Where Are The 7 Gateways To Hell?

Where Are The 7 Gateways To Hell?
Where Are The 7 Gateways To Hell?

The 7 Ways to Hell

Where Are The 7 Gateways To Hell?

There are many ways to get into hell, but the most common way is by anger. Life is full of things that make us angry; however, we usually keep our feelings of anger inside. We should just let it out where it belongs—in the privacy of your own mind or body.

But sometimes we say things that we don’t mean, and put people in danger because of how angrier we become. When you find yourself getting angry, take a moment to calm down before letting anyone know that you’re upset.

It’s better to be transparent about being angry then have them come to you when you’re already feeling irritated or annoyed.

Gateway to Hell

Where are the 7 gateways to hell?

It’s hard to imagine that any human being could be so evil as to deserve going to hell, but believe it or not, there was a time when humans really were happy to kill each other.

After creating heaven for themselves in the afterlife, God introduced us into paradise before we died. As mentioned above, people used to fight pretty often back then and some of them did not want to die and go through eternity without their friends!

So God created hell to be our home while we live forever in Paradise. He also put special gateway guideposts inside us that will lead us to both heaven and hell.

These gateway posts are located in our inner self, our mind, and our feet (physical body). In order to identify them, you can look at places where wisdom is derived from experience — knowledge obtained by perception in practical life.

Our internal source of eternal happiness is our connection with god. The second place within ourselves has its own set of gateway guidance markers; this marker is called the heart.

The third gateway to hell is found in our footfalls. We have a tendency to push away friendship and love in favor of ego and prestige.

However, attraction and admiration may be different routes to humility and trust in others. Humility is clearly related to having healthy relationships.

Seven Ways to Hell

Where are the 7 gateways to hell?

Even though hell is described in many places in the Bible, there are seven specific descriptions that tend to get focused on the most.

These describe an evil place full of fire and smoke where people suffer and die forever.

There’s no doubt that Jesus went to Hades (the realm of the dead), but not because he was afraid to give up his body. Rather, it is because this is where God sent him from when he died.

Here, through Christ, you can be reunited with your soul. Everyone dies with a part of them inside they want to keep or pass onto another person.

Hell also includes things like addictions, fear, anger, envy, depression, greed, resentment, shame, guilt, insecurity, sorrow, and disbelief among other things.

Become aware of these stories and spots in your life so you can grow and evolve as a person.

It could be any one of these things getting out of control and holding you back from being happier. The best way to break free from these is by talking about them.

By bringing these things to the surface, you have a chance to work on them. Realize we all make mistakes and contribute different parts to our lives every day.

If you need help focusing on the good days vs. the bad days, I recommend reading my post 10 Ways To Smile A Day.

Seven Ways to Live Your Best Life

Where are the 7 gateways to hell?

There are many ways to live your life, and it’s up to you which one you choose.

Many people don’t realize that we each have several options for living our lives.

Some people limit themselves by only having two options for living their lives — they either stay inside and watch TV or go out and do things.

I personally know some people who have never considered how they spend their time.

They walk around with a constant frown on their face as if life is difficult because they can’t find any hobbies or activities that make them feel young.

But then there are other people who try different things to see what fits them best. They go out shopping alone instead of going out with friends so they can socialize online.

We need to decide what option is right for us and pursue it with all of our might!

Unfortunately, others put restrictions on how companies can be used (e. g., no Twitter here, please) or why people should use Facebook here versus for business reasons.

This is clearly restricting how you can use society and holding yourself back. You should want to use these tools for fun and entertainment purposes too.

The better you understand what will improve your quality of life, the more options you’ll have.

Here are seven ways to enjoy a higher quality of life:

Negative Thinking

Where are the 7 gateways to hell?

You’ve probably heard this phrase before, but how often do you really think about it?

Everyone thinks/felt something negative at some point in time, so why is negativity such a habit for many people?

Maybe we should be teaching people how to think positive instead of focusing on thinking negatively.

There are several reasons why we think negatively, and it has nothing to do with ourselves.

We were taught to think that way by society.

Media teaches us how to live life. They show us one side of the story or another not related to our own experience.

