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What Is A Symbol Of Good Luck?

What Is A Symbol Of Good Luck?
What Is A Symbol Of Good Luck?

Lucky money


Many people believe that if they have “lucky” money, it will bring them good luck.

Several countries promote – or even celebrate – specific forms of currency used for luck. One such form is called ley cash.

Leys are large coins mostly made of metal (not just gold or silver) that face one direction-either side. Since these directions are not known in advance, leys come with seals to indicate their orientation.

Some leys look like rings or other jewelry objects, while others resemble currencies. However, they all share the same properties as traditional cash: They are worth something and can be traded or exchanged for another type of coin.

Today, there are hundreds of different leys from around the world. Some are popular alternatives to traditional coins; others are believed by natives to be especially effective against evil forces.

Many nations also recognize forms of currency named after saints as helpful in winning favor with God. The most common of these fall under what is known as holy water.

These include paper bills stamped with an image of a saint, as well as more modern equivalents. Holy water is frequently given as a drink or sprinkled onto things to drive away evil. It is often sold in bottles at grocery stores and markets.

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