Why Can I Only Hear From One Side Of My Headset?

Why Can I Only Hear From One Side Of My Headset?
Why Can I Only Hear From One Side Of My Headset?

There are two major types of headphones


For most people, there’s no such thing as “bad” headphones. It’ll either be high-quality audio or it isn’t. A small subset of people however seem to get extremely offended when they realize their $15 pair of headphones don’t work as well as the $200+ ones they previously bought.

These are the same people who will spend up to $500 on earphones that can hook up wirelessly to their phones and speakers. They are also the same people who say they only listen to music for entertainment and relaxation.

And yet, every time you see them with their little Bluetooth speaker headset, they look like they’re having a conversation with someone next to them versus listening to something.

They probably haven’t made a commitment to themselves to just use those headsets for sleeping and relaxing at home. Maybe they make money off selling the stuff they buy trying to keep up with the latest technology.

It’s hard to tell what they might do next week but maybe not so much the previous week. He could always go back to being a member again after this one weekend. Or he may never join another group once he finds this one helpful.

The two types of headphones are electrostatic and dynamic

Why Can I Only Hear From One Side Of My Headset?

Most smartphones use Bluetooth for streaming audio. But to preserve the highest-quality sound, you should still choose in-headphone WiFi over Bluetooth when available.

With most smartphone headsets, you can reconnect with your phone’s voice call function (if it has one) after putting your headset on. You can also turn off the audio stream so that others cannot listen via loudspeakers.

Some smartphones include speakers which can be used directly to talk to someone while using the headset. They will work fine with any wireless headphones or earphones with microphone elements, but they reduce quality due to interference from the device’s electronics.

Wireless headphones divide into two categories: portable and stationary. Portable ones connect cable to your device wirelessly to make taking them with you easy. Stationary ones go onto your desk and plug into the wall.

The headphone wires either have 3 or 6 connections

Why can I only hear from one side of my headset?

Most wired headphones have six separate connections. But some popular models are equipped with three-contact connectors like those found in Bluetooth headsets.

When you listen to music, your ears make contact with two different types of microphones. You have inner ear sensors that detect sound coming from inside your body.

The outer ear switches back and forth between detecting sounds from the microphone channels of the headset and transmitting what it hears to the middle ear.

This occurs because the outer ear contains no sensors to receive signals. Instead, it sends audio data to the middle ear, which uses vibrations to transmit sound information to the inner ear.

If you’re using an older phone, there’s a good chance it has a 3-conductor connector. While newer phones usually use four-wire jacks, most still rely on three contacts.

But one guy is doing something about it! James Stanberry is the founder of, a company that makes top-quality smartphone adapters for smartphones with 4G LTE, such as Samsung and HTC. His adapter (which he calls 4M) allows users to connect their device to a loudspeaker by combining 5V power control circuitry with a precision 2.5 mm audio plug.

Here’s how it works. First, the speaker outputs audio through its built-in speaker. Then, the matching portion of the adapter takes input from the other side outputting it

Get a headphone plug made of wire

Why can I only hear from one side of my headset?

Believe it or not, there is a reason that you can only hear one side of a phone call with your headset/headphone. The hardware engineers who designed headsets didn’t bother to make them able to listen as well as speak (i.e., they omitted a microphone from the design).

That becomes an issue when you use a wired headset with a smartphone; the device needs both a microphone and speaker in order to work. What happens if you take a voice mail message while using a wireless headset? You can actually hold the receiver up to your head so you can hear what the caller is saying, but most people don’t know how to do that!

For those reasons, receiving a call while listening through a headset is less common than it used to be. Back in the day, people tried to complete calls like this: give the other person all the information about each step, then wait for a response including details such as whether or not they understood, did they have any questions, etc.

There were two types of answers: yes or no. And these days everyone has access to a computer with Internet access. Therefore, we prefer to send six-second messages which saves us time and also cuts down on distractions elsewhere.

We hardly ever get good-old-fashioned face-to-face conversations anymore.

Get a headphone cable made of wire

Why can I only hear from one side of my headset?

In order to get all your speakers, you need an audio channel. This can be created by using a microphone or taking action yourself.

The problem is that when you own any speaker system, it only charges one earbud at a time! Like batteries in products we use every day, they’re just not designed to charge individually.

As such, investing in a decent pair of headphones is key to charging both ends of the stereo pipe simultaneously.

It also helps if they’re wireless so that you avoid tangles and keep track of them more easily. A good set of over-the-ear headphones will cost $20-$50, but always check Amazon first as prices do change quickly.

Get a headphone jack made of metal

Why can I only hear from one side of my headset?

Even though most headphones have plastic jacks, this is still what you will use initially. As you grow out of them, we’ll get you new ones with buttons or screws again.

But the truth is that these initial headphones are unsafe for long-term use. Chemicals from the plastics inside them can leak into your ear when you put pressure on it. Over time, this can cause health issues like earsight loss.

However, if you press hard enough, you can make a few sounds and keep listening. Drinks bottles also make good pressure points. You could potentially lose your hearing by constantly using cell phones to speak.

Instead, invest in some headphones with solid-state speakers, which remove most of the sound wave vibrations. These are more expensive however.

Get a microphone built into the headphone

Why can I only hear from one side of my headset?

Believe it or not, there is such thing as too much listening to other people talk. And though we can’t turn off audio from a television or radio, you can solve this problem by getting a dedicated microphone that fits in your headset.

This way you will avoid drawing attention to yourself when others are talking. Of course, if they know you well and are speaking to someone else, they may still try to directing them toward you- especially if the person doesn’t like what he/she is hearing.

You can also buy a headset with a mic input built in. This way you don’t have to rely on another device (such as a smartphone) to capture voice data.

Get a plastic cover to protect your headphone

Why can I only hear from one side of my headset?

This is literally something you put over the top of your headphones to protect your hearing from the hard edges of the housing or other external noise. The sound comes out of one of these small holes, which can be distracting when listening through your headphones.

You would wear a hat with this kind of covering. These are called plugs, and they come in many varieties of shapes and sizes.

Assess your risk for auditory distraction by noticing how much noise I am exposed to. Then go buy a pair of earplugs that match those risks. Do not just purchase some generic ones; do an assess an individual risk according to what he’s doing and see if their ears fit within that category.

Get an adapter for your headset

Why can I only hear from one side of my headset?

Many headsets use proprietary connections that require an accessory ( adapters ) to connect to a laptop or mobile device. [1]

These usually are not required, but it’s worth checking out local audio accessories stores to see if they have any you could afford!

Accurate sound reproduction is one of the main reasons people buy premium headphones. Accessory manufacturers have provided customization tools to make these features more accessible.

Cost efficient package delivery systems exist for most brands, making it easier than ever to find kids ‘s and adults ‘s headphones. Check online for deals as well as discount sites to help cut down on cost.

Keep in mind that some content such as background noise, music videos and news reports can actually be better off without the presence of studio quality audio.

This makes using affordable open-back headphone models a good option for spending less money. You also have the choice between customizing different types of headbands / ear pads with various colors and materials to match your style preferences.

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