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December 5, 2021
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That is why pineapple is taboo during the period

The consequences can be fatal!

Actually, pineapple is a very healthy fruit. Not only does it provide a lot of vitamin C, but it is also rich in bromelain. This is an enzyme that breaks down protein and has various effects. For example, it gives sperm a better taste or makes meat particularly tender when it is soaked in pineapple juice.

But bromelain also has an effect on women.



Bromelain not only helps with flavor and tenderizes meat, it’s also a great medical remedy for pain relief.Particularly in joint pain and osteoarthritis, a study found significant improvements with bromelain. It also aids digestion, purifies the body and helps with colds. Actually, this all sounds fantastic. Women should definitely avoid it during their periods, but especially during pregnancy. Why?

Bromelain promotes the formation of red and white blood cells. This can lead to a stronger blood flow. Even when your period is almost over, it can cause it to increase again.

Due to the fact that bromelain is a protein-splitting enzyme, it can also promote the detachment of the mucous membrane from the uterus. Pregnant women in particular should never eat large amounts of pineapple in the early days, as this can cause miscarriage. However, while pineapple is really dangerous for pregnant women, some women also use it to induce their period. It then also promotes heavier bleeding, but at the same time has a pain-relieving and cramp-relieving effect. Nevertheless, this fruit should be enjoyed with caution during menstruation.


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