What Does It Mean When A Cardinal Taps On Your Window?

What Does It Mean When A Cardinal Taps On Your Window?
What Does It Mean When A Cardinal Taps On Your Window?

It’s a sign of respect

What Does It Mean When A Cardinal Taps On Your Window?

One interesting thing that happened during my internship this summer was meeting people from all over the world. I met people from Malaysia, Australia, France, Austria, Norway, Germany, etc. The most surprising (haha) encounter was with a group from St. Louis Archdiocese who came to visit one of their own cardinal monuments.

I opened the door and there were four men in their late 70’s early 80’s and they each wore little black hats. They smiled at me and said “Hello Brother!”

We talked for a few minutes about the weather, religion and politics while giving them a tour of the Museum. Needless to say, we had all gathered together to see the same monument — Saint Francis Xavier Church.

At some point in our conversation, one of the elders asked us what it meant when a Christian leader would tap on your window when coming into your home. We explained how it is a polite gesture that they are entering your space but also signifies the end of your personal private area and that they have entered the public realm.

He then told us that he noticed this happening more and more among children as they grow up, so they learn these manners. He said he saw this particularly among Hispanics/Latinas.

Tapa was Spanish for tapa. Tapas means something eaten, such as a small meal or snack. According to him, kids today don’t understand that tradition

It’s a sign of happiness


A cardinal is one of various animals in the bird family that has an orange beak when it’s feeding or at rest. Sometimes those birds will include turkeys, redbirds, cardinals, and robins.

The shape of their beaks is similar to what they use for cracking seeds; as you can imagine, predators like snakes would prefer this was not true.

There are many reasons why these beautiful creatures have become “extincted” (thank you, human beings for taking away their habitat).

Many people don’t realize that once upon a time, all different kinds of avian species were found everywhere in our world, from southern Europe to North America.

But we killed off their habitats by hunting them for feathers and eggs and using heavy chemicals to control bugs they eat. Now only some types of birds remain.

Interestingly, none of the remaining types have changed significantly enough to live out here without becoming endangered.

Cardinal populations seem to stay stable where they are because there are simply fewer habitats available for them to live in. They get along well with humans since we help them feed.

That’s just good citizen behavior.

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It’s a sign of good fortune

What does it mean when a cardinal taps on your window?

The sound is made by holding the finger against the window flap, then clicking your mouse as you open the chat box.

It goes without saying that you should treat all chats with respect; never share personal information in these conversations.

These are non-private forums for discussion.

Also understand that what makes someone special isn’t always their physical appearance or personality.

It can be something as simple as the way they speak or act, or one of their past accomplishments.

This will make them feel even more special and loved, which is important to keep in mind when there’s a chance somebody might see this chat.

There’s no reason to pretend you don’t care about someone anymore than necessary – use your best judgment when it comes to revealing your feelings.

Feel free to talk about common interests like food or movies, or things you have experienced together.

However, if your contact has a history of making requests like “ let me tell you about my life story,” stop him or her right away.

This person could be seeking emotional dependency from others (including themselves), and may not accept yourself the way you do.


It’s a sign of recognition

What does it mean when a cardinal taps on your window?

A common occurrence for many is when a cardinal, often regarded as a symbol of religious faith, taps on your window or opens your curtain to check out the view.

Many people assume that this happening is simply because they love what they see or want to show them something.

However, there are instances where the birds take part in creating an event by flocking somewhere just for fun.

Also, the closer you get to nature, the more likely you will have natural events such as spawning, lightning strikes, snowfall, windstorms, etc.

These occurrences can be disastrous especially if you live in a vulnerable area, so it’s important to understand why these things happen.

Although much about praying to protect yourself from negative energy is personal preference, there are times when we do it to preserve our own well-being.

By getting to know why the birds collect near you, you can begin to recognize which behaviors bother you and which ones don’t. Then apply that knowledge to all species alike.

It’s a sign that you are doing something right

What does it mean when a cardinal taps on your window?

Be careful what you think is wrong in their view because they could be pointing out something right in your window.

