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What Is The Hardest Movie Scene Ever?

What Is The Hardest Movie Scene Ever?
What Is The Hardest Movie Scene Ever?

Boxing scene in “Raging Bull”

What Is The Hardest Movie Scene Ever?

For many people, the boxing scene is one of the most iconic scenes from any movie. It’s dramatic, emotional, and quite literal –– it shows an actual fight as opposed to just talking about them.

By the way, this film also has a great quote explaining what happens in this scene: “It’s not about skill, it’s about will.”

Will is the measure by which we decide whether or not someone else can be trusted. In this case, Joe Schenck’s will is that of his son, who stands between him and his trainer/coach, Angelo Dundee.

And here is where this scene gets interesting. You see, at the beginning of the scene, after hearing about this kid’s potential, how fast he moves, how hard he hits, etc., Dundee says something very similar to Howlett before the interview even ends. That’s right. He echoes what the interviewer said at the end.

In other words, does this young man have the skills to go somewhere in life with all his talent? Or is he still years away from being ready to take on another human being in the ring?

That is the question everyone around the kid asked, including himself. And that is why when you get into the zone, you’re fighting for your life.

Death scene in “Schindler’s List”

What is the hardest movie scene ever?

If you are a movie buff, you have to see this movie clip. It is so dramatic that it works as an opening credit sequence.

At the very beginning of “Schindler’s List”, a young boy tries suicide by throwing himself off a cliff. Later, all but one of his classmates at the Nazi school kill themselves using pills they stole from the store room. These students were being taught how to be Nazis by Oskar Schindler, who was leading them in their efforts to exterminate Jews during World War II.

Right before he ends up dead, however, the kid finds refuge behind a door marked with the sign ‘Kindergemachteilung’ (duplicate children distribution). He sees someone open the back wall of a truck driving past and runs out into the street desperately looking for help.

Once he spots an old woman hanging out of a window above him, he climbs onto a bench below her and starts banging on the glass until she opens the front door. By then, though, it’s too late — the first explosion had already erupted outside.

He finally breaks through the back wall just in time to watch the building collapse around Mrs. Toffelmacher, the elderly lady whose apartment it is. The debris falls down upon both of them, killing them instantly.

Some would argue this isn’t even painful watching — it

Car scene in “The Graduate”

What is the hardest movie scene ever?

The car scene in “The Graduate” is likely the film most people remember from this famously tense movie season.

At the center of the tension is father and daughter, Benjamin (Dustin Hoffman) and Anaislin Van Horne (Anne Bancroft). She wants to go into psychiatry and he doesn’t want her to. He loves her and tries to encourage her academics and music, but she feels constrained by his expectations and loses interest in both. When Benjamin dies suddenly after an accident, these tensions come to a head.

Anaislin casts aside her studies and takes up journalism as a way to escape her grief over their loss. Her first article becomes a best-seller about youth finding peace with death.

As she learns to live without limiting herself by being intellectual, she gains confidence in herself and her abilities.

Opening scene in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”

What is the hardest movie scene ever?

Many consider Audrey Hepburn’s performance in Fredrick Malley’s 1950 film Breakfast At Tiffany’s to be one of the greatest debut scenes ever put on screen. We see her character, Holly Golightly, arriving for breakfast at the Trump Tower (the hotel where she works as a model) and immediately setting off fireworks inside the dining room before heading upstairs to deliver breakfast ‘hits.’

The way the actress departs from the norm to get out the door is really remarkable. After gathering her things, she turns to Holly—and gives her what appears to be a perfectly ordinary handshake. But knowing how difficult it can be to distinguish between genuine kind feelings and simulated displays of affection, I interpreted the gesture as a display of real love.

Closing scene in “Pulp Fiction”

What is the hardest movie scene ever?

It may sound simple, but there are many complex elements to this scene. Let’s break it down.

First, let’s talk about which version of these movies you should watch. The “Pulp Fiction” movie is more straight-forward than Quentin Tarantino’s later films, so if you want sophisticated dialogue and plot development, you should still give “Pulp Fiction” a try.

If you only have time to watch one version of the film, I recommend the one with Jon Turteltaub (the director) as his signature mode of storytelling keeps the audience enthralled. His directing style is what makes this film stand out.

Nature scene in “The Edge”

What is the hardest movie scene ever?

“A nature scene is for me what food was to me,” said cinematographer Eric Boldt, who shot a beautiful one-shot sequence in The Edge.

‘I felt that we had to give it everything because it was opening with this earth shattering experience. And then I found out that you could do something like that. That was amazing! But it needed to be in the movie. So much depends on how you shoot any given scene.’

He chose an early morning shooting schedule so they would have clean air and better quality light. He wanted to create atmosphere, which is difficult when there is heavy wind or sun coming up.

But he still achieved a sense of place with their natural settings.

‘We did get some great takes, but nothing compared to the end result,’ he says.

That’s why he put such importance on finding the right shots. As important as taking perfect photographs is knowing when to stop if you’re trying to catch a moment on film.

Fire scene in “Dr. Lee Chang-Dong”

What is the hardest movie scene ever?

This is probably one of the most famous fire scenes ever filmed. It’s both tragic and heroic from start to finish.

Set up: The movie starts with a group of people trapped inside a moving car. A woman holds her child against her chest, protecting him or her as the vehicle speeds down a highway with burst tires.

Everyone is panicking, including the mother and son who are crying while holding each other. You can tell how much they all fear for their lives as the situation gets more and more dangerous.

Heartbreak scene in “Amélie”

What is the hardest movie scene ever?

The heartbroken character in “Amélie” is faced with one of the most iconic, emotional movie moments ever written – the blood bath in the museum courtyard. In fact, this scene is so devastating that it has been quoted more often than any other film scene.

A few years ago, I was having lunch at a restaurant when my cell phone went off like always. Except something was different–I felt someone walking up behind me. A woman came up and asked if she could sit next to me.

She made no attempt to hide or be subtle about it. She just stood there, staring at me, until I turned around. Then she quickly apologized and explained that she had recognized me from TV and thought that since we were neighbors that maybe we would talk.

Of course, I didn’t know her and what she wanted by sitting near me was pretty clear.

I tried to make excuses like “no, you can’t do that,” but she only kept pushing for an explanation. At some point, I gave in and told her why. I don’t think I meant to; it was just sort of thing that happened as we talked.

Then I got into a discussion about movies and how they are ruined now. We both said how much we hated certain scenes in movies. It became quite animated.

Suddenly, without thinking, I put my hand on her leg and ended

Sea battle in “Troy”


Even though he was planning to use bladders of water as ammunition, Zack still had his boys practicing their swordplay. Despite having no military background, Troy put up one hell of a resistance against Zordon’s army. It took everything they had to take down that castle wall after stone after stone.

And then there was the sea battle. Due to time constraints, they were able to shoot only with plastic balls.

Despite their shortcomings, the boys found great enjoyment fighting off the enemy. And as far as they knew, this was happening for the first time ever. They could see how pleased Posey was at her performance through excited comments and reminders. For two days she worked nonstop to prepare them for this encounter.

Kole ran around yelling “Attack! Attack!” which only made everyone even more nervous than before. Nobody wanted to be the first to attack an all-out war machine like Posey.

Zack thought to himself that it wasn’t going to be easy to beat these guys. He would have said something, but when Kale shot an arrow at the same time he noticed Posey whispering a word into her ear. He blew the arrow aside and continued watching the girls fight together.

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