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What Are Good Ideas For Charades?

What Are Good Ideas For Charades?
What Are Good Ideas For Charades?

Make up any number of characters in a minute

What Are Good Ideas For Charades?

One advantage of charades is that they are very fast-you can do them quickly, which allows you to use their speed to your benefit. If you’re good at something, practice repeatedly. The more times you repeat it, the faster you will get.

For example, if you are an agile thinker who is quick on your feet, then practicing charades as a game can help you develop this skill. Try making up numbers in a “blocker” set, where everyone plays until one person gets blocked! No matter what kind of player you are, there is a role here.

If you aren’t so lucky, try being the person who picks the theme or the first word. This gives people the option to either be creative or figure out the theme. You can also give yourself some rules, such as only using words over six letters.

This way you’ll have plenty of opportunities to make up silly phrases and/or combinations of words.

Find the humor in the words


When you’re playing charades, trying to find meaning or jokes in your actions can be challenging. But it’s an important part of having fun with this game.

Try searching online for “charlie chuck” (the name of one popular character) and seeing what comes up. By doing so, you’ll start recognizing common themes and references.

You can also make your own characters and names. Or, you could choose a random character like “rawlineyed” (a reference to the movie A Night at The Roxbury). These things will help you have more success when it comes to finding things to do during games.

Use phrases from movies or TV shows

What are good ideas for charades?

Movie and drama quotes are always popular choices, but you can also make up your own lines! Just figure out what sounds good and fit how you would say it.

“[insert phrase here] is fun because….”

You can use this as a basis for other jokes too! Figuring out what to call these characters and objects will help you get into the role play of charades more easily.

If you need some inspiration, look at the films in your area to see if there are any cool movie quotes. You could even vote them in when you watch new movies!!

Heck, you could make up a line yourself and give it to someone else so they can repeat it back to you.

Everyone loves hearing others quote parts of songs or movies. It helps make the film or tv show seem more real and personal.

Maybe you want to be doing something funny during charades? If so, having a nice, clean quote just might help you become that.

It is also helpful if you know which lines come from movies and which ones come from books. Another example would be video game quotes since you can guess what scenes they reference.

These days, people even fake quotes from movies we all saw so they can join in the conversation about whether something was ‘funny’ or not.

Make up stories

What are good ideas for charades?

There are many good ideas for charades. Some of them include making up stories, playing questions and answers, doing lies, fake touchings, and funny gestures.

If you want to make up a story, then do it. You can be real with each other or make a new story. For example, tell lie tales like “I spy” or make pretend things like “The water is too cold!” Or create your own jokes.

Being honest is awesome, but try making up stories or acting as though they’re true in order to prank people or have fun. (**Note: This only works if you know your teammates well enough and you trust one another.) )

Also, sometimes it’s fun to ask question games. Try asking everyone a question, maybe get some hugs, play a game, act crazy, or laugh together. Also don’t forget to give high fives.

And lastly, fake touchings are classic. Put your hands down someone’s back or grab their shoulder when they pass you. Touching happens more often than not, so if you feel uncomfortable about it, just go ahead and check out how far you can push it.

Be creative

What are good ideas for charades?

Even if you don’t have any ideas, you can make up stories and just pretend them to be real

You can make it realistic by giving yourself limitations. For example, tell yourself “I am only allowed to speak for five minutes,” or “I can’t say anything at all.”

Making things more vivid is good when you’re working with limited resources (like time), so try throwing in some fake actions and seeing how that affects your thoughts.

Also, you could easily come up with new names for characters and places you know you’ll need later. That way, you’ll always have possibilities.

Another great idea is to think of questions you would ask someone, and then answer them yourself.

How should I play this game? How do players usually win? Is there anyone else here who plays too? When people lose, what reasons are there for losing?

And most importantly… why do I still feel like losing?


Pretending is an important part of playing charades — you’re acting out ideas during both rehearsals and during the show itself.

Acting out ideas makes games fun for everyone; it helps bring scenes to life and allows others to follow your lead.

No one pays much attention to what you write down on a sheet music book or page, but every one watches your performances.

Don’t rely on classic charades

What are good ideas for charades?

While it can be fun to use traditional charade cards at first, they can get stale. Try brainstorming some other ways you can hide or draw objects around your room to play a game of “Objects Move.” If you are playing with kids, try throwing open cabinets or drawing pictures on the floor using markers.

These games don’t require much planning, but they do require an audience that is willing to keep guessing. And because there are no set rules or timesocks, this game becomes even more fun when everyone is involved.

Charader cards don’t work as well for this game type, since they need pre-made scenes. New players may also get bored easily if they aren’t allowed to create their own cues.

Be consistent

What are good ideas for charades?

With any game, consistency is key. If you play so that one person runs around snatching cards and others watch, then everyone will run around trying to not get caught!

Therefore, we need to establish rules up front. After some games, people can be very passive and tolerate bad behavior, but I’m telling you right now, if someone breaks the rule, they go down!

That means no accusations, no “you started it”, and no throwing games because someone didn’t like your partner! It also doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy each other’s company, but when something goes wrong, things have gone too far.

Consistency isn’t everything, but it does make a big difference.

Have fun

What are good ideas for charades?

Even if you aren’t familiar with charades, there are lots of ways to have fun playing this game.

Even if you don’t know all of the tricks they use, charades can be an entertaining game whether you learn some games or make up your own. It is also a great way to spend time with friends who love to play together.

Games played with rules must be done with rules. There should not be any cheating (telling one person what trick to do) or unfair playing (giving people special treats).

However, having fun is still important even when there are rules. If you play a copycat version instead of the regular one, that is more fun!

There are so many different types of charade cards which allow for different things such as statements, questions, lies, stories, etc. This article will cover ideas for using run-on sentences and phrases such as “ hide and seek ”, “ conspiracy ”, “ lizard lady in the park”, “ puppy dog eyes “, “ walking around town”, and “ whispering secrets into my ear”.

These are good ones to start with since they are simple sentences that anyone could write. As you and others get better, you can progress onto harder versions.

Learn a lot

What are good ideas for charades?

It’s easy to assume that you know everything there is to know about character creation, but you’d be very wrong! The more characters you learn, the better you will get at it.

There are several different tutorials online if you Google “charades learning tricks” so you can make yourself easier way.

You can also just start creating characters and see what awesome stories you come up with!

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