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What Is An Example Of A Modern Tragic Hero?

What Is An Example Of A Modern Tragic Hero?
What Is An Example Of A Modern Tragic Hero?

Milton Athens

What Is An Example Of A Modern Tragic Hero?

Besides being a hero, he’s also an inspiring example of persistence in pursuit of your dreams and ambitions. He died at age 32 due to complications from pneumonia, but his legacy lives on.

He was a college football player who attended Iowa State University for three years before becoming seriously ill with tuberculosis. While recovering, Milton made a life-changing decision: he decided to focus on getting better instead of immediately seeking re-election in his athletic team.

This simple decision helped him make something amazing; it gave him more time to study so that he could retain knowledge after graduation. Later, he would use this skill to become a writer.

And perhaps most importantly, it allowed him to keep healthy. By not chasing after the things he wanted (more money, more attention, etc.), he had extra time to develop resources to get what he needed.

What I learned from him is that we don’t have to chase our dreams, because they disappear if you don’t chase them first.

If you want to be famous, try to score one goal beyond where everyone else thinks you can.

When you do, you’ll feel like a king, and you’ll deserve to be surrounded by others who respect and admire you.

Leo Bloom


A character I would define as modern tragic hero is Mr. Leo Bloom, the protagonist in the American novel “The Adventures of Augie March” written by Philip Roth.

Mr. Bloom is an everyman with flaws that are highlighted through different characters’ observations of him. He also has several hidden qualities of his own, which come out later in the book.

For instance, he thinks he’s not smart but discovers his own intelligence after speaking with his tutor Edward Teach (aka Blackbeard). By the time we learn about him, Mr. Bloom already holds two college degrees and is employed at a reputable firm as a lawyer.

Through many scenes involving Mr. Bloom, the reader observes aspects of his routine life that not only make him seem more human to the audience, but also create a mosaic of details that add up to one big picture of who he is. These small things said above give you some idea of how much effort went into creating this most simple literary character.

That is what makes Mr. Bloom such a memorable character. Even though he is the main character in the story, it doesn’t feel like it; his journey takes a backseat to the plot. His background adds complexity to the storyline, making it easier for the viewer/reader to relate to him or her.

If you want a literary hero that anyone can easily identify with, look no further than Mr. Bloom. He is

Jamie Buchman

What is an example of a modern tragic hero?

A modern-day tragic hero is someone like Peter Parker in the popular Spider-Man comic books. An average guy, Peter is able to do remarkable things with his incredible intelligence and physical strength. He’s also got a great deal of courage!

When I was 9 years old, I lived near some railway tracks that led into a tunnel. Every night at about dusk, trains would come flying out of the darkness, headed towards my home.

Some nights, the winds were calm enough for me to hear the sounds of the train wheels rattling down inside the pipe leading back to the station. There were stories of people who had been scared shitless hearing those same noises coming from behind them only to find nothing there.

Sylvestris Boaz

What is an example of a modern tragic hero?

If you had to pick one fictional character that represents all the qualities we look for in a tragic hero, who would you choose?

Sylvestris “Sam” Boan is a tragic hero defined by his strength as a human being. He struggles with weight loss so he can be more healthy, but midway through the process he finds out he has diabetes which could cost him his life.

Despite this major obstacle, Sam does not give up working out and continues to work towards his health goals.

He earns the trust of others again when they find out about his illness, and becomes their symbol of endurance and motivation to keep striving for wellness.

By the end of the story, despite his illness, Sam earns his love back from his wife, demonstrates his strength as a man, and shows humility toward others.

Cynthia Brown

What is an example of a modern tragic hero?

Many modern tragic heroes are inspired by real life stories

It’s hard to remember how exactly it began, but we all have memories of a tragic hero that struck a chord and made us laugh or cry.

Who is he? Who is she? Where did he or she come from? How does this person become connected to your favorite character in the story?

What makes him or her become heroic?

Is there a specific event that turns this regular person into a superhero?

We will discuss these questions and more as you write your paragraphs based on the topic and bullet point. This article assumes that you know what a tragedy is (feelings, emotions), and also knows why someone would want to use humor in writing fiction.

The purpose of bringing up humorous examples is to help you develop as a writer and learn new skills. In addition, I hope you realize that even if you don’t think you can be a well-written joke, trying taking yourself out of any mindset that you should always assume things are serious = TRUE FALSITY.

There’s no reason for anything ever being taken seriously.

