Is Blue Mountain State Based Off Boise State?

Is Blue Mountain State Based Off Boise State?
Is Blue Mountain State Based Off Boise State?

You tell me


Many memes claim that Boise is the center of the universe, but I think it’s more like “the mind for all things centered.”

I moved to Idaho in 2008 when I married my husband (then boyfriend). We did not know anyone in Idaho, and were afraid to make any new friends or try anything new because we were so sure we would be boringly average there.

But surprise! Idaho has many surprises. And with every unexpected thing you find, questions arise. Why was I not consulted before this place was built? How can people appreciate this place until they have experience using it?

These are two that got me thinking. So I asked around and listened to others opinions to get a better understanding about what it is that makes Idaho such a special place.

What I found was perhaps one of the most unique qualities of the state’s culture is that everyone wants to understand each other. People here were very kind and helpful to someone who was feeling lost or confused, and wanted to learn more about something.

Maybe it’s the long summer nights during which folks could gather and share stories from their days

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