Where did Carol Wayne die?

Where did Carol Wayne die?
Where did Carol Wayne die?

Carol Wayne, best known for her role as the Matinee Lady on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson, died under mysterious circumstances in Mexico in 1983. Her death has been the subject of much speculation, and no one knows for sure what happened to her.

Carol Wayne’s death

Carol Wayne’s death is shrouded in mystery. The official story is that she drowned while swimming off the coast of Mexico in January 1982. However, some believe that she was actually murdered. There are several theories as to who killed her and why, but no one knows for sure. Wayne’s death remains one of Hollywood’s biggest unsolved mysteries.
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Cause of death

Carol Wayne died in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico on January 13, 1985. The official cause of death was drowning, but there were many rumors and speculation surrounding her death. Some believe she was murdered, while others believe she died accidentally while swimming in the ocean. No matter the cause of death, Carol Wayne’s life was cut tragically short at the age of 42.
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Carol Wayne died in 1982 while on vacation in Mexico. She was found dead in a hotel room, and the cause of death was ruled as accidental drowning. However, many questions still remain surrounding her death and many believe that she was actually murdered. There have been several investigations into her death, but no definitive answers have been found. Some believe that she was killed by her companion on the trip, while others believe that she simply slipped and fell into the pool. Regardless of the true cause of her death, it remains a mystery and one of Hollywood’s most talked about unsolved deaths.


In Suspects, we explore the various potential suspects in the death of Carol Wayne. We examine the possible motives each suspect might have had, and look at the evidence that implicates or exonerates them. We also consider the alibis each suspect had at the time of Carol’s death. Ultimately, we may never know for sure who killed Carol Wayne, but Suspects offers a tantalizing glimpse into the possible suspects in this tragic case.


Carol Wayne died in the early morning hours of January 13, 1985 in the Puerto Vallarta Hilton, Mexico. Reaction to her death was swift and intense. The public was shocked that such a vibrant and beautiful woman could die so suddenly and tragically. Many speculated that foul play was involved, but the investigation found no evidence of this. Carol Wayne was a beloved figure in the entertainment industry and her death left a void that was felt by many.



Carol Wayne’s death is shrouded in mystery, as her body was found in a remote location in Mexico and the cause of death is unknown. Wayne was a popular actress and comedian, known for her roles on The Carol Burnett Show and Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In. She was also known for her “dumb blonde” persona. Wayne’s death has been the subject of much speculation, as there are no clear answers as to what happened.

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