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Harold Bloom

What is an example of a modern tragic hero?

English literary critic Harold Bloom is famous for his influential ideas about the relationship between true literature and its readers, which he calls “the poem’s insistence that it must be read…_

But when reading alone, at night, without the companionate and sympathetic reader, how can the poem achieve the persistence and vitality of its own existence? The answer, implicit in the assertion made by Plato in Phaedrus that all poetry is magic—that it arises from certain feelings in us or situations around us and thus speaks to our inner mind–is that we need another person – ah, but only for a moment! — to read my poem as if it were your dream, your vision, who understands you and your position and aims to persuade you to accept these same thoughts. Only then do I come alive for you, now do I have the power to convince you…because it is you who will bear me out and give me life and persistence. For you are also there, in the deepest part of yourself, aware that this is so.

It requires a degree of self-awareness (or what humans would call consciousness) to realize that you exist and are conscious. Thus, you are willing to listen to someone else’s message when they are trying to express something important. It is that very willingness to consider the opinion of others that makes society special and allows for evolution of each individual within the group.

Consciousness is present when one recognizes

Leo Brockman

What is an example of a modern tragic hero?

Even if you’re not familiar with him, there’s a good chance that you have heard his name or seen one of his photographs. He is Mismagius’ greatest ally in our fight against extinction – renowned far and wide for his prodigious creativity and brilliant optimism.

Few outsiders realize that he is even working today.

For decades, Brockmann has been producing art at an exceptional rate, while also foundinging organizations to advance arts education and promote diversity in the graphic medium. Some of his accomplishments include 10 books, 8 award-winning films, 50 shows, 200 articles, 4 music albums, and over 2 million feet of graffiti, all awarded acclaimed media publications including The New York Times,, O Magazine, Good Morning America, Reuters, Fast Company, Forbes, Esquire, Sports Illustrated, NPR, BBC, Vogue, Rolling Stone, Bazaar, Elle, Dlisted, The Huffington Post, Wired, Barron’s, Uvue, The Dallas Morning News, Tattle Tale, Buzzfeed, Independent, Broadly, Refinery29, People, REDBOOK, CNN, TED and more.

He holds degrees from Carnegie Mellon University in computer science and graphic design from the School of Art + Design, and graduate studies in social anthropology from Northwestern University. Brockmann was nominated for the National Institutes of Health Director’s Innovation Award who recognized his contribution to chronic illness management strategies. Additionally, he helped produce the first British documentary

Eloise Brockman

What is an example of a modern tragic hero?

A good example of a modern tragic hero is Eloise Brockman from the television show “Complications”.

Eloise was strong willed and determined, even when people around her were not being reasonable. She had to put up with all kinds of sexist behavior before she became senior vice president of Tech Nation’s HR department.

However, once she got into that position, she made it her goal to remove obstacles out of the way for engineers, so they could do their jobs and succeed.

In episode 203, she sees information about a potential takeover threat to her company, Random House, which would result in over a thousand lost jobs if it happens. At this stage, everyone else seems to have given up, but Eloise decides what we need more than anything is another chance to find a solution to the problem.

She goes back to work, this time bringing together several different groups who have been working separately on solutions. By introducing multiple solutions, someone may come up with something successful to implement.

As one character says at the end of the story, “when there’s no place to go, you make your own space.” This shows how important it can be to try new ideas instead of sticking to just one plan.

Miranda Frost

What is an example of a modern tragic hero?

When I wrote About Face, I turned to my own personal experiences for guidance. One particular story that helped me map out this book’s plot involved my second novel’s protagonist, Clarissa Loewenlocker.

Like Alice, she finds herself in a strange land with strangers, but instead of looking back with fond memories, she is staring down at a broken wristwatch once owned by her mother.

It was the first gift from her parents on her eighth birthday. They drove all the way across town to where she worked as a secretary to deliver it. There were no words written inside the box or attached to the watch. She still has the box today.

What Clarissa didn’t know until years later was that her father gave away both their names before he died. Her mom never told her because her husband said that he wasn’t good with children and made her nervous.

I can only imagine what it felt like for Clarissa to read At Midnight by Mark Twain as a child. It’s probably something similar to reading Moby-Dick as a young boy. You need books that teach you about life. That’s why I recommend starting with novels set between midcentury and early twentieth century.

They’ll lead you through lots of different stories and plots. You won’t have any trouble getting into them, plus they’re filled with lessons that

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