What Are The Seven Gates Of The Underworld?

What Are The Seven Gates Of The Underworld?
What Are The Seven Gates Of The Underworld?

The first gate is called the Nile

What Are The Seven Gates Of The Underworld?

If you’re trying to reach the underworld, then the Nile is your gateway to Hell. This ancient city was built by the Ancient Egyptians around 3200 BC. Even in ancient times, people started leaving their cities and learning more about life from the priests. They also learned that some years were better than others for doing tasks and living in the hometown.

The river served as the transportation route for anyone wanting to leave or arrive at any time. It also connected the lower world (underworld) with the upper world (skyland).

This road not only led to other places, but also brought new things to learn and experience. At the start, it may have seemed odd to see children traveling so far away from home, but these kids had parents who wanted them to grow into independent adults.

Though they weren’t always able to visit the town directly, they did manage to read books about it that helped fill in the gaps. Since writing tools didn’t exist back then, locals used pictures instead of signs to communicate information.

By putting words onto pages, writers can share the secrets with other readers. Through stories, travelers could get an idea how to navigate the many gates of the underworld and reach the land of the dead.

The second gate is called the Tree

What are the seven gates of the underworld?

This gateway leads into the realm of the dead, where souls eat or drink until they starve to death. Their bodies begin to waste away, which causes all kinds of problems like rotting and stench.

The easiest way to see this underworld (the hereafter) is through dreams or nightmares. However, it can also be seen in unexpected places. For example, when someone is starving, their soul may take form here by eating food. If someone is losing blood, another manifestation could be bleeding onto the ground.

This “other” side also has very strong emotions that seem out-of-place and conflicting. These feelings are what drive denizens to go visit this place we call the afterlife, because something strange happens then—all our past thoughts become new impulses, while our existing habits give way to other behaviors.

What seems normal and rational one moment feels completely alien the next. It is as though each role has been taken over by an alternate personality who lacks connection to our own. We enter a different mind, with a different set of values and beliefs.

Some describe experiences like this as being altered, although I would rather refer to it as having broken immersion. There are even solutions to turn these disruptions off, which will be discussed later.

The third gate is called Conversation

What are the seven gates of the underworld?

This is the most important gateway to the underworld because it’s where you will have conversations with lower-level demons.

In the film, they use language that sounds like Greek to keep the audience connected.

However, there are many different languages in hell, so choosing one could be difficult. There are also other conversational methods such as mantras.

The best way to do this is using their own slang or word lingo. For example, they can say “hail angels” instead of saying “hello Angels” or they can say “heavenly beings” instead of saying “sacred spirits” or “faithful servants”.

By creating a conversation that seems real but isn’t fluent enough for anyone to understand, you create an area that no one questions about.

Thus, making it perfect for beginners. No one asks what angels are, which makes it very easy to introduce the concept to friends and family who ask what heaven and hell are.

It also gives answers that are simple, direct, and make sense. People may think that you made up those words, but they won’t doubt that these are things people actually talk about.

The fourth gate is called Transgression

What are the seven gates of the underworld?

This is usually described as having something forbidden in it that you’ve been told not to do.

For example, you might transgress by doing what you are not supposed to do with your body (exception being Sabbath law).

You could also transgressed by having something stolen or by telling someone else about a secret. Another violation would be where you were truthfully engaged in an activity that contributes nothing to society but does bring enjoyment to the participant.

Transgressions can be small things, like eating foods that you shouldn’t eat, or larger ones such as stealing, murder, and committing other crimes.

The fifth gate is called Contraction

What are the seven gates of the underworld?

With this as your next goal, you will want to work on your relationships. You can do this by reading books or online blogs about how to make them better.

You could also attend one of their many relationship seminars which are often held in public buildings such as restaurants.

The sixth gate is called Disappearance

What are the seven gates of the underworld?

With this gateway, you will disappear from your present life to go somewhere else in time or space. You can visit places that are unfamiliar to you, meet people who are unknown to you, or see things that don’t exist anymore.

There are many stories told about people who have disappeared through this gateway.

Some choose to abandon their lives completely for good and never return. Others retain some memory of their experiences after they come back.

It all depends upon what you want out of it. If you’re looking to resurrect your dead career or spend more time with your family, then you may want to try opening this gate.

But if you just need away from everything for a few days, then skip right ahead to the True Resurrection gate.

The seventh gate is called Betrayal

What are the seven gates of the underworld?

With this one door, Pandora has unwittingly opened all doors within Limbo. Once inside, you can go anywhere and do anything. You become addicted to the excitement and adventure that it offers.

Betrayal allows you to step out of your comfort zone and take actions that you might not otherwise take. It helps you be vulnerable by having people around you who are untrustworthy.

You can choose to betray someone simply by being near them with negative feelings. Or, you can bring actual betrayal into play by telling others about what you have found here.

It’s hard to cross that line because we don’t want to hurt anyone, but fear will trick you into doing so. Fear causes panic, stress, anxiety, insecurity, and depression which drive us to make decisions that probably were not our best choices.

The eighth gate is called Ruin

What are the seven gates of the underworld?

That’s right, even the most powerful magicians can have their powers drained by the right spell. In fact, one of the greatest threats to humanity is the 8th Gate.

This is why someone else has got to do the work for you, at least until you can put things together enough to open this door.

And what comes through the 8th Gate? I don’t know that anyone knows the answer to that question except perhaps the ones who created it.

But we do know that there are entities behind the 8th Gate with an unknown agenda. Who or what these creatures are, how they operate, where they come from – no one really knows for sure.

Some try to label them as demons or angels, but considering how much time has passed since humans first noticed them, it seems unlikely that any still abide in those shapes.

It may be more accurate to say that they are now human beings, only wearing a different shape than us.


The ninth gate is called Power


According to Norse mythology, the Nine Worlds or Upperworld are nine different worlds that live side by side and interact with each other.

These nine realms are depicted in many different stories and mythologies, but they all share one common character-the Hero’s journey. At the beginning of time, these two worlds were separate entities who interacted with each other while residing in their respective dimensions. However, men stepped into the picture and separated Heaven and Earth, creating a gap between them.

This separation allowed for characters like Thor (a Norwegian god), who traveled between those heavens and hells as he helped humanity on this earthly plane.

Heaven and Hell represent the Two Poles of our life cycle: starting over and moving forward. Heaviness and heaviness corresponds to the downward spiral we feel when things get rough at times. Darkness and light correspond to evolution and revolution, respectively.

When faced with hardships in your lifetime, it can be difficult turning toward darkness instead of lighting up the way ahead of you.

However, having dark moments helps us see how weak we really are which enables us to grow stronger. It reminds us that without suffering, there would be no wisdom.

Suffering opens our eyes wider, makes us aware of how little we know, and strengthens our inner strength. Without struggle, there can be no growth.

Thus, even if you’re facing a hard situation, you should not let yourself

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