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December 5, 2021
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7 things not to do after a breakup

A breakup is bad enough – that’s why you should refrain from making mistakes listed here.

Breakup – Now what?

Every relationship ending, every breakup and every loss hurts – no matter what the reasons were for two people breaking up. However, especially in such a difficult time, we women tend to make an incredible number of mistakes that make the breakup even more difficult for us and unnecessarily prolong our suffering.

We’ll tell you what those 7 mistakes are here:

Mistake #1: Don’t play the strong one!

Never pretend that you are really fine, although it is not the truth. You are hurt, you have feelings and you should and may show them to the outside world. You are not an unapproachable robot with a strong facade. Pretending would only cost you unnecessary energy. If you feel the need to cry, then let your tears run free.

Mistake #2: Don’t stay friends with him!

Just like a seemingly cheerful facade, trying to stay friends with your ex will only prove to be a disadvantage for you. You should never (at least so fresh after the breakup) go into a friendship with your ex. Because that way you’ll get to hear pretty (painful) details about his life. Does he already have a new girl? Does he have a date tonight? You don’t want to know!

Mistake #3: Don’t try to get revenge on him!

The feeling of revenge is very negative and leads to inner bitterness. And bitterness really doesn’t suit any woman. Therefore: Try to orient yourself to positive emotions.

Mistake #4: Don’t sleep with him under any circumstances!

You can surely almost guess that s*x with the ex is not a good idea! Nevertheless, many women commit this mistake. Because we are used to physical contact with our ex and this then acts like a drug. The only thing that helps: withdrawal!

Mistake No. 5: Don’t stalk him on social media…

…unless you want to hurt yourself. In the age of Instagram and the like, it’s awfully hard for us to just ignore our ex-boyfriend’s profile. But trust me, it’s the best thing you can do. While we are terribly curious about every post, every little thing, every info from his life, it will still hurt you to see it. So don’t.

Mistake #6: Don’t run straight to the hairdresser!

New phase of life, new hairstyle? No rather not! Refrain from radical changes such as tattoos, new hairstyles, piercings, etc. so soon after the breakup. Wait with it at least 30 days until after the separation, because you are still very unstable emotionally in this time and could regret your decision quickly.

Mistake #7: Stay strong!

Even though this may be the hardest thing to do, it is especially important now to just hang in there and think in small steps. In this way, you will fight your way out of your emotional low bit by bit and will soon be happy again.

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