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What the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 can do?

Android tablets are the ideal companions if you are looking for as much display as possible, but do not want to carry too much heavy luggage.

Thanks to keyboard and mouse support, the devices still remain flexible enough to not only watch movies and surf the web, but also to work on them. Perhaps this is why tablets are currently being hotly debated in schools.

Similar to smartphones, tablets are available in every price range – really cheap models even for less than 50 Euros. However, the cheap devices are usually not fun, because the manufacturers often save on the display and the performance.

If you are looking for a decent tablet that is still available at a fair price, you should take a closer look at Samsung’s Galaxy Tab A7.

In the test of our colleagues from CHIP, Samsung’s tablet did not score top rates, but it convinced with solid mediocrity – and that is meant in a positive way. At a street price of approximately 180 Euros, no other device from the CHIP best list can come close to the Samsung device’s overall score of 2.6.

The CHIP conclusion at the time of testing: “With the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7, the Korean manufacturer delivers a low-priced tablet that mainly stands out in the test due to its mediocrity.

The Tab A7 is particularly recommendable in the price range of 200 euro tablets. However, the display turns out a bit dark and charging the battery clearly takes too long with 05:31 hours. However, economical tablet buyers will be satisfied with the high resolution and Android 10. In the video, we tell you what you should look out for when buying a tablet.”

That’s what the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 costs.

You can get the tablet for between 160 euros and 180 euros – you should not spend more money on the device. If you can wait, you can occasionally find the model for a bargain price of around 140 Euros.


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