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Who Is An Example Of A Tragic Hero?

Who Is An Example Of A Tragic Hero?
Who Is An Example Of A Tragic Hero?

Bruce Lee


Although he was murdered at age 32, most consider him to be one of the greatest heroes in cinema history. With his death came a decline in quality entertainment films. Without him, we would not have such classics as “The Matrix”, “Jackie Chan Strikes Back” and “Ghost Brothers”.

His influence is so widespread that even some of the fantasy movies released during his life time are considered masterpieces. He inspired many young people from around the world.

Several companies made products with his name or likeness after his death. His art has sold for high prices, just like any other artist.

Arthurian Legend

Who Is An Example Of A Tragic Hero?

The most famous example of tragic heroes in literature are those found in the legend of King Arthur.

Many people know the story of Lancelot and Guinevere from the legends of Arthur, but they may not be aware that there was another character who suffered deeply due to his love for the queen: Perceval, the Knight of the Lion.

In the tale told by Thomas Malory’s 15th-century translation of the poem that already existed about him, he tells how this knight discovered something special about himself when fighting against the Dragon at the beginning of the legend.

He realized he could escape with ease from battles where other men would die or be wounded.

When we fight, we win. When others run away, we cannot find anyone to lead us into battle against better enemies.

So Perceval decided to seek out Bishop Galahad, the holy man after whom the Order of Knights is named, and learn what God required of his skills.

He started home, and on the way met Queen Gwenhwyfar and learned why she had sent for help. She asked him if he would rescue her daughter Elaine from Sir Kay, the king of Carmelida (a land somewhere near Persia).

Perceval agreed to do so, riding off together with Elaine to kill the false knight and regain his promise. However, during their journey down a river towards his destination, he saw that Elaine had fallen bodily

Harry Potter

Who is an example of a tragic hero?

You probably know by now that I am a big fan of novels, especially fantasy ones. And you also may know that I read all my books twice (my second time being much slower).

But did you know that I have only seen the first movie once?

That was over two years ago. There are many reasons for this; few people in my area watch movies/shows when they’re still early enough in their careers, I already told myself I wanted to delay watching it until I had more money so that I could see a good movie without worrying about finances, and then there’s the issue of spoilers.

I didn’t want to risk finding out what was going to happen in the film just because someone walked up to me and said, “Hey, has anyone ever talked to you about [insert title here]?”

So, like most people, I went to Wikipedia and found out basically everything that was going to be in the movie. After that, I kept checking back every month or so to make sure nothing got swept under the rug or delayed.

And as you can imagine, with nearly every hero’s journey starting with ‘Harry …’, I knew exactly where this was heading.

Nikola Tesla

Who is an example of a tragic hero?

Though he was prolific in his inventions, with dozens credited to him, there are only two that were actually completed and marketed. The first is the induction heater, which used a high-frequency transformer to pass electric current through water vapor.

The second is the laser, for use in photomaking and precision cutting. This required developing special material such as holographic foil, and it took decades to develop materials that could compete with conventional light sources.

In between all of these things huddling together to stop him from achieving other accomplishments, he still found time to teach numerous students and work on multiple projects at once. He had a lot of what would be called “balls up” energy.

Accomplishments outside of technology include writing books and sending mail right before postage restrictions made doing so difficult. Other examples include selling movies and artwork, and having patents filed and granted.


Princess Diana

Who is an example of a tragic hero?

While there are exceptions, tragic heroes are usually people who suffer from disabilities or have weaknesses. They may be brave, but this doesn’t mean they can accomplish things that require bravery on their own.

In order to become a hero, you need to believe in yourself and what you want to achieve. You should know your strengths and how to overcome your limitations.

Princess Diana was aware of her special status as an aristocrat and understood how to use this to gain support for various causes. She did not consider herself limited by her upbringing or she would not have worked so hard to promote awareness of hunger and other issues abroad.

Diana wanted to make a difference and believed strongly that others needed to do the same. She didn’t see her wealth and position as barriers to achieving her goals.

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