Where Do Great Value Frozen Vegetables Come From?

Where Do Great Value Frozen Vegetables Come From?
Where Do Great Value Frozen Vegetables Come From?

Frozen vegetables

Where Do Great Value Frozen Vegetables Come From?

It is hard to imagine that anything could be more boring than reading about frozen vegetables, but don’t worry – we’re going to eat them after all! The world of frozen vegetables is an amazing one because it brings us many benefits without putting any stress on our budgets.

They are widely available, easy to store, and come in a variety of flavors and packages. What’s not to love about that? There are several different methods used to create these delicious foods, ranging from their creation method to packaging technique.

Some use fresh ingredients with little processing, while others cook whole carrots until they’re brown or include rice alongside other types of noodles. Packing techniques vary too, some being vacuum sealed and others using plastic bags.

In recent years, there has been a push towards non-packaged foods. More and more companies are introducing products that aren’t packaged, which can often cost extra money. These type of brands tend to have much higher prices than brands that use packs.

However, even though they may be slightly cheaper, non-packaged versions are usually no better than branded varieties, meaning they lack important nutrients like antioxidants or beta carotene.

It’s also worth noting that since these types of businesses rely heavily on sales for profit, if there isn’t enough demand, customers will avoid buying them allowing you to decide whether or not to make the purchase.

Field greens

Where Do Great Value frozen vegetables come from?

If you like lettuce, spinach or other field greens, then these are your vegetables. Many grocery stores that specialize in produce will offer them at significantly lower prices than if you bought those same foods in a supermarket.

Your grocer may also sell more expensive but still acceptable versions of field greens made from better crops or brands.

They might also have varieties with hearts of romaine instead of whole leaves, which can be nice to look at. However, they’re probably not as good quality and won’t cost quite so much.

Potato chips

Where Do Great Value frozen vegetables come from?

A popular salty vegetable snack is nothing more than sweet little potatoes that have been baked, cooled down, and then sliced into thin disks. They may be battered or dipped in something eggy, like eggs or onions.

There are all sorts of ways to make potato snacks, from frying them as they would any other meat item, to baking, to boiling/cooking and sometimes even steaming.

When you boil them, don’t bake too long because this makes them very mushy. Steamed are best for people who aren’t so obsessed with crisp vegetables.

For those of us who love crispy vegetables, par-boiling is a great option. Par-boiling means putting the veggies through a short pre-baking phase before being fried.

Sprouted grain bread


Many supermarkets offer fresh sprouted grains at lower prices than cooked versions. You can find places that sell bottled juices made from these foods for even better value.

These are often referred to as “superfood” drinks. They typically cost more money, but they’re also quite a bit healthier. A bottle will usually say so clearly on the label.

Many of them have extra vitamins in them which you would otherwise pay more for. For example, every ounce of fruit you eat costs around $2 or so per serving. By making a drink out of one (or several) servings of vegetables, you can enjoy all the benefits of those vegetables without spending much money.

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