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How Do You Find A Movie Name You Don’t Know?

How Do You Find A Movie Name You Don’t Know?
How Do You Find A Movie Name You Don’t Know?

Look to trademarked names

How Do You Find A Movie Name You Don’t Know?

Often, well-known movie titles are copyrighted. However, because they become public domain in five years, you can use them without getting permission.

However, if you want to use a title that has already been owned by someone else, there’s an order form for this purpose at

This website allows you to search for trademarks filed in the us Patent and Trademark Office. There is also information about pending applications, which have not yet been approved.

You can perform these searches quickly with our online tool, or you can choose from a variety of options. For instance, you can find iPhone and Android versions, as well as hybrid editions, such as Samsung’s Galaxy Gear line.

Google “iPhone” and your desired version to get started.

Do a search on the name

How do you find a movie name you don't know?

There are many ways to find movies that have similar sounding names.

Here, we’ll discuss some options for finding films with similar sounds.

A basic web search using your favorite browser is simple and easy way to do this. Type in the film title plus “similar sound” into the search bar or tab of your browser.

This will bring up several results. Most often, you’ll see tags like “sound alike” or “same song.” These are third-party result pages which list various algorithms used by browsers to determine similar files.

You can add these tags onto any file (like your movie) and they’ll load up quickly. For best results, use an updated version of chrome without additional plugins.

Also most likely, there are hundreds of other films with songs named after them.

Do an internet search

How do you find a movie name you don't know?

It’s hard to believe that there are so many movies with unknown titles, but this is the case most of the time. A movie may have had several names as it was released both known and unknown.

Here are some tips for finding you might find a movie named differently than what appears on IMDb.

First check your impression of the name from the outside–the obvious one. Then look at the inside rating to see if another name has been proposed by fans.

These reviews can help shed light on the possible title’s origin story. They’ll tell you more about its development over time.

And they’ll discuss whether critics gave it a good review or not. Reviews are helpful main sources for all things movie related, so keep reading them!

Lastly, watch alternate versions to compare their similarities. Chances are, one version gets closer to the real name of the film.

Internet research is a very important part of any movie inquiry, because information spreads online quickly. There are many places where you can get relevant info like award gatherings, wikis, and movie-centered social media platforms.

That said, filming festivals are great resources for learning something new. More often than not, filmmakers put out content under unknown titles so people can share it without being labeled.

Check with large popular chains

How do you find a movie name you don't know?

If you’re unfamiliar with the name of a movie, it’s best to find out if one of your favorite major chain stores owns the trademark for that title.

In-Nfl is an example since they own the brand NFL.

Other brands such as Disney have also held the rights to certain titles so check those companies too.

It can be difficult at times to get a hold of someone during the day, so visiting a store may not be your choice, but it’s possible that one of them holds the key to finding something you don’t know about.

Also try entering specific keywords like “movie name” or “title” into Google then read through search results to see if any pages come up containing both words together.

Check for trademarked names

How do you find a movie name you don't know?

As we mentioned, most movie titles have been registered as trademarks by the holder of the copyright in that film. These marks can be difficult to find, but they’re there if you look for them.

We at The Marketing Film School put together this useful guide to help you identify and track down all trademarked films so you can promote your own movies.

Do an internet search

How do you find a movie name you don't know?

There are lots of websites that can help you find a movie name. They compare different names for movies to see which one has been used most often.

For example, you might be interested in the nickname Trev. According to various sources, this name has occurred more frequently than any other name in the U.S.. Janus (for boys) or Pandora (for girls) also tend to appear heavily throughout the film world.

These website searches usually turn up only popular names. To identify unusual names, you’ll have to go to YouTube or another name suggestion service.

YouTube allows you to do a name search with all kinds of words included via its “Searchable Names” feature. Go here to learn how to use it.

Another free online resource is Digital Trends’s Bingo app. Search “Bingo” using your phone/device and view results. Then type in different naming options to make Data from previous occurrences of these names allow you to further explore potential names.

Use a rhyme or an alliteration

How do you find a movie name you don't know?

Most movie names contain just words, sometimes with multiple verbs and articles. In order to create a memorable name you need to focus on that component in the film’s title.

Most films have titles that use actions, characters, or events from the movie to draw out its title. It also helps if the word is one not commonly used for other films! Your goal should be to give yourself room to adapt to your new project while still staying true to it.

In selecting a title you want to think about who the target demographic is going to be. Are they young adults, children, or older people? What kind of themes does it present? Does it appeal to various sectors of society? This applies to both kids and adults.

If you are looking to build a franchise, then the first step to take before doing so is to find a brand that already has a following. That way, you can determine how to best market your movie.

Come up with a catchy tune

How do you find a movie name you don't know?

A great name for a movie can help spread the word about your film and get people excited to see it. Plus, everyone loves a good sale!

Keep in mind that not every song can be used. The biggest problem with using songs is whether or not they are protected by copyright.

You want to use all original lyrics if you do this. However, you may have to create another person’s music to incorporate as one of your pieces.

Another option is to set the songs to music. With this approach, you can really make something beautiful. It will take time, though, because these kinds of tunes are hard to come across.

Make the name unique


Even if you don’t come up with an original idea, your movie title will still be remembered if you go for a simple and distinctive name.

Your characters won’t have to struggle trying to think of a name that matches their personality or identity, because there are numerous options available.

A common mistake is choosing a moniker that is too generic. A few examples include calling a film “The Dreamer” or “The Magician.” These names identify the character but leave it open what exactly they do in life.

You want your audiences to understand what your character wants to get out of life, so choose a name that reveals something about that desire (but keep it short!).

For example, call not one but both of these films “The Quest.” It tells the audience what type of person the protagonist is seeking to become through the titular accomplishment.

Call the second film “The Traveler” since it describes how the protagonist gets them from place to place; this also helps explain where the main character is coming from in his/her life. Both titles tell audiences everything they need to know about the character, including why they were chosen to direct their own movie.

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