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What Does It Mean When My Jewelry Keeps Breaking?

What Does It Mean When My Jewelry Keeps Breaking?
What Does It Mean When My Jewelry Keeps Breaking?

Check your jewelry box

What Does It Mean When My Jewelry Keeps Breaking?

There are many reasons why you might find broken pieces of jewelry in your box. Most often, it is because you pulled out your jewelry box for take off but left it open too long before putting your new piece into it.

However, there are some other causes including missing pieces and faulty craftsmanship. Sometimes, accidents do happen with any level of glue or solder damage.

If you have any questions about whether or not your item is repairable, get help from someone who can assess its durability. You could be sending something back that only needs minor repairs which would otherwise cost you money.

Other times, people try to sell you items where all the parts need replacement, which can be very expensive. Be careful when shopping online at jeweler websites and see how much wear an item has already had before wanting to put it up for sale.

Check your settings

What does it mean when my jewelry keeps breaking?

There are many different causes why your jewelry might keep breaking. In order to prevent future breakage, it’s important to understand what is causing your piece to break in order to properly fix it.

In particular, you must learn how to identify if your setting (the item you wear daily) is at risk of additional breakdown. You should also know whether your stress testing limits will affect the overall durability of your piece.

Finally, you need to recognize when it is time to reorder your pieces to ensure they remain unique and personal. Only by being able to distinguish these qualities can you avoid creating a “me too” piece.

It is crucial to stay focused as well as continuing this investigation so that you reach a final conclusion before proceeding with any lifestyle changes or remedies.

Check your bracelet

What does it mean when my jewelry keeps breaking?

There are many reasons why you might have problems with your jewelry being too tight or even breaking completely. If there is something wrong with the way that you are attaching your strap, then it can be easily repaired.

However, if the problem occurs more frequently, then this may be a sign of a bigger issue. You could start to put more and more stress on the wire/string/snaffle piece to hold back the ends of the braid so it doesn’t come apart at the seams.

Over time, this may make the string shorter which will cause your jewelry to fit less snugly on one side or both sides. This is called ‘shrinking.’

Eventually, the hole left from shrinking will become big enough for the end of your braid to pull through, causing your necklace to break.

This can happen anywhere along the line where the string meets the wall between adding thickness and subtracting thickness. The thicker the string around the hole, the harder it will be to shrink.

Therefore, in order to prevent this from happening, try wrapping the string three times around the hole instead of twice. Also, try putting a drop of super glue in each corner of the hole before pushing the string inside.

Finally, when you remove the string, make sure it is pulled straight out; otherwise, it can get tangled.

Check your necklace

What does it mean when my jewelry keeps breaking?

There are many possible reasons why you would break your pendant (necklace)

Whether it’s from string friction, not having enough length or simply wearing it too quickly without taking good care of it.

It is very important to take care of your jewelry so that you do not damage yourself. If you wear your piece regularly, then there is a chance that it may become damaged before you even notice.

You can prevent this by keeping track of how often you use it and whether or not you have it in a safe place. Using it frequently will help prolong its lifespan.

If your pendant is still under warranty, you should contact the company who made it. They can decide if you need to get it re-worked or replaced., Or they could instruct you on how to fix it yourself.

If none of these options are available to you, you might want to keep reading for some helpful information.

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Check your ring

What does it mean when my jewelry keeps breaking?

Rings are a popular purchase, especially for first dates and ceremonies. Hence, they tend to be expensive (on average).

It is very common for rings to need repair or replacement shortly after purchase. There are several reason why this happens, but most of the time it’s because the bride doesn’t know how to take care of them.

In order to avoid this issue, before you exchange finances information with someone, try on your jewelry to see if it fits him/her correctly. If you have not yet bought their gift, try buying one last minute. You can make it early next week when they will still accept late deliveries.

If you cannot find any that fit, then invest in a jeweler set consisting of an earring box and a magnifying glass, so you can tell fine details such as diamonds traces and flaws in metals.

People also do not pay attention to little things like cracks within days of using something. This becomes worse over time and can lead to fractures later. So even if you can fix anything, now is the right time to address it.

Check your bracelet settings

What does it mean when my jewelry keeps breaking?

Some people rely upon fashion to decide what they wear each day. Others prefer doing their own personal style, and don’t care about trends.

No matter which category you fall into, there are some setting options that can help you get more use out of your jewelry.

The first option is choosing a good quality pearl. Aside from selecting one that matches your skin tone, another important criterion is its luster.

A brilliant lustrous sheen is the mark of a high-quality pearl. This means not just that it has large pearls, but that it is free of defects or flaws like stains or imperfections.

These qualities will increase the durability of the pearl for wearing purposes.

Check your necklace settings

What does it mean when my jewelry keeps breaking?

If you wear a chain with pendant, make sure that there are no catches or hooks which can affect the quality of the chain. Also check that the clasp (the thing that holds the necklace together) is not too small that it’ll get caught on any rough surfaces.

Most jewelry comes with anti-tangling devices but sometimes they aren’t enough to prevent very tight pulls. In this situation, you can use heavy gauge wire to tighten the area.

If possible try to put some nylon washer between the thread and the metal part holding them so that the friction reduces. Another option is putting a bit of moleskin glue inside the screw holding the piece.

Check your ring settings

What does it mean when my jewelry keeps breaking?

Most rings are removed during cleaning to prevent damage. However, if you put your ring back in after cleaning it, then there is a chance that water can enter the inside of the ring through the setting (the part where the diamonds are bonded).

If you have trouble determining whether your ring is the cause of your breakouts, try removing your ring for several days. If your breakouts clear up around your ring, then it’s likely the issue is yours.

Make sure you aren’t over-tightening your jewelry when you wear it; this is one way to guarantee broken things. Also make sure any bands or attachments are secure; you don’t want them coming off while you’re wearing your piece.

Lastly, be careful about what you use to clean your jewelry. There are many materials available, but they all should be harmless.

Replace your item


You’ve probably read other advice about how to fix faults or imperfections in jewelry, but don’t always follow it.

If you have another piece that matches this one exactly, then by all means swap it! A close friend may love getting something like an earring instead of a necklace, if they already have one to wear with her bracelet.

But generally speaking, single pieces are replaced back to front. That is, start with the end result you want (the final product) and work backwards to determine the steps along the way.

You can also check for duplicate pieces; many vendors will offer multiple versions of each step in their products.

Finally, consider replacing any materials that cannot be reused. For example, if there is glue around what you plan to place, remove it first.

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