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December 5, 2021
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This is what your moon sign says about you!

Find out!

Each of you surely knows your zodiac sign. Even people who are not interested in it have a rough idea what character traits are associated with the zodiac sign. However, there is another interesting celestial body that determines our lives. The Moon sign is a sign of the zodiac, where the Moon was when we were born. Unlike the zodiac sign, it refers to our unconscious, deep character traits.


On the following pages we will tell you how to determine your personal moon sign and what it means.

To calculate your moon sign, you need your date of birth and the time you were born. Then you can easily enter all the data into an online calculator. Once you’ve done that, you can read about what your sign means here.


Your ambition drives you in everyday life and makes you a hardworking, determined person. You love to analyze people and get to the bottom of things. No secret is safe from you for long. On the other hand, you are strongly influenced by your feelings. These can be your undoing in relationships if you get involved too quickly in something you don’t really want.


You are rather a closed person who doesn’t reveal his feelings so quickly. Only when you know someone really well, you show your true side. But once you get involved with someone, you can give free rein to your feelings.


Your empathy distinguishes you and makes you popular with friends. On the other hand, it can be your undoing, as you get overly involved with other people and neglect yourself in the process. You are so empathetic that your own needs often take a back seat.


Nobody is more optimistic than you. You infect your environment with this – because you always have a solution ready. As good as this quality is, you still have to be careful to remain realistic and not to play down problems.


You’re brimming with self-confidence and prefer to rely only on yourself. That’s why you keep all your problems bottled up and rarely ask others for advice. Sometimes, however, it can be quite helpful to let others help you. Dare to admit when things are going badly for you.


You prefer to keep your feelings to yourself. Since you always argue rationally, you do not make decisions based on feelings. Therefore, you should be careful that they do not bubble out of you at some point and become your undoing.


You are an impulsive person and usually react too hastily. On the other hand, you are adventurous and infect those around you with it. Still, you should be careful not to let your feelings control you too much and think a bit more rationally sometimes.


Your feelings are strongly dependent on the people around you. Only when you know someone really well, you can get involved with them and reveal something of your inner self. Therefore, you seem reserved and cold to others. But those who know you really well know that this is only a facade.


You are a creature of habit and have a hard time adjusting to new situations. Therefore, you often mourn the past and long for stability. Because when you are confronted with new situations, your emotions also go crazy and you find it hard to categorize them.


You find it difficult to listen to your gut feeling, because you are always looking for logical reasons for decisions. You are not the typical emotional person, even if you would like to be sometimes. But now and then you have to accept that you can’t always justify everything rationally.


Your friends come first for you. You would do anything for them. You reveal your feelings to everyone because you wear your heart on your sleeve. You don’t care what others think of you and that’s what makes you popular with those around you.


Your moon sign forces you to be balanced, but this doesn’t always help you to control your feelings. You question everything because you don’t want to hurt others, so you are very careful about what feelings you give free rein to.


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