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December 5, 2021
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This is what your sleeping position says about your relationship

The sleeping position can also give information about the state of your relationship. How do you sleep in a bed with your partner? Here’s what it says:

Sleep researchers have found that sleeping position can tell you a lot about your relationship.
There are many researches and studies about the sleeping behavior of people. On average, we sleep for 24 years of our lives. During sleep we recover, our body regenerates and processes the experiences and events of the day. Now researchers have also looked at the different sleeping positions – and found out that you can learn a lot about your relationship from the sleeping positions of couples!

What the 9 individual positions mean, you will learn on the next pages!

In this sleeping position you could have known each other for a long time. The relationship has become a habit but also means trust.


#1 Dialogue position

You are lying facing each other, but not touching. The fact that you are facing each other shows that you have a strong connection. Maybe you have been together for a long time. You are not touching each other, which could indicate that you want some distance. Maybe it’s time for a romantic getaway again?

If you sleep back to back, then this can indicate a harmonious relationship.

#2 Back to back

You sleep facing away from each other, but still touch each other on some parts of your body. For example, on the back, feet or buttocks. This means that you have a harmonious relationship in which you trust each other and feel safe with the other. You both have enough space, but do not lose contact with each other.

If the woman puts her head on his chest, it is a symbolic gesture and shows that she trusts him and wants to lean on him

#3 Head on chest

In this sleeping position, the woman’s head is on the man’s chest. This is a symbolic gesture that shows that she trusts him and wants to lean on him. This position symbolizes that you are always trying to meet each other’s needs in your relationship. You feel safe together; romance, tenderness and time for each other are an integral part of your relationship.

If your faces are turned towards each other in bed, it means that the communication in your partnership is good.

#4 Face each other

You sleep facing each other and close together, but you don’t touch each other too much or lie extremely close in bed. This means that your relationship is based on good communication. You don’t turn away from each other, but you don’t demand too much devotion and attention from each other as you approach. You both have your spaces and needs that you accept, but don’t lose the affection and closeness that your relationship needs.

Sleeping away from your partner doesn’t promise anything good, because you don’t touch each other in everyday life either

#5 Averted from each other

This sleeping position doesn’t promise anything good for your relationship! You sleep facing away from each other and don’t touch each other anywhere on your body other than in the back-to-back position. This is usually how couples sleep who have argued before going to bed. Or maybe there is a fundamental problem in your relationship. In any case, the position shows that both of you are independent and want and/or need a lot of time apart.

The stargazer may indicate that your relationship is close and tender

#6 Stargazer

In this sleeping position, both of you are lying on your backs. One of you has your head on the other’s shoulder. Your relationship is still close and tender, but when you sleep like this, it can mean that one of you is trying to impose an opinion on your partner.

The well-known pose of spooning is popular with many couples and shows that you can let go. One is in charge in the relationship

#7 Spooning – The woman spoons the man.

In this spooning position, the woman is the big spoon, that is, entwined behind the man. On the one hand, this shows that the woman is in charge in this relationship. On the other hand, however, also that he can let himself fall with her. This tightly embraced position proves that you can’t keep your hands off each other both at night and during the day and that your relationship is characterized by tenderness and affection.

When the man embraces the woman, it means that he takes the active role in the relationship

#8 Spooning – The man spoons the woman.

In this case, it is the other way around. If the man more often hugs the woman from behind in the partnership, then he often takes the active part and radiates strength and self-confidence for his girlfriend. He is there for her and would put up with every little obstacle for her. If the partners change more often between the front and back position in the spoon, then it shows that the relationship is balanced and everyone sometimes takes the active role.

If you take the “space robber” position in bed, then there is not so much in order in the relationship anymore

#9 space robber

In this sleeping position, one partner lies on their back or in the side position. The other, in turn, is in a side or prone position and makes massive space on the other’s side of the bed. He almost pushes the partner out of the bed. In this position, there is no physical contact between the two sleepers. If both fall asleep in this position, it does not signify anything good for the relationship. Each goes more or less his own way; the distance is also symbolized in bed.

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