Why Is There Knocking In My Walls?

Why Is There Knocking In My Walls?
Why Is There Knocking In My Walls?

The knocking sounds

More often than not, people who complain about there being too much noise in their rooms or walls are already asleep by the time they wake up. And when they do wake up, it’s hard for them to get back to sleep because of distractions such as phone notifications and daylight coming in through windows.

These are all reasons that why someone might be waking up with headaches and feeling more groggy after sleeping late on weekday mornings.

But what many don’t realize is that daytime noise also has a way of messing with your hearing. By 2050, we will live longer, our world will sound better, and our bodies will feel better. All of which means stronger nightshifts.

Noise exposure during times of circadian rhythms can increase stress hormones while you’re still sleeping, making it harder to fall asleep at night again. On top of that, exposure to loud noises before bed tends to grow anxiety levels and prevent sleep.

In fact, only one out of two people worry less frequently due to nighttime noise.


The knockers

Why is there knocking in my walls?

They’re whispering things like, “You must be doing something wrong” or “It is your fault that you are not getting any hits.”

Many people talk this way, but they have no idea of the true reason why there is knocking on their walls.

More often than not, the only thing a person needs to do to get an actionable hit is to change what they are already doing.

There were three versions of me before I discovered the power of asking questions.

The first version of myself used to ask questions such as, “Why can’t women find men really attractive?” or “How come all the good men got married years ago and are now fathers when the ladies are still looking through magazines for someone to go out with.”

These types of thoughts came up because I was reading too many romantic comedies and watching too much TV where all the characters are focused on their looks.

I would think about how lucky I was to have very beautiful friends who told me every day that I deserved better.

I would hope that my roommate had more fun stories about her cute kids so she didn’t feel alone while having those same thoughts.

But instead I learned that I couldn’t rely on other people to validate me enough to let them know if I was hurting anyone else.

By the time I

The wall

Why is there knocking in my walls?

We live in an environment that constantly is changing. Things are built, then torn down again for being too outdated or not enough of what is “now”.

In fact, we go through so much damage inside our own heads as it is. Adding some form of external pressure to feel, be part of, or belong to something will only make things worse.

The more you push away your feelings about yourself, the less you will feel like yourselves and the harder it will be to think positively about yourself.

It’s hard to have confidence in who you are when you don’t accept everything about yourself. When you look at yourself from someone else’s perspective, they see an imperfect person who might need help, which can easily cloud your perception of yourself.

That doesn’t mean you aren’t worthy of it; it just means there are parts of you that you don’t show others. You keep them behind closed doors where no one can find them.

By accepting all aspects of yourself, you open up the possibility to create greater happiness, fulfillment, and contentment with yourself. This may also have an impact on how you view and interact with other people in your life.

The wall plate

Why is there knocking in my walls?

You could be hanging a lot of stuff on your walls, but if you do it without planning how to protect the wall plates they can still get damaged. Even if you have hardwood floors or other things that would make noise, there’s almost always some places you can put something so it doesn’t sound as noticeable.

The thing about sticking something onto your wall is that even though you may pay extra attention to this area, you’ll only really notice it when it’s gone. So don’t forget to also check around your windows and doors to see if anything needs to be changed up there.

Another place you might want to hang something is off-center. Some people put their phones right in the middle of a canvas for a fun change, while others keep guitars next to speakers for music.

You can decorate around these areas heavily or keeping them somewhat simple. Depending on what you like and what you feel comfortable with, either way works!

The wall clock


Look at your walls today. Are there any clocks on them? If so, how old is that clock? You may not be pleased with what you find. For many years, I had one small clock on my bedroom wall. It was very hard to see because it was placed next to some dark wooden cabinets.

I always felt bad for this piece of furniture, but life got busy and I didn’t have time to paint it. At least, that’s why I thought. Eventually, when I would visit my parents or go back home, I started to notice things about the room different people had put lots of nice decorations around the clock.

The most interesting thing about the person who owned this wall clock was their name — Fred. He was my father’s friend from work. Papa once told me that his son came home one day asking if anyone knew where he could get a watch. Dad asked him why he needed a watch, and he said everybody kept telling him to look under the sink near the kitchen window.

So Fred took him down while they were talking and showing him what a watch was. But by the time he was done explaining, Luke had already seen the place! So after a little conversation, Fred showed him how to use the fly buttons to turn the wheels. And lo and behold, when Luke pushed the button, the door below opened.

And guess what was inside the closet? A brand new

The wall clock mechanism

Why is there knocking in my walls?

A clock is an old man doing one of his least productive things, ticking away your time. Who needs a clock? Well, if you’re like most people, you do! And not only does it keep track of what time it is, but also when it’s time to get up or go back to sleep.

Every few years someone comes along and creates a new digital device meant to help us stay organized or awake. We’ve had alarm clocks since forever that can be set to play music or news clips.

Now we have smart watches and phones that can tell us random bits of information as well. What was once considered advanced technology is now ancient history.

The wall clock is still here though. It hasn’t been outlawed yet. Maybe this is why clock makers are profiting so much from installing these new clocks into peoples’ homes.

The wall switch

Why is there knocking in my walls?

Did you know that your walls are equipped with individual switches for each room? Most people don’t realize this, but if you count them, you can even determine how many rooms there are in your house!

Each of these switches is wired to different circuits through which electricity passes. And when someone flips one of these switches, it basically means they want to turn ON (see below) that particular circuit.

Imagine that you live in a two-story home. You may have a dining room downstairs and an office upstairs. Each has its own switch.

Suppose you flip the main switch in your hallway. That will light up all of the lights throughout the entire first floor….including your dining room and your kitchen. But it won’t affect anything else on the second level.

The door

Why is there knocking in my walls?

Did you know that most people open doors using their left hands? That’s what makes closing them so difficult for right-handed people. Most right-handers find they can close regular, straight-arm hanging doors without much trouble. But they often have difficulties with French doors and heavier double-hung windows, or when opening bijective (sidewing) folding screens.

The solution is to train your hand to use more force while pushing against the inside of the door frame. Think about it – when was the last time someone pushed open a heavy front door for you? You didn’t give it enough strength.

Same goes for trying to push a screen off its track. Inside the house, find all the places where force is required to move something and apply pressure to these spots. Soon your arm will automatically try to compensate.

Also remember that not every door has to be 100% closed. We seem to rely upon them for security even though they are not necessary. Therefore, if you need to make entry easier, just break down the door. Be careful, though! Some old houses were built to withstand gun shots, which means there may be broken pieces that may still pose a risk.

The doorbell

Why is there knocking in my walls?

With no one else around, it’s easy to hear things you wouldn’t notice otherwise. Like clicking noises when you turn your key or that scraping sound when you push your tray down in an elevator.

These sounds mean that there is something outside of your window that wants access into your building. Most often, it’s someone trying to break into his apartment!

It can be hard enough figuring out who lives next door, much less the people at each floor of the buildings surrounding yours.

Unless you know everyone on their level, usually it’s best to avoid talking to them because chances are they won’t like you very much and would probably try to steal from you.

That is, unless you really know these neighbors. If you do, then maybe asking if they need any help with anything… but be careful what you ask for since it’s possible that they could use your question to start a conversation about crime prevention.

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