self-care. Self-care includes things like eating well, exercising, drinking water, and getting enough sleep. Doing these things will help boost energy and mood, and make it much easier to focus on work.

Another helpful technique for improving self-care is called resting. Resting means doing nothing every day — no chores, no lounging in the tub, and no working out.

Just relax and take a break each day. This could be talking to a friend on the phone, going for a walk, playing a game, or writing in a journal.

The point is to just let yourself do something without forcing anything. No joke – it really does change

Exercise time

What do introverts crave?

For many people, exercise is a way to care for your body. But for some, it’s a way to connect with their mind.

Many find that exercising helps them settle down at night- probably one of the biggest reasons we crave sweets (ice cream) or food in general after a meal.

Exercise not only makes us feel good, but it also gives us more energy!

However, most importantly, for those who don’t have an athletic background, working out is something that we need to work hard for. We must choose exercises that are safe and comfortable for us.

A few minutes here and there can make a big difference in our overall workout experience. With motivation and support, we can all reap the benefits of exercising.

That being said, let’s talk about how you can get enough exerise every day.

Social interaction

The average person needs around 150 minutes of moderate intensity exercise per week. This includes things like walking, dancing, swimming, etc.

We know that this seems impossible, but if you ask yourself “How much exercise do I want to be having anyway?” the answer is definitely plenty of time.

It will just take pushing yourself a little bit. Try adding 15 minute increments until you reach a healthy level of exercise.

You will enjoy it and won’t even notice it’s happening. Now let�

Daydreaming time

What do introverts crave?

‘Daydreaming’ is what most people think of when they hear the word “introversion.” It typically refers to thinking about thoughts that are more abstract, such as creative ideas or concepts.

For example, someone who daydreams about eating cheese can spend the rest of the day wondering if there really is any difference between cheeses or why you like your version better than theirs, but ultimately will have an introspective day.

This person may just end up feeling relaxed and refreshed after such a day. Daydreamers crave mental stimulation; otherwise they would be even more depressed.

They enjoy contemplating topics that interest them and moving through the many steps in their brain while doing it. You can help this individual get enough shut-down time.

Give them somewhere they can go every night to do something fun like read a book or write in a journal. This way they won’t feel worried when their sleep deficit hits and they need to recharge! Keep in mind though, that this might take all night.

Connecting with friends

What do introverts crave?

“I don’t have time to go out,” you say. But does it really mean that you can’t go out for an hour or two? Or that you can but only once a week?

Not at all.

It’s about making a shift in your mindset. When you leave work or school late, for example, it changes your mood. You feel like spending more money!

So try going to places without crowds of people. Try eating before you make a dinner plan. Talk about how much you want to spend on food when you go shopping.

This will change the way you see yourself and give you ideas for upgrades (you already know this). And most importantly, you’ll get some quality time with others.

Become the person who knows their worth and makes the effort to be happy.

Doing things for yourself

What do introverts crave?

As an introvert, you may find that you enjoy spending time alone or that you feel more comfortable in your own skin when no people are around.

You can spend time doing anything you want, whether it’s watching Netflix or taking a walk.

The only requirement is that you need to make a commitment to do this activity, otherwise you will keep eating up that valuable time you have trying to build confidence in pursuing other activities.

Avoiding people

What do introverts crave?

There’s a popular myth that extroverts are more social than introverts. It’s simply not true.

Extroverts may seem easier to deal with, but this can also make them feel uncomfortable and even stressful. They may need more time to relax and restore themselves then they might give to an introvert.

Another misconception about extroverts is that you have to be socially active to be an extrovert. You don’t. You just crave freedom and flexibility in your lifestyle.

Being an extrovert doesn’t mean being out all night partying or going to bars. It means having fun in the company of others, like when you join a club or group or go to events.

Introverts, on the other hand, usually prefer spending time by themselves rather than with groups or people. Although both types can enjoy parties and events, an introvert will feel exhausted and depleted after doing so.

An introvert will love these kinds of activities because it allows them to re-energize and reconnect with their own thoughts and ways of thinking. Partyers and event attendees do not have the same ability to reclaim their energy for daily life which is why introverts thrive.

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