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What Should I Make My Movie About?

What Should I Make My Movie About?
What Should I Make My Movie About?

Make Your Movie About Your Life

What Should I Make My Movie About?

Even if you aren’t filming a movie, making a sequel to your best scene or shooting chapter of your novel is fun and creative. You can be anyone you want to be, like your favorite celebrities from TV shows.

You can use their luck, too, since they got where they are by being able to perform well under pressure. Plus, it costs nothing!

The whole world is watching you at this moment, so just let yourself go and have fun. Put yourself in someone else’s shoes and find out what you would think of them.

Then try taking every situation you can imagine and turning it into a story. For example, next time you are waiting in line for food or stuck in traffic, consider that there could be a story here.

Maybe you can tell a story about life through the sharing of a meal.

Make Your Movie About Something You Know About

What should I make my movie about?

Even if you’re not an experienced actor or filmmaker, there are still ways to make your movie better regardless of skill-level.

The best way to ensure that your movie is as good as it can be is by including input from all of the members of the film crew. From casting to production to promoting the film, there are many people who can improve the quality of your movie even before you start filming!

Pay attention to every detail when making your movie. Case in point: while writing the script, don’t ignore any of the details like font size and coloration, to name just two things.

Lastly, have fun and know that anyone can craft their own story. It might seem difficult at times, but always keep fighting for what you want.

Find Out What Your Movie Is About

What should I make my movie about?

Once you have a plan, it is time to find out what your movie is about. This can be done with a few methods that are discussed in detail below.

The first method for finding out how much your movie costs will be covered here. The second method involves ask ing some questions after watching the film- who filmed it, when was it shot, where did they shoot it, these are all good questions to know before going into production.

Another way to get a feel for the film is to watch it. You can either check it out of the library or buy yourself a copy. Reading the screen play (if there is one) helps too.

Finally, you can ask someone who had a part in making the film about their memories of it. It’s probably best to talk to people around them while they’re still remembering things.

Start Making Your Movie

What should I make my movie about?

Once you get going, it’s easy to pick up speed. And creating films is a great way to connect with people who are interested in what you have to say.

There are lots of different ways to make money, beyond selling your film at movie theaters. These include Kickstarter, Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr.

And there are many online community platforms where you can network with other filmmakers. Even if you don’t sell your film for profit, having another person see your work is worth its weight in gold.

I learned more from my failures than I did from my successes, because I was more careful about how I approached each new project.

You should also know that most projects fail, or take much longer than one would like. It’s part of the process. When things go wrong, ask yourself why you kept doing something without success.

Maybe you could have done something differently to achieve better results.

Share Your Movie With People

What should I make my movie about?

Once you finish making your movie, let people know about it. Show off your film online and put screenshots in places where people may not normally look.

The more exposure your film gets the better chance it has of being seen by fans or buyers. If you’re only filming on your own, this can be difficult.

But throwing a free public screening of your work is a great way to get the word out while also giving everyone a chance to see what you made. Just make sure they all go home after eating something other than popcorn. 🙂

Also, don’t forget to keep making movies!

Next week, we will talk about how to market your movie once you have a release date. Until then, keep making films that show who you are, and why you want to do them. Use the scripts you write around things you love, new scenes that reveal more about you, or revisit old stories but tell them from your perspective.

These samples will help you understand the voice of someone like yourself when it comes to storytelling.

This exercise should lead you into an interest in the acting world. Even if you aren’t interested in acting, it helps you understand the narrative structure of a story.

By imagining these different scenarios in your head, you’ll find that you learn a lot more about the action-oriented side of filmmaking.

Is It Popular?

What should I make my movie about?

Even if you’re not sure whether your idea is popular, there are ways to find out. Ask around: do people who share your ideas seem to like them? Or do they disagree with you?

If people agree with you, then that may mean it is a good idea. However, if no one agrees with you, that may be a sign that it isn’t a good idea.

You can also look at social media sites such as twitter or facebook. If many people are talking about your topic, it may be a hot topic already.

Another way to know if an idea is popular is by looking at how easy it is to find supporters of the idea. If everyone seems to have a stance on the issue, it may be because this idea has become politically charged (sticker shock warning).

But don’t let yourself be pushed into creating a movie about something just because others want you to. You should always make decisions based on what matters to you and your beliefs.

What Problems Do I Have To Face?

What should I make my movie about?

There are many problems that can be faced while making a movie. Let’s have a look at some of them.

Actors are expensive. As much as actors cost in the film industry, their equivalents- friends or relatives who help you make movies for free- pay even more.

Acting skills are also needed to play certain roles and show emotions. For example, playing a child actor should be very easy but if you try someone else, it might not turn out too well.

Directors need to understand people and his/her actions before hiring him/her. They must know how to lead others and manage everyone around them.

Will There Be Money In It?

What should I make my movie about?

“There is money in it,” says John Bowerman, founder of Venture for Profit and inventor of the VCR (for whom?).

He explains that there are four main sources of income for film makers:

• Screenings.

These are showing your film to an audience who has paid to attend. This can be at a cinema, community centre or school.

Online screenings aren’t hard to do but take planning. You need to make sure you have a good soundtrack and the lights are working, too.

Another option is distributing films via DVD or file sharing services. But this means more administration time is required after the screening to send out tickets, gather payment and then share copies of the film with its patrons.

Who Am I Going To Cast My Movie With?


Even if you have not made a film yet, what you really need to do is find out who your target audience will be. Once you know them, figure out why they might want to watch your movie (and maybe even buy something from you).

Then try talking with them about their feelings to see where their interests lie. More often than not, there are things that inspire people more deeply than anything else.

Also, it’s best to cast this person as the lead in your film or as an extra character. This keeps things simple when filming and also makes the story easier to follow.

Who would make a great director? Someone with talent and experience, of course! But most importantly, they should be nice enough to work with you.

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