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What Does Snake Eyes Dice Tattoo Mean?

What Does Snake Eyes Dice Tattoo Mean?
What Does Snake Eyes Dice Tattoo Mean?

It is an ancient Chinese symbol

What Does Snake Eyes Dice Tattoo Mean?

The snake has long been considered a protective animal, thanks to its fangs. In fact, it’s one of the most common symbols used on lock systems, meaning it’s hard to find open that way into your home.

The rabbit is also known as the egg destroyer because he was born in China from rabbits who were laid upon eggs. Since then, this creature has helped protect young people from evil spirits.

A tattoo with a sleeping or passing rabbit can help you keep danger at bay by keeping you awake and aware of the dark hours of night.

It’s also helpful for athletes, since rabbits are surprisingly resilient creatures. They sleep nearly 24 hours per day, which means they need lots of rest to stay healthy and happy.

It is linked to success and good fortune

What does snake eyes dice tattoo mean?

The meaning of this tattoo may differ from person to person. You can find various explanations as to why it is done, including that it is very effective in delivering positive outcomes when you do not take any risks.

However, I would like to present an explanation that focuses more on how successful people think and act, which applies to most situations in life.

I call this theory “It takes money to make money”. Now, before I explain what it means, let me start with a story that my brother in law used to tell us about his father. He said that our dad was always working hard at work, never took time to enjoy himself (for fun), and did not have much money because he managed to live off of a small salary.

He taught him this lesson that it takes money to make money, by throwing parties every week or going out drinking every night. In other words, if you want to be wealthy, you must invest quality time into learning how to manage your money.

You should try waking up early and taking extra jobs throughout the day to save money for later projects such as buying a house. By doing this, over time you will amass some wealth,.

In conclusion, I believe that having rich parents helps anyone get closer to being financially well-off. As they say, you are only young once, so don’t worry about wasting your best years; spend them working toward financial stability.

It is a powerful image for self-promotion

What does snake eyes dice tattoo mean?

If you’re looking to grow your audience, especially if you want to do it with social media or through marketing campaigns, then you need to have an iconic image at the top of your fans’ minds.

That image is “snake eyes”, so named because when they roll them, they look like a snake’s eye.

It’s also one of the most common images in tattoo culture, which makes sense given that tattoos are usually used to mark significant events or people in one’s life.

By having this specific design popularized by tattoo artists, it normalizes the idea of meaningful ink forever connecting ourselves to another person.

It is a popular modern tattoo

What does snake eyes dice tattoo mean?

If you’ve ever wondered what that purple or red dot in your tattoo design means, then this article is for you!

In general, any color dark enough to be identified as “purple” is considered violet and can appear either reddish or blue depending on your eye color.

Many artists add an additional shade of black when they ink their tattoos to create a more vivid color. Because these colors are rarely seen in nature, they may not have specific meanings but can be special additions to your tattoo.

Furthermore, many original art designs feature multiple shades of violet — this creates interesting effects and may signify different things according to your artistic style or personal interests.

Consider getting a violet pearl added to one of your existing artwork pieces if you want something new and unique!

The image is from the 2006 film “The Invasion”

What does snake eyes dice tattoo mean?

A tattoo, in its simplest form, is an etching or printing of ink onto skin to serve as a reminder. More intricate examples may be considered sculptures, portraits, and illustrations.

Historically, tattoos were used to remember stories and present information. With time, however, they took on additional meanings. People also began to wear tattoos for personal significance.

In Western culture, we often think about whether it is appropriate to put something into writing; after all, words are far more limited than images. But writers have long understood that thoughts are not always expressed in words!

A portrait, for example, can capture one moment in time, but what if you wanted to show another aspect of your subject’s life? Or perhaps you want their face to hold both warmth and distance, expressivity while still being serious.

Images, like pieces of art, are imperfect representations. They are partial, three-dimensional, vibratory reflections of something emotional or abstract. As such, when communicating with others, they can help make the truth feel more real, congruent, and persuasive.

Some believe it is an ancient Chinese symbol for life

What does snake eyes dice tattoo mean?

The character , pronounced ‘snake’ in Cantonese, is made up of two parts: one solid line piercing through the other. There are some who claim that this was used together as a sign to mean living a long time.

Others say that since it’s made from straight lines, it can be said that the person being marked by this tattoo represents chaos, or unstructured disorder. Still others think that this may have been a tattoo parlor name – there is no way to know for sure how it was originally spelled.

In chinese philosophy at thetime (around 500 BC), both order and chaos were viewed as threats to your existence. Since then, people have always understood what we now call health – i.e., illness, healing, balance. As a doctor myself, I asked my family members about their experiences with tattoos and these terms came up often. It makes sense to me because everything you do affects your body; therefore, keeping your body healthy and balanced takes discipline.

It is a powerful image to represent

What does snake eyes dice tattoo mean?

The snake represents wisdom, knowledge, intelligence, and vision.

The eyes in this symbol are known as “power of intent” or the ability to see into the future.

When you look at someone with these powers, they can see things that have not yet happened, nor are they aware of them.

This is how people without this power feel about others – like they know what’s best for them, when actually it’s the other way around.

With such overwhelming insight, they don’t need to be involved in anything. They see clearly where changes need to be made, and guide others to make those changes.

People who possess this power are called prophets, seers, psychics, visions, and saints.

The meaning has changed over time

What does snake eyes dice tattoo mean?

Most people that get snake eyes are unaware of the connotation they’re going for. When something goes wrong it is usually perceived as bad luck, which leads to some trying to avoid game outcomes or situations in their lives.

However, over time these tattoos have shifted and our subconscious minds know that before this day comes with an assumption of what it means.

That being said, there’s no real way to tell if someone got a tattoo of two faces without asking them or looking up the symbol.

There’s also no clear answer as to why you would add two images together when one will do the trick. We can only assume that those who added two images together thought it looked better; however, it still leaves us with no clue as to whether it meant anything good or bad at the time.

It seems random until we look back 60000 years later.

At that point we realize that it was probably symbolic and had importance even before it became part of our culture. Figuring out what it could mean was really just finding a common link between things in your life and throwing away any useless baggage.

By rearranging the face inside the shadow, we can make the same assertion about love, success, etc. In my opinion, it’s a cool little tangent but not worth spending time on unless you already live with an understanding that holding onto negativity doesn’t help anyone.


It is believed to bring good luck


There are many strange beliefs in the tattoo community, but none are more popular than that of bad luck associated with snakes. Many will get snake tattoos as part of a larger design without giving much thought to its meaning.

However, if you look at ancient cultures, people did not have access to modern medicine or awareness, so physical injuries were common. Someone might break their leg or suffer an injury that required extensive time off from work or school. Often, they got a pin/splint inserted into the bone to keep it set while it healed.

In some cases, the splints were heavy and restrictive, preventing full movement or protecting the injured area only, which helped contribute to the person’s discomfort.

Even though there was no medical technology to treat pain, people would find ways to relieve it. Some attached mystical names to the splints they used for easy identification. Others would use tricks such as biting down hard on some parts of your mouth or trying not to think about certain things.

All of these methods tried to solve the problem by moving something outside of the body–the mind. The mind will try anything available to feel better; when there’s nothing else helping, it finds stuff inside the body should help also.

By putting symbols around the wrist that remind them of this fact, we can achieve a sense of well-being that has both mental and physiological benefits.

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