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These things women do secretly in the summer!

In summer, different rules simply apply and people often don’t take hygiene too seriously. These are the things women do secretly. But shhh, don’t tell anyone!

A woman who is alone in the summer and feels unobserved.

In the summer, the rules are simply different. A few hot days and the behavior of women can change accordingly quickly. There are one or two hygienic actions that simply become too exhausting and we simply omit them. Or we have to briefly check how sweaty we are right now. Or we just let ourselves go completely. After all, it’s hot, so we’re glad if we can manage the most necessary things at all. All the things that probably every woman does secretly in the summer, you can see on the next pages.

Let’s go!

When it gets warm, women then run and dance around naked from time to time.

#1 Running around naked in the apartment.

It’s hot. The whole day you had to run around in clothes, especially in the office and you are often not even allowed to wear short clothes. So you quickly throw off all of your clothes when you get home. And if the neighbor sees you doing that, it doesn’t matter.

When it’s hot, women still don’t shower every day. Despite sweat

#2 Despite the heat, do not shower every day.

Yes, it’s hot. Yes, you sweat. But that doesn’t mean we shower every day now. Above all, we wash our hair only every other day at most, despite sweat. After all, what’s the point of doing a chignon where greasy hair isn’t even noticeable?

When it’s warm in the summer, women check for themselves if they are sweaty

#3 Check how sweaty you are.

Of course, everyone sweats in the summer. Still, it makes us uncomfortable when you see sweat stains on your top or T-shirt. That’s why we like to check with our hands the moisture under our armpits is. Moreover, in a secret moment we also smell it to see if we should freshen up with deodorant.

A woman who does not change her bra in the summer

#4 Not changing the bra.

Women also sweat on – or rather – under their breasts. But this is far from a reason to change the bra every day. After all, it dries overnight and washing clothes every day is not exactly environmentally friendly.

Especially in the summer, women wear sandals, which can cause nasty blisters

#5 Running around with blisters in sandals.

Closed shoes are unbearable in the summer. However, sandals and flip flops unfortunately give you blisters quickly. However, this is no reason to hide the sore spots. We simply tape off the bloody blisters and still walk around with open shoes. Who does not like it, can simply look away.

Even if the face is sweaty, you can still make up your face as a woman with powder

#6 Smear makeup on the sweaty face.

In the morning, we still make an effort to put on beautiful makeup. However, after no more than two hours in the heat, everything runs again. But washing off the makeup first in order to reapply it is simply too time-consuming. That’s why we clean off the black mascara spots and smear new makeup on our faces. No one notices the difference anyway.

Women pluck ingrown hairs in summer

#7 Plucking ingrown hairs.

Almost every woman knows it: despite shaving, there are those particularly stubborn little hairs that have somehow grown into the skin. But with tweezers, daylight and a little practice, the problem is quickly solved. When it’s time to trim the eyebrows, many women simply pluck away the ingrown hairs without further ado.

A secret tip is baby powder, which you smear between the thighs, so that it is no longer so sweaty and sticky

#8 Use baby powder.

The men are likely to ask themselves now: Hä baby powder? What do women want with it? But in fact, it is a suitable means to free the sweaty thighs from each other. Because in summer, probably nothing is worse than the body parts sticking together. Whether we sit or walk – It’s just hot and sweaty. Therefore, the body is secretly still quickly rubbed a bit with baby powder.

When no one is looking, one or the other woman clamps a handkerchief into her bust.

#9 Clamp a handkerchief between the breasts.

Many women know the unpleasant film of sweat between the breasts. When it gets hot, you sweat in just about every part of your body. The gap between the breasts is not spared. So simply clamp as many handkerchief as you can in it. This can then calmly soak up the sweat and the T-shirt is spared from stains.


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