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Micro roni, best conversion kit generation 4

1. What is micro roni

Micro RONI Glock is a pistol-caliber carbine conversion kit for the Glock 26, 27, 33 or 38. It was developed by Israeli firearms manufacturer IWI US and American gunsmiths who specialize in customizing Glocks. The Micro RONI allows you to have more ammo on your person while still maintaining its small size, lightweight and ease of use.

The Micro RONI is designed to be used with 9mm (Glock 17) rounds but it will also fire .380 ACP rounds from the Sig Sauer P238 as well as other similarly sized pistols chambered in that caliber.

It has a barrel length of 5 inches and an overall length of 10 inches which makes

2. Why should I buy a conversion kit

Conversion kits are designed to help you use a different type of ammo in your gun.

Why buy one?

Micro RONI generation 4The Micro RONI conversion kit is very useful if you need more ammunition than what can be carried on your person, but still want a compact weapon that doesn’t take up much space. It also makes the Glock 26/27/33 easier and faster for shooters with impaired motor skills or hand mobility due to aging or injury because it has an ambidextrous design.

If you have other types of guns like revolvers, carbines etc., there are conversion kits available for those weapons as well! For example, tasers come in three main types: stun guns (non-lethal weapons), Taser X26 (lethal weapons) and the Taser M18, which comes with a conversion kit.

3. How do you convert your gun to run on micro roni

The conversion of a gun to Micro RONI is as easy as inserting the kit into the barrel, and sliding it in until you hear an audible click.

Once installed, owners can now use micro roni Glock rounds or similar sized pistol rounds chambered for 380 ACP (such as .38 Super or .357 SIG) which are available at many ranges that allow this caliber.

Some guns need additional modifications before they can be used with the Micro RONI such as cutting off part of their slide. The Sig Sauer P238 is one example because it has a slide stop lever on top–which makes installation difficult. These types of conversions require more time from a qualified gunsmith but offer potential advantages like being

4. Pros and cons of converting your firearm to micro roni

The Micro RONI has a lot of pros.

Micro RONI glockIt can be used with other types of guns besides Glocks like revolvers, carbines etc. Some cons are that there is no real profit in converting your gun to use the micro roni ammo but it does work well for people who want more ammunition on their person and don’t have room for extra magazines or speed loaders.

– You will need time from a qualified gunsmith if you’re trying to convert another type of firearm into the micro roni Glock caliber. This conversion also requires additional equipment such as cutting off part of the slide (Sig Sauer P238) which adds cost and increases the chance for error in installation.

5. Where can I get more information about the product and company

The Micro RONI Glock is made by IWI US and sold through their website. You can also get more information about the company on their YouTube page.


Micro roni gen 4. The company has been in business for over a decade and is always looking to improve its products. With the new release of their latest product, they are sure you will be happy with your purchase! Check out what this newest version includes below or visit our website at www.microroni-usa.com for more information on how it can help drive conversions online today!

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