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What Do Introverts Like To Talk About?

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ebafd500 pexels photo 7176319

They like to discuss philosophical ideas

What do introverts like to talk about?

Although most people are too focused on getting things done to spend time thinking about serious topics, introverts can talk about such subjects for hours.

Some of the things you might ask an introvert refer to their own experiences or feel compelled to explain why something is true, rather than seeking external validation.

You may come across as more knowledgeable when talking with others because you know your stuff and are able to reference other sources when needed. The average person could care less if they miss a detail or get one fact correct.

If you want to seem more trustworthy, it’s important to keep in mind that many people don’t trust what they hear in conversations. Sharing data from multiple sources helps them see that anything you say was checked by someone who knows how to verify information.


They like to discuss politics

What do introverts like to talk about?

Although many people view introverted personalities as quiet, there is a lot more to them than that. When we talk about an extrovert, we often use terms such as “social” or “outgoing”. But these words don’t tell the whole story.

For example, someone whois social may still be contentstaring into their cup of coffee for hours at a time while talking with friends, but this doesn’t make them a good friend.

What makes someone a good friend is being able to understand and appreciate what they have built in their life through mutual trust and respect, without judgment.

Someone who is social does not need to be around other people to be happy. Social interaction is something that brings happiness to their life, so they enjoy it when they can.

However, if you want to get to know an inner introvert, learn how to better engage with them outside the presence of others. You will also do well by learning about their interests.

Most introverts shine when they are involved in a group setting where they can share their knowledge with others. Extroverts might find that they connect best in small settings, where all they have to do is open their mouth to speak and then listen to everyone else.

Either way, getting to know both sides of each person goes a long way towards understanding and respecting those around you.

They like to discuss their latest art project

What do introverts like to talk about?

Although most people are too busy or focused on something else to really focus on anything other than themselves, introverts enjoy discussion of personal topics such as interest, hobbies, dreams, and goals.

When you’re an introvert, talking about yourself is not easy for you. You might feel like you should just talk about your interests because that is what others want to hear.

But if you start with why you have these interests and where you want to go in life, then your friends will probably understand more about your choices. They may even be interested in what you have to say about topics beyond music, writing, and religion.

So try to find ways to introduce parts of your personality into the conversations you have. It can be as simple as telling someone about your favorite book or movie before they meet you at breakfast tomorrow.

Or you could choose a subject related to your interests and spend some time discussing it with them.

They like to discuss their favorite book

What do introverts like to talk about?

Since they are already familiar with the story, they do not have to explain it again and again (unless his or her interest is provoked).

This also works well if you’re looking for an interesting topic to talk about. Both the introvert and the extrovert can learn something from this. You can try asking your friends who are writers which chapter of their current book was most difficult to write.

You can ask them what topics they find hardest to talk about and which ones seem to be easiest. This way you will get some insight into both parties’ preferred conversation styles.

They like to discuss their favorite movie

What do introverts like to talk about?

Talking about movies is one of the most common things that introverts do, especially if they enjoy a specific film or series. Because some people avoid social interactions when they are feeling anxious or insecure, choosing appropriate topics can be difficult for introverted adults.

However, it’s possible to teach yourself what you want to say during a conversation, by focusing on your favourite topic ahead of time. Then you can save it for someone who asks for permission first.

You also have the choice of telling personal stories, which takes the pressure off both you and the person you are talking to. You can share stories around dinner tables, while walking home from work, or during outings with your children.

Introverts usually have many interesting tales to tell, so try looking for them in your conversations. The hardest part about being an introvert is realizing you don’t know something before you feel comfortable enough to talk about it.

They like to discuss their favorite music

What do introverts like to talk about?

Another topic introverts enjoy is music. Perhaps this is because they can listen to what they want in a setting that is quiet and calm.

Some experts claim that music is one of the most popular topics when it comes to discussing an individual’s preferences. People often ask about each other’s music tastes or try to find out how someone likes ‘night time music’.

A person’s love for music is not determined by his/her personality type, but rather which genre he or she loves best. For example, although my creative side enjoys going to see a movie, my husband Steve loves listening to albums, so we go to concerts once in a while.

They like to discuss their favorite restaurant

What do introverts like to talk about?

Next time you’re having a conversation with someone, if there is a topic they seem interested in talking about, try asking them how they enjoy it. This can lead into an interesting discussion of food preferences

They like to discuss their favorite sport

What do introverts like to talk about?

There is a myth that all introverted people love to talk about themselves, which is not true. Some extraverted individuals do love talking about themselves, but for most intros it’s more of an annoyance than a conversation worth stopping to have.

However, they will probably tell you that your favourite topic is what matters the most to them. Why? Because we see each other every day and may feel alienated or awkward if our initial chat isn’t about something comfortable.

When people are looking for a romantic partner, they usually prefer someone who is willing to invest time in them. Someone who is shy and withdrawable is often considered less-than-worthy of romance.

But many introverts can be quite romantically inclined; they just don’t express their feelings very much. When they get together with friends, they want to share conversations and experiences around things they enjoy.

If you think you need to spend too much time focusing on yourself, try to focus more on others during your everyday activities. You might be surprised how helpful this can be when you run into difficulties.

They like to discuss their dreams


Although introverts are quiet and calm, they still have thoughts and ideas. Once they get some peace from thinking, those ideas come out in whatever form is necessary : words, music, designs, etc.

Since many introverts devote time to their passions, it’s not unusual for them to do so via their hobbies. Their interests may be artistic or craft-based, but most often they’re about knowledge and learning.

This is what makes being an introvert such a rewarding experience. There aren’t a lot of people who want to talk with you if you don’t offer them your own ideas.

However, just talking isn’t very fun for an introvert. An introvert will enjoy conversation only when they are allowed to simply listen without having to speak.

Another benefit of discussing topics with others is that they can help keep you organized and working on projects. When you collaborate with other people, whether it be online or in person, this habit helps boost concentration levels.


Do any of these apply to you?

If you identify as an extrovert, feel free to admit it! But if you feel that calling yourself an extrovert affects how you view yourself, then consider changing it.

Extroversion is a behavior rather than a trait. By focusing on acting “extradimensional”, you may be limiting

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