When someone says, “It was wrong for us to let her stay outside as long as she did,” it might just mean that he/she felt comfort in knowing that she had made the best choices for herself and her daughters.

But it also might indicate that there is a problem with their role in the household; either way, this isn’t about being negative or guilty – it’s about creating space to talk through problems and solutions.

This can go both ways. And remember that discussing issues does not make them any easier to deal with, but it IS a step towards moving forward.

It’s a sign that you are growing

What does it mean when a cardinal taps on your window?

I had a small window in my front door to let in fresh air, light, and sound. This winter, as I stood outside watching the snow fall through the clear sky, filling the streets with crystal beauty, I noticed something else – silence.

There was no noise except for the soft hiss of the wind and the chirp of a bird. The sounds from inside the house had been quieted by the stillness out here.

I felt relaxed and calm, like I did when I used to listen to the noises of summer — insects and birds and waves crashing on the shore.

It was so peaceful out here that I could hear each little detail. I heard the hum of a nearby car engine or the barking voice of a tree alerting me to keep moving.

I watched a couple of squirrels at play and saw one run into a cave with some acorns. I wondered how long it would be before they knew them by smell instead of by sight.

Perhaps if we were blind we would know things by other senses. Some people say hearing is the most important sense. I think perhaps this makes since.

It’s a sign of health

What does it mean when a cardinal taps on your window?

Back when I was in high school, we had this quiz in biology that asked you which entity lived closer to YOU – man or mouse? Man won, so it seems mice are less healthy than men.

Either way, it was kind of a stupid question because either answer is going to have very similar health benefits. Mice and humans share more similarities than differences, especially compared to other animals.

We live in an age where people fear rodents (yay! ), so rats seem like they must be pretty bad if everyone hates them. Well, it depends.

Some species are better behaved than people, while others are not. But overall, rats are generally friendly, loving creatures who want to be petted.

I mean, think about it — do you let your dog out into the world or keep it inside as a puppy? Most dogs are kept indoors, away from dangerous neighborhoods and strangers, but still get to go for walks and eat good food.

It is no different with rats. Rats are pets, just like cats are pets. However, they are a lot harder to maintain and cost much more money over time due to requirements for space, cages, food, water, etc..

Cats can also be loud, crazy animals who will use any excuse to scratch at their windows at night. People prefer rat owners because they are aware of what these animals require and how best to care for them.

It’s a sign of intelligence

What does it mean when a cardinal taps on your window?

A lot of people are skeptical about this idea, but it can give you a better sense of optimism to learn that a cardinal is tapping on your window every day.

These birds have been known to use signs to communicate important information to other animals in their community. For example, a cardinal will tap on a seedbox to let its fellow creatures know there’s food available for them out there.

Of course, not all organisms are as intelligent as birds. However, studies show that insects like crickets and spiders are very aware of their surroundings. This ability to feel awareness comes from having two sensory receptors located at the top of your feet and the bottom of your toes.

They detect vibrations and pulses felt through touch. By being able to perceive both light and dark, hot and cold, good and bad, they are also able to understand what is appropriate and inappropriate.

This understanding helps them to avoid dangerous areas of their environment and find safe spots within it.

It’s a sign of a good day

What does it mean when a cardinal taps on your window?

Follow what your favorite team is doing, because if they are winning, it will be a great day. If they lose, don’t worry, maybe have some ice cream or play something else fun!

It’s very important to follow your dreams, even if you know that they may take effort.

Many people waste their time trying to hold onto minor things in their life that have little value but bring with them lots of memories created by the person holding such a thing.

Life is too short to live without passion and the same goes for its victories. The more emotions you have going on inside of you, the better you will do overall at anything you need to do.

So how do you get out of the doldrums? You have to find a way to motivate yourself and this can be through finding a reason to enjoy getting back into the groove of daily tasks.

The best way to do this is by bringing up a question or two regarding why you want to achieve your goals and could you put in an extra bit of effort to reach them? Then just answer those questions for yourself.

Maybe there’s a new recipe you wanted to try or a project you’ve been itching to complete. These are valid reasons to feel motivated and ready to start moving again.

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