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Does Teardrop Tattoo Mean You Killed Someone?

Does Teardrop Tattoo Mean You Killed Someone?
Does Teardrop Tattoo Mean You Killed Someone?

Does it Really Mean You Love Someone?

Many people consider teardrops to be a sign of love. After all, they think that if you really loved someone, then tears would not come to your eyes when you saw them smiling or something happy happening to them.

Many believe that teardrops show how much pain you are in. They think that if you cry very hard, then you must be feeling very sad and hurt about something.

They say that crying is a natural thing to do and that showing emotions works like building trust in a relationship. It gives both parties comfort and confidence in being honest with each other.

However, some claim that there are other things that cause people to have emotion-related reactions. Problem drinkers can mimic happiness to gain acceptance from others. They may also fake injuries or illnesses to get sympathy.

It is recommended that we should learn more about a person before assuming that they are lying or having deep feelings for us. Only let yourself feel comfortable and confident around someone until you know they are telling the truth.

Do You Want To Mean What You Said?

Does Teardrop Tattoo Mean You Killed Someone?

A lot of people ask me if I regret saying what I do. They wonder why they can’t get through to me, when others seem to easily match my level of commitment.

I used to think that it was because I wanted to take relationship honesty to the next level. That is, until I realized that some people don’t really want to commit.

They may say they love you, but their behavior tells them otherwise. How could someone who says they value communication continue to engage in destructive behaviors such as lying, cheating, or openly competing with you?

There are many reasons—and often, it has something to do with mental health. Diagnoses include depression, attachment issues, low self-esteem, and codependency.

Many times, people with these diagnoses behave irresponsibly, causing them to act like teenagers again. They struggle hard to understand how their upbringing affected them, and try not to make the same mistakes their parents made.

But there are ways to help them without giving up everything your kids have. With the right attitude, education, and resources, everyone can change for the better.

You just have to believe in them first.

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