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Who Is The Best Real Detective In The World?

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dc555d79 pexels photo 6069516

Edward Lee Rockenborg

Who is the best real detective in the world?

Eddy is one of the top three real-life detectives in the world. He’s licensed to investigate murders, committed dozens over the course of his career, and even trained others to do it too.

His agency had a rating system with ratings from 1 (low confidence) to 5 (high confidence). They investigated everything from missing children to wealthy people who wanted someone else to find their husband or wife having an affair.

Eddy would learn about the person’s personality, experience, and mental state and then try to figure out what happened before police did. It was uncommon for officers to trust him with the details of an investigation early on, but he learned that people trusted him once they got to know him.

That included giving him access to the files of previous investigations so he could form connections back home. Even if there wasn’t much information, just knowing that something was being done made people feel better. And many times when EDDY saw evidence of a crime, they actually discovered more than they needed to save everyone time and money.

He looked at things backwards–he first tried to figure out why someone might kill themselves, then how they might go about killing themselves, and finally how they did commit suicide. _, don’t worry, be happy.


Jay Degges

Who is the best real detective in the world?

A couple of years ago, I was watching an episode of Caught Being Criminally Stupid when I saw someone drive past me at 75 miles per hour in a 30 mile-per-hour zone. At that moment, my car was covered in snow, so driving anywhere near that storm seemed like a bad idea, to say the least.

But the main reason why I called police was because the driver – who turned out to be a really great guy– was going too fast for what he knew. He had no business being on the road given the conditions.

That’s when I decided to reach out to local authorities to see if they could help people in need regardless of whether it was criminal or not.

In this article, we’re talking about noncriminal matters such as missing persons and lost children.

There are many instances where police can either help you or your family during a crisis or even before it hits home — which is their job.

Other times, the best person to call is a family member– especially if there’s a dispute over custody or visitation.

Whatever the case may be, everyone deserves timely assistance from authorities.”Is it Criminal?” learns more about the difference between calling the police (a life-saving measure) and getting arrested.

Donna Deitch


There are many famous private investigation agencies around the United States, but not too many who have names like The House of Mirrors or Secrets of the Dead.

Donna Deitch has been doing this for decades. She was one of the first female investigators in the nation. And she’s helped on dozens of movies including Silence of the Lambs which used an attack that mimicked her methods to fool suspect Red John.

She opened her own detective agency in Los Angeles nearly 40 years ago. Since then, it’s become known as The Detail Studio. Hundreds of people come to her office every year for help with their cases.

Gregg Olsen

Who is the best real detective in the world?

I’ve followed along as Detectives from around the country have taken tests to become licensed real detectives. Most take years of courses to get ready. Not every class is required for licensing, but each detective needs at least one course covering crime scene investigation, fingerprinting, interviewing techniques, and evidence collection and examination.

Some detectives learn more information about people and behaviors than others, which can help them in their jobs. But all are taught how to clean up after themselves at a crime scene (fingerprint processing, blood spatter analysis, etc.), how to handle evidence, and how to testify in court.

Many find it helpful to join a local police club or association that has events district-wide. This helps develop relationships and knowledge of what constitutes good policing strategy.


There are many different ways to be a detective, here are some interviews with practicing detectives that may help you decide what path might be right for you.


Is there a specific type of detective you want to be?


Do you like being outside the law enforcement circle?


Although most cops are men, there are female cops who are great at what they do. Find out before you assume someone is a cop that they don’t meet qualifications to be a cop.

Elizabeth “Elle” Wilson

Who is the best real detective in the world?

Are you looking for a real detective story that will keep you engaged from start to finish? Elle Wilson has been helping people find lost phones, reconnect with loved ones, and solve other mysteries since 2009.

Her stories usually involve a lot of crime fighting and solving puzzles (without using any technology) — plus every investigation includes a message about how identity is key.

Sandra Anaya

Who is the best real detective in the world?

There are hundreds of television detectives, but only one real detective.

Detective is an occupational title comes from the fact that people who solve crimes work as detectors or investigators.

Detectives carry out investigations to determine if there’s been any crime or fraud occurring. They also collect information to find clues that could lead them to the perpetrator of the crime.

Many times, detectives use technology to help uncover evidence for their cases. These days, forensic experts can do things such as create digital fingerprints that tell police where someone was when they were murdered.

Forensic scientists also look at blood to see whether somebody else may have killed the victim. Forensic scientists can also analyze video footage and computer images to identify suspects and witnesses.

Some detectives go further than others. Some take pictures and put up posters about a case to get members of the public to contact them with tips. What sets these hard-working officers apart is not how long they’ve worked on a case, it’s how much progress they’ve made.

Roderick Anthony

Who is the best real detective in the world?

While most people get into law enforcement for the glamour [flashback to scenes from gritty cop movies], I do it because I enjoy solving puzzles, and preventing crimes.

I was originally assigned to be a police officer, but due to my age (i was already too old to become an active cop), they instead decided to make me a detective.

My first case as a detective was investigating what appeared to be a random murder of an elderly woman who lived alone.

However, the evidence led me to someone else’s house, where there had been a rape and robbery. I made every effort to read the victim’s response to her assault, which indicated that she knew her killer.

Based on that information, I was able to find out who her son was, and talk about him after he had died. She gave me hope that anyone with knowledge of a crime could help provide peace-of-mind and lead to an arrest.

This is something I try to communicate to every student coming through the door of the school office. Every person you interview will play a role in determining your future cases, and you need to treat them all equally. Nobody has insight like the victim, nor does anybody have access to more facts than you.

You also should not assume that just because somebody looks good, or say, “seems innocent,” that they aren’t involved in the crime. You can

Theresa Caputo

Who is the best real detective in the world?

There are lots of TV shows set in police departments, but it’s hard to find one that puts a real cop on screen.

And even if you do, they probably don’t get as many views as your average movie or television show. After all, these are programs created by people who know how detectives work.They have expert witnesses that can explain what did and didn’t happen during an investigation.

But there’s one thing those movies and shows often lack-the ability to baffle us with their technical skills. They can’t make us feel like we’re watching a puzzle come together piece by piece. How they solve crimes is easy enough for us to follow, but difficult enough that we can still be amazed.

That ability takes incredible skill and accuracy. And I has it!

I could talk about my experience working in the homicide division of Los Angeles Police Department, but what I really want to tell you is that you can learn something from every person you meet in life. Every single person you run into makes this world not only smaller, but also much more interesting.

Keep learning things and accepting invitations to learn them beyond just being aware of the differences between people, try to understand why they differ, and use these lessons to your advantage.

Greggory P. Guadagno

Who is the best real detective in the world?

In my opinion, there is one real detective that stands out above all others. His name is Greg Guadagno. I met him several years ago as he was investigating auto accidents for the insurance company I work with. He’s easily been called “the greatest automotive investigator ever!” by those who know his case history.

I have since learned of his achievements outside of the car world. Mr. Guadagno has received multiple awards from both The National Association of Crime Victim Assistance (NACVA) and state organizations. NACVA is a national crime victim’s assistance organization.

He holds numerous credentials, including being a member of the International Association of Accident Reconstruction Automobile Experts (IAARE), which supports professional accident reconstruction analysts worldwide. IAARE is an international organization with chapters internationally, meaning he meets people from around the globe.

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