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6 weight loss mistakes and how to avoid them

You exercise, eat healthy, but the pounds still won’t fall off? 6 weight loss mistakes and how you can avoid them:

When you stand on the scale in despair because you think you’ve lost weight.
It’s kind of unfair: we drag ourselves to the gym several times a week or jog through the neighborhood drenched in sweat and red-faced, say bye-bye to chocolate and ice cream and in the end you still haven’t lost as much weight as hoped. How can that possibly happen? Do those nasty little calories claw even harder at our hips and thighs as we try to outrun them? Even though the idea is kind of cute: No! Instead, we’ve probably fallen victim to the following weight loss mistakes.How to avoid them, we’ll tell you on the next pages right along with.

Sometimes it’s not that easy to lose weight fast, because you build muscle first.


#1: Wrong training

If you always train the same way, you will experience stagnation or, in the worst case, a slump after a few weeks or months: Then the body is no longer sufficiently challenged and the weight loss successes fail to materialize.

Therefore, look for a varied training program that consists of strength and cardio units and varies the respective exercises as well as the intensity of the workout again and again. A nice side effect is that you won’t get bored!


#2: Too little sleep


Studies show that people who consistently sleep too little eat more throughout the day and are more likely to be overweight. Appetite-stimulating hormones, whose concentration increases when we are not well-rested, are to blame.

So make sure to get your daily seven to eight hours of beauty sleep – not only will it make you more rested, it will also make you slimmer!


#3: High stress level.

Stress is not only bad for your health, but also for your line: especially when you are chronically stressed, your body secretes more cortisol. If the level is permanently high, our appetite increases, which promotes binge eating. In addition, our body stores more fat in such a state – not a good combination!

So build enough relaxation breaks into your daily routine and learn to say no sometimes – even if it’s hard at first.


#4: Problems with the thyroid gland.

The thyroid gland significantly affects the pace of our metabolism. Especially people who suffer from hypothyroidism gain weight, although they pay attention to their diet. In addition, they often feel tired and exhausted, which reduces their desire to exercise. However, since the symptoms are usually relatively unspecific, many sufferers are unaware of their hypofunction.

If you suspect that your thyroid might be to blame for stagnant weight or even weight gain, it is therefore important to seek advice from a doctor, who can clarify the situation after an examination and prescribe the right hormones or dietary supplements.


#5: Inflammation in the body


Chronic inflammation in your body can also cause you to gain weight even though you work out hard. Again, people may disregard the smaller symptoms and not even realize what is going on in their body.

To find out if you are affected by such inflammation, your blood must be tested. After that, the cause of your inflammation can be found and treated.


#6: Problems with intestinal flora


How the body utilizes the food we eat is decided in our intestines. If our intestinal flora gets out of balance, for example, due to the intake of antibiotics or an unbalanced diet, this can also be the reason for weight gain.

Foods such as yogurt and kefir or special probiotics from the pharmacy can help to rebuild the intestinal flora and restore the original balance.

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