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January 28, 2022
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“Outlander”: Fear of fans – Why a star almost turned down the lead role?

What would “Outlander” be without its leading man Sam Heughan?

At least, no one wants to imagine any other actor in the role of Jamie Fraser. And it almost didn’t come to the dream cast. If only Heughan had prepared a little better, we might now see another actor. The reason is the fans themselves.

“Outlander” without Sam Heughan?

They still have to be patient. The Droughtlander, as the waiting period between two seasons is called, still drags on until at least 2022. The new episodes are shot, but the broadcast in the U.S. only next year on the channel STARZ. And even then, the bad news doesn’t stop there: due to difficult production conditions caused by the Corona pandemic, Season 6 will consist of only eight episodes.

In the podcast “Just the Facts with Alex Zane” the Scot Heughan talked now, however, of his beginnings with the time travel series and of the fact that he had no idea at all of the popularity of the books in advance. He said, “It’s amazing and it has a great following that I didn’t know about at all when I took the job. If I had known about the following, I probably would have thought twice about it because it would have just been so overwhelming. […] The fans are so obsessed with these characters because they invest so much time in them. So they want the characters to look real and be as close to the original as possible. I think sometimes it’s hard for people to separate the actor from the character.”

That sounds like some real fan-phobia. But he also clarifies what he owes the fans and how grateful he is, “So loyal. We are so grateful to them. They’ve been with us throughout this entire journey. They support not only ‘Outlander,’ but every other project we do, every charity we do. Myself, my co-stars, they support them wholeheartedly. Honestly, we can’t thank them enough.”

Those who have not yet seen “Outlander” can currently catch up at Netflix. All five seasons to date are available there. By the way, with a Sky subscription, you can now also stream Netflix. You can find out all about it here.

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