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What Is The Difference Between The Unrated And R-rated Versions Of Bound?

What Is The Difference Between The Unrated And R-rated Versions Of Bound?
What Is The Difference Between The Unrated And R-rated Versions Of Bound?

The R-rated version has more profanities

What Is The Difference Between The Unrated And R-rated Versions Of Bound?

There are some minor differences between the unrated and rated versions including two scenes that contain harsher language, one scene that contains an explicit reference to rape, and four illustrations that show even worse words.

We thought about putting these changes in context for you, but honestly, we’re still surprised anyone needs us to explain what each word means. If they’re curious about something, however, here’s a brief overview.

Using our research into how brain works, bound was created with your mind inside out. You know all those crazy thoughts running around in there talking like it’s got a voice mail number stored somewhere? Bound is who you talk to.

If you have questions, remarks, or concerns, feel free to ask me. I am part of your inner soul talking back to you.

The R-rated version has more violence

What is the difference between the unrated and R-rated versions of bound?

Whether you are reading for entertainment purposes or teaching about real life, explicit content can be helpful when handled properly. But it is important to remember that this content is what it is; sometimes, it’s cleverly put together, but at other times, it’s just scary and violent!

The problem comes in when parents try to censor these things out of fear for their children.

I won’t lie and say that all babies will love watching an episode of Breaking Bad. However, I would like to think that most kids WILL watch normal programming with their parents, which is why parents play a huge role in their child’s development.

Start by letting your kid ask questions. And when they do, let them know how much you care.

Then, if they want information, they’ll find a way to get it. If not, maybe they don’t need it. On top of that, maybe they’re too young to understand something like this.

Keep tabs on them whenever possible. When you track your kids down, show up, and listen to them when they talk.

Let them know you’re listening and see whatever efforts they make to keep you awake. It gives them some confidence that talking to adults works.

Also, because you were kind enough to read this to them, I hope that you taught them why stories have different characters, plots

The R-rated version has more sex

What is the difference between the unrated and R-rated versions of bound?

If you’re looking for a movie to watch, either bound or unbound is fine. It will depend on your preferences which film you choose.

If you want something romantic with a touch of sex, then bound is the way to go. There will be plenty of sexy scenes in both the unrated and rated versions, but there are less complicated scene transitions and fewer pauses between them.

There will also probably be stronger language and more adult humor. These are all options for the differing ratings systems given by the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) that determine what may be considered explicit content for each movie.

The unrated version is longer

What is the difference between the unrated and R-rated versions of bound?

There are some scenes in the film that are not considered tasteful or safe for work, school, or play. These scenes were added to the movie specifically because fans asked for them. If you’re interested in these scenes and the difference between the unrated edition and the theatrical release, read on!

The unrated edition contains several extra minutes of footage including alternate angles, behind-the-scenes stuff, editorial breaks, extended scenes from the script, pickups from interviews with actors, and more.

There are also two additional songs included over what was initially released in the musical score. Overall, this adds up to around 11 minutes of video.

Some people refer to the unrated movie as “the director’s cut” or “Michael’s Cut”. Since Michael personally approved both releases it differs depending on who made the final call.

If you want to watch the unedited movie go get the original print purchased at the theatre or direct from 20th Century Fox. This is the way fans have always managed to buy the real uncut fan material and remains the only way to get the true experience.

Those are my favorite ways to watch the movie but here are some other options too.

——> Download the Digital Copy

This copy has been legally distributed without restrictions so you can download all of its content (images, videos, music) flat file format. You can keep your electronic copies in digital form forever.

The unrated version has more humor

What is the difference between the unrated and R-rated versions of bound?

There are no bells or alarms about this movie being “unrated” or not, which means you may run into viewers who don’t know that it’s been rated PG-13. While some insiders would like to claim that this makes movies easier to release, there are many restrictions with regards to content, especially for violence and sex.

Many theaters won’t show an “R” rating film if they have at least one “G”-rated movie in their schedule; therefore, all popular films usually fall under both ratings. Some famous films that were released earlier in the year include Frozen and Brave, which was produced last year but released this year.

Some critics gave Brave a perfect score even though its rating is E for everyone. Critic Roger Bollen wrote that the story is amazing, the animation is outstanding, and the music is very emotional. Ryan Fazzio from Den of Geek said that the soundtrack is absolutely stunning and fits the beauty of the movie perfectly.

He also praised the characters developmentally, specifically Shirley Temple, saying she is his favorite character!

The unrated version is less repetitive


There are only four short scenes that make an appearance in both the unrated and rated versions, and one of those appears multiple times with different dialogue. All other scene content is unique to each version.

Furthermore, there are some minor character interactions that weren’t quite ready for release during production time of the bound books, so they were left as placeholder dialog until we could film proper footage representing these events.

Finally, there is one major plot twist that occurs near the end of the unrated edition that was not part of the final edit before it went gold. However, all of the original draft had this event ahead of time, so no lines need to be inserted or substituted.

I wanted to include it earlier, but it needed to remain a surprise!

The R-rated version is harder to find

What is the difference between the unrated and R-rated versions of bound?

It’s easier to get your hands on the unrated version than the r-rated version. As such, we at Screening Room prefer the unrated episode!

Not only does it offer more blood and sex, but there are less scene breaks as well.

We recommend you watch the unrated version if you are able to enjoy horror stories without graphic scenes.

The unrated version is better quality

What is the difference between the unrated and R-rated versions of bound?

There are many more sex scenes in the unrated edition, which allows for greater explicitness than the rated version.

There are also less filters and stricter guidelines regarding content, so the uncensored version provides deeper imagery and higher-quality graphics.

Some people prefer the storytelling style of the unrated edition; however, most adults reading this magazine probably already understand erotic literature and writing well enough to read the PG-13 rating.

For those who want some familiarity with the adult entertainment industry, the edited versions are usually good ways to learn about it.

Whether you’re new to erotica or just looking for a different experience, I recommend trying out the unrated version first. You may enjoy it more than you expected!

The R-rated version is cheaper

What is the difference between the unrated and R-rated versions of bound?

Although it may seem like you’re getting something extra by paying money to see an NC-17 rating, that expense goes toward additional nudity and/or sexual situations included in some films.

When a film is rated NC-17, however, those scenes are mandatory; the producer has to include at least one scene showing sexual activity or excessive violence.

In contrast, when a film receives only an X-rating, producers can choose whether or not to include any sex or violent scenes in their movie. (The Y chromosome exists solely for this purpose.)

If a film were to receive a dual XXX + NC-17 rating, then both ratings would be present on the cover of the film — indicating that there is at least one scene involving sexually explicit material.

And lastly, if a film where naked people are involved was given an unrestricted MPAA rating, thus being eligible for release without having its content analyzed by the FBI monitoring station.

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