When we watch drama movies, we learn that people are bad or mean. When we read books like “One Dimensional Woman” or “How To Live With No Money”, they teach us that money is the root of all evil. News shows tell us crime is rampant and illegals are overrunning the country. We get told constantly that the world is coming to an end. How can we expect to live a balanced life if everything we hear is telling us that things are going to hell?!

Social media gives everyone a platform and makes everything bigger. People spend hours every day scrolling through social media trying to find a silver lining in a situation, which only serves to keep them addicted.

Google knows what buttons to press and what thoughts to encourage immediately. What good will comes from that?

Negativity leads to frustration, anxiety, and stress.

Self-Inflicted Wounds

Where are the 7 gateways to hell?

You’ve probably seen people self-inflicting wounds before, but you might not have noticed that there are actually 6 more of them per person than there is to die from natural causes.

The way it works is this: They hurt themselves because someone told them they could get rich quick without putting in the work. And now they don’t know how to stop. It’s like quitting smoking after somebody offered them a bottle of whisky.

They feel bound to keep doing it because everyone else is doing it, and they want to be part of the group. That’s why some people say they can’t leave; they’re being taken down by a narcissistic leader who feeds off their ego beats.

There was another study where participants were allowed to give up the habit they had been trying to end for two weeks. What happened next depended on what kind of person they were: those with normal personalities gave up the habit quickly and easily, as expected.

But the people with borderline or histrionic personality disorders kept going until they drove themselves crazy. So if you belong to that latter category, you may need professional help to break the cycle.

Fortunately, there are solutions! I would recommend checking out Life Balance Academy with my friend and colleague, Adam Drennan, LMT. He’s an expert at helping people achieve balance and strength in their lives.

Living in the Dark

Where are the 7 gateways to hell?

According to the Bible, Lucifer was an angel who refused to bow down before God. So he was thrown out of heaven.

But like any good story, there’s a dark twist at the end. Along with Satan, Lucifers family members also fought among themselves until the very last generation.

According to Christianity, this rebel leader named Mammon became the prince or prime minister of hell after being cast into outer darkness for rebelling against Heaven.

Mammon is the ruler of the kingdom of greed, which means he guides people in how they think about money. And according to religious leaders, more than 90% of humanity has been influenced by his teachings.

Religious scholars say that while humans used to believe that salvation came through faith alone, modern psychiatry says that recovery from addiction comes only when other people enter your life and help save you.

They say that since early this century, researchers have begun studying the effects of social isolation.


Where are the 7 gateways to hell?

As we know, God gave us things that other people don’t have for our own enjoyment and benefit. But sometimes we look at what others have and feel envious. We may wonder why they have so much when we have so little. The truth is that no one has any right to judge another person’s happiness or success. It is their choice how they live their life.

We can only be responsible for ourselves and our choices. Other people might envy our abilities or accomplishments, but they do not need to. They are not obligated to like them, nor do they have the right to disagree with them.

What other people think of your achievements does not matter. What matters is whether you succeeded in doing something or not. If you did, then that is a successful achievement. You could congratulate yourself on being able to accomplish your goal, even if someone else thought it was stupid or impossible.

Other people want different things from life. Some people seem to enjoy failure and frustration, while others seem to thrive off of them. No amount of joy can come from chasing what you want unless you find out what you want and pursue it with all your heart.

But keep in mind that luck plays a part in everything we achieve. Our level of effort also makes a difference. How hard we work tells viewers who we are as individuals and human beings.

The harder you work, the more you succeed. The less you try, the less



It’s one of the most harmful habits that humans have. We spend so much time talking about others that we rarely talk about what is important.

We should be careful with how often we discuss people behind their backs, as this can damage our character by creating an atmosphere of negativity and not being trustworthy.

It also doesn’t help that society in general has become very dependent on technology. People use it to communicate at every turn; they rely on it for entertainment, even going to online therapy sessions.

This creates an environment where people don’t trust each other, and aren’t aware of anyone else’s feelings. It’s impossible to know everything that goes on in someone else’s mind, and yet we are expected to act like psychics!

However, if you want to prevent gossip, then try stopping yourself first. Don’t enable gossipers by sharing their conversations or rumors with them. And when you get into a conversation, remember to change the subject soon after.

Try to put others before ourselves, and avoid hurtfulness. Remember that words were created to make a difference, so choose your words wisely, and give positive feedback to those who deserve it.

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