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This is how the stars of “Grey’s Anatomy” have changed!

A lot has changed since the series began in 2005. What do the stars of “Grey’s Anatomy” look like today and how have they changed?

Grey’s Anatomy” has been running for 17 seasons now and has been thrilling viewers ever since.
For no less than 17 seasons, the dramatic hospital routine of “Grey’s Anatomy” has been flickering across our screens.
17 seasons, over 300 episodes – enough time to fall in love with the series and to cheer and suffer with the characters. But over the course of time, the actors of the first season have logically changed, in some cases significantly. In our gallery, we take a look back at how the stars looked when they became known through “Grey’s Anatomy” – and how they have evolved since then.

Ellen Pompeo and Patrick Dempsey had the lead roles “Meredith” and “Derek” in the series.

Ellen Pompeo and Patrick Dempsey

They were once the center of the series: who didn’t root for “Meredith” and “Derek” as they found each other, lost each other again, eventually married – and “Derek” eventually died? The romance between the two made many fans want to tune in every time. In the meantime, the series couple is history. But how have the two actors changed since then?

How does actress Ellen Pompeo look today?

Ellen Pompeo today

Meanwhile, actress Ellen Pompeo is 51 years old. The role of “Meredith” made her famous all over the world and brought her numerous awards, such as a Golden Globe. The job also paid off financially: she was one of the best-paid TV actresses in America. However, many know her mainly from her role on “Grey’s Anatomy” in which she is still active.

Patrick Dempsey has also changed in the meantime and devotes himself to his passion.

Patrick Dempsey today

Although he may have left the series as “Derek” in the meantime, he will forever be remembered by fans as “McDreamy”. Thus, he is said to be a real hero not only in the doctor series, but also in real life. Acting is actually not his greatest passion: he is an avid motorsports enthusiast, collects cars and races – which he would like to do professionally.

Sandra Oh played “Cristina” and was very successful at it.

Sandra Oh

She received five Emmy nominations for her portrayal of “Cristina” – and rightly so, because didn’t we all wish we had a girlfriend like “Cristina”? Unfortunately, she dropped out in the tenth season to focus on other projects and because she believed she had given the role everything it could have ever given.

Today Sandra Oh looks almost unchanged. Since her exit she can still be seen in some series and movies.

Sandra Oh today

Visually, the actress has hardly changed in the last 10 years. Her role as “Cristina” was the start of a successful career, and she was seen in many movies and series after her exit. However, very little is known about her private life.

Katherine Heigl got out of the series at some point.

Katherine Heigl

As the lovable “Izzie,” she quickly became a fan favorite, and although she exited after Season 6, she remains a very popular part of the series to this day. She was also able to use her role as a career stepping stone and probably made it best out of the entire cast to break through in Hollywood.

Meanwhile, Katherine Heigl is one of the highest paid Hollywood stars.

Katherine Heigl today

Meanwhile, it is hard to imagine the genre of romantic comedy without her: In films like “27 Dresses”, “The Naked Truth” or “Kiss & Kill” she also became a screen star – one of the highest paid in all of Hollywood. It’s not until early 2021 that she wows her fans in the Netflix movie “Always there for you”.

T. R. Knight played the cute “George” in the series and left after the 5th season.

T. R. Knight

Sweet “George” tried (in vain) to find his love happiness at the beginning of the series, and we really suffered with him – also with his actor T. R. Knight, who outed himself after being called a “faggot” by his colleague Isaiah Washington (“Dr. Preston Burke”). He eventually left the series after Season 5 because he was barely getting any time in front of the camera.

After his exit, he tried his hand at Broadway.

T. R. Knight today

His exit from the series did not harm him: especially in the Broadway musical scene he is very active today and received several awards for his performances. He also appeared in several series afterwards, such as “The Good Wife” or “Will and Grace”.

Chandra Wilson was the boss in the series and was part of it until today.

Chandra Wilson

As first very strict, then lovable “Miranda Bailey” she probably grew to the heart of every fan – as well as the creators of the series in the beginning, because the role was actually written for a blonde white woman. She is still part of the core of the series today. Along the way, fans have also been able to see her in series like “General Hospital” and “Station 19.”

There is also little insider information about the actress Chandra Wilson.

Chandra Wilson today

Before her acting career, she worked at the American Deutsche Bank – and told them when she started “Grey’s Anatomy” to “save me a seat” because she wasn’t sure if acting could really work out. In the meantime, her spot has probably been reassigned.

Viewers were particularly taken with the cute Justin Chambers. What became of him?

Justin Chambers

As cute “Alex Karev”, he quickly became the heartthrob of numerous female viewers – no wonder, since he started his career as a model. To this day, he has appeared in countless episodes of the series and also appeared in the spin-off “Private Practice”. In 2020, however, came the shock news for all viewers, because he announced his exit from the popular series.

Today, Justin Chambers has a lot to do with his family.

Justin Chambers today

In fact, he was considered one of the highest paid series actors in Hollywood; and that had to be worth it, because far from the series he was not too active in terms of film. Nevertheless, he is busy: together with his wife, he has five children and three dogs to take care of!

Kate Walsh eventually got her own series called “Private Practice”

Kate Walsh

As “Meredith’s” rival for “Derek’s” favor, “Addison” wasn’t very popular at first – but Kate Walsh became such a popular actress over the course of the series that “Addison” got her own series: “Private Practice.” It ran for six seasons itself. However, she has not been seen on “Grey’s Anatomy” for a few years.

In the meantime, the actress is 53 years old.

Kate Walsh today

Meanwhile, the actress is 53 years old, but in Hollywood she is still a welcome guest. Thus, she starred in the Netflix series “Dead Girls Don’t Lie.” She also had a role in the popular series “Emily in Paris”. In 2015 she had a tumor removed, but today she says she is healthy.

Sara Ramires played the girlfriend and wife of “George”.

Sara Ramírez

She was introduced to the series as “George’s” romance and later wife – and what hardly anyone knows is that the bosses from the ABC television network were previously so impressed with her acting talent that they told her to pick any ABC show she wanted to be in, and she chose “Grey’s.”

Today, the former actress has changed quite a bit. She shaved off her hair for a good cause.

Sara Ramírez today

She has probably had the most impressive transformation: she donated her long mane in a charity event. After more than a decade, she exited the series after season 12. She hasn’t been lazy since: she’s also been pushing her singing career.

Eric Dane was an integral part of the cast at the time.

Eric Dane

He, too, was not part of the cast from the beginning and dropped out early – and yet, every fan of the series can probably remember him! Actually, he was planned only as a guest role, but convinced the viewers so much of the sympathy of “Mark Sloan” that he became a permanent part of the cast.

He also starred in other series and movies during “Grey’s Anatomy” as well.

Eric Dane today

During his work on “Grey’s Anatomy” he was also in front of the camera for other projects and movies. For example, he had roles in the romance film “Valentine’s Day”, “Burlesque” and starred in the “HBO” series “Euphoria” in 2019, among others.


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