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December 5, 2021
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Rose McGowan: Did Harvey Weinstein ruin her reputation?

The private lives of stars and starlets are exciting and of great interest, especially among fans.

Which celebrity couple got married? Who is on the verge of separation? Which celebrities are expecting offspring? Who is cheating on whom with whom? So celebrities, whether they are actors or directors, provide enough entertainment in addition to their official movies.

Popular news revolves around the following topics:

Which celebrity has partied too excessively again? At which party did they dance until the wee hours of the morning? But also the appearance contributes to the entertainment of the fans: Has the actor put on weight? Is this actress anorexic? Why is this celebrity hardly ever seen in public? How does this star look without makeup?
In addition to the celebrities’ current relationship status and party preferences, their fashion trends as well as fashion sins are also in the public eye. These are flaunted on the red carpets of today’s movie capitals such as Hollywood, London and Berlin. Film premieres and award ceremonies such as the Oscars provide reporters with material to shoot videos about the actors and actresses. Who clears the most prizes? Who goes away empty-handed? This news about famous personalities provides entertainment in the form of broadcast reports or video clips on the Internet.

But fans and critics are also interested in the latest movies, series and TV productions:

Who’s starring in the latest blockbuster? What does the cast look like? When will the next season be released? How many millions did the last hit film cost?

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