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Who Is The Most Iconic Fictional Character?

Who Is The Most Iconic Fictional Character?
Who Is The Most Iconic Fictional Character?

Sherlock Holmes

Who Is The Most Iconic Fictional Character?

There are many different characters that have become iconic through various forms of media, but none resonate as much with their audiences as does Arthur Conan Doyle’s detective Sherlock Holmes.

Not only is his investigation techniques often used today to solve crimes, but his method of reasoning, or ‘thinking’, is what makes the character so unique and popular.

Many people see him as a timeless archetype for a creative mind gone wrong. His stories reflect this ideal more than any other fictional creation.

However, it is the qualities we associate with him; his perseverance, scientific approach to solving problems, and ability to observe and analyse things make him an interesting protagonist who has inspired people around the world to pick up a pen and write.

Spongebob Squarepants

Who is the most iconic fictional character?

Yes, he’s a fish. And no, he can’t really do anything else. But you probably know more about him than any other character.

He’s the boy in your head. The brainchild of creator Stephen Hillenburg. Based on his own life, who is this guy that thinks up all these weird characters with magical powers?

Well, he grew up in Southern California, went to school at the University of San Diego, then got job as an animator for Nickelodeon!

So it makes sense that some of his childhood dreams ended up being SpongeBob SquarePants (ok, ok, there are few others.) He definitely still loves sharks, though. And he hates mushrooms. And he wants to take diving lessons.

You can tell by looking at him what kind of person he is, even if you don’t know him well. Same thing goes for all the characters in your mind.

They’re all different people, with their own hopes, fears, quirks and values. It’s hard to describe them unless you know them, but once you start getting into someone’s head, it gets easier and easier.

Harry Potter

Who is the most iconic fictional character?

Even if you’re not a fan of books, you’ve probably heard of Harry Potter!

The bespectacled boy with messy hair is one of popular culture’s most recognizable characters. He’s even featured in movie trailers!

He’s such a beloved character that he inspired Eat Sleep Repeat to create our own favorites list for him.

So who are some of the other famous Potters?”>

If we had to pick just 10 examples of Harry Potter unlike others, they would be these.

Namely, his bravery, kindness, loyalty, hope for the future, and natural leadership skills.

Let’s look at how these traits compare to another classic fictional leader from literature, Mr. Poirot.


What makes Harry Potter unique compared to many other fictional leaders is his heart.

He has always been honest, courageous, and willing to take responsibility for what he has done.

This is why people admire him so much; maybe because he is so similar to us all.

—— Let’s look at bravery.


How about something like this: What It Takes To Be A Successful Leader


Hope For The Future


Then how
does it continue?

Ending 1

Winnie the Pooh

Who is the most iconic fictional character?

Even if you don’t consider yourself to be a Disney fan, there is a good chance that you recognize some of the characters from this iconic movie studio. Walt Disney created everything from “Snow White” and “Beauty and the Beast” to “The Lion King” and “Aladdin.”

But which character made by Disney stands out the most? It might surprise you that it is not your favorite princess or mermaid nor is it your favorite cartoon cat. It is something far more humanistic —and surprisingly inspiring— Winnie the Pooh.

First off, we must acknowledge why he was so famous in the first place. His popularity can be attributed to several things; however, his biggest fans cite three main reasons:

1) He is self-aware (the thinking person’s bear).

2) He has growing pains (human characteristics make him who he is).

3) He demonstrates courage (he rises above what others think).

Winnie the Pooh may seem like a clichéd stuffed animal toy watching over his little family, but his impact upon viewers stems from how well they are able to relate to him. Although he speaks with a honey bee accent, many watch movies such as “My Favorite Bear” and “Let’s Go To The Park And Play Baseball” to relax and connect with their lives.

Harley Quinn

Who is the most iconic fictional character?

If you’re talking about the queen of crazy, she’s at the top of the list. And it isn’t even close.

Across every medium, from comics to animation to television, there is no character that has been interpreted in more ways or inspired more memes than Harley Quinn. Whether her story is new or old, whether she’s action packed or quiet and emotional, it doesn’t matter; everybody loves Harley.

She was first introduced as an animated villain in “Batman” #181 (November 1974), and then re-imagined as a love interest in “Detective Comics” #547 (May 1999). Recently, across several different shows, she has become one of the main characters.

This iconic woman was not planned by her creators. Rather, she was created unintentionally, with producers creating multiple scripts with various romantic relationships between Batman and Joker. The actress who played Barbara Gordon in the previous season got pregnant, so her role was written around her schedule. Thus, they wrote a part for someone else to play.

That person was Ariela Kebabian, later known as Arleen Sorkin. Adapting your character when you have a pregnancy is a pretty smart move. Not only did it give Ms. Kebabian opportunity to showcase her talent, but it kept the show fresh and allowed them to write future stories for her character.

Lady Gaga

Who is the most iconic fictional character?

It’s hard to believe that just how many years it has been since this character was first introduced.

Although she has received mixed reviews, with some calling her ‘overrated’, others saying they like her music better than what is seen in the movies, my belief is that she is one of the most iconic characters today.

I personally love her as an actress, I find her performance in the 2010 film “Edge Of Tomorrow” amazing, but I also appreciate her work across all media, including songs, videos, and performances.

She deserves major recognition for having such a successful career while being female, both arguably making her more prominent than any other celebrity. She has become part of mainstream culture, showing up everywhere from films to television shows.

Barack Obama


In 2008, there was no question that the most iconic fictional character of all time was Superman. But in 2009, we made a new choice when Barack Obama became the first black president of the United States. From one perspective, it’s surprising that it took so long for a person who is not literally from Earth to become “more famous than James Bond.

But what do you think contributed to this change? Let me take a minute to brainstorm before I get hate mail. 🙂

There were two major factors that led up to this accomplishment. The first is that during the campaign season, media outlets focused on his story as a candidate rather than as the leader of a country. We read about him and his life rather than seeing pictures of explosions or reading news articles written with headlines like “U.S. Forces Say Attack Kill 20 Soldiers.”

The second factor is that unlike John McCain, Obama had been a community organizer in Chicago, serving under President Bill Clinton, so he already was well known. What seemed like a small detail turned out to be an important contribution to his success.

McCain’s experience as a prisoner of war helped make him more relatable to some voters, while people may have assumed Obama would just go off after being elected because he could solve every problem.

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