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What Is Wrong With The People In The Hills Have Eyes?

What Is Wrong With The People In The Hills Have Eyes?
What Is Wrong With The People In The Hills Have Eyes?

The story is confusing

What Is Wrong With The People In The Hills Have Eyes?

One of the problems with the film people is that they are confused. They call their movie have eyes, but it really isn’t. It is very unclear what everyone’s role was or what exactly they were doing when all this happened. There are also conflict issues between some of the cast members (who have signed statement articles saying that these things are true).

For example, Crystal Lowe has an interesting take on the situation, although it sounds like something close to home for her. She had posted earlier that she hadn’t been completely honest about everything that went down at the premiere,but now says “I wanted to tell the truth”.

She claims that she did watch most of the events unfold from inside her car, which is where she drove after leaving the theater. She says that she doesn’t remember anything else until you wake up inside your house wearing only your underwear.

When she finally leaves the house the same night, she finds herself pulled over by police for not having headlights on our posts driving back from the event.

Lowe says that there was no fight and that nobody was hurt, so it seemed strange that the cops would be pulling anyone over just passing through town. After talking to the officer and looking at the car, he let them go.

It seems as though there are too many coincidences and connections between this incident and other events that took place during the festival. Was

The acting is bad

What is wrong with the people in the hills have eyes?

One of the first things that people notice about a movie, TV show or Webisode is the acting. If the actors are not very good, then even worse thing can happen – they will be distracted by it, making them less likely to watch what you’re showing them.

There’s no way around this fact- if your actors aren’t good, then none of these other matters matter. Now, there are some ways to improve one’s acting skills, but we all have different talents, so there’s only so much you can do.

But here are three secrets for improving anyone’s acting skills.

——Action—-This may sound obvious, but starting with a scene where someone asks a question and then they immediately start doing an action without waiting for a response is really helpful. This keeps the person focused on what they are going to say next.

——Visualization—-One of the biggest keys to becoming more aware of how others feel around you is through visualization. Through visualizing yourself interacting with another person, you can learn those habits and behaviors that make you uncomfortable.

It helps you be more compassionate and tolerant of others. Who doesn’t want that?

——Attitude—Lastly, put a positive attitude into the room. Don’t give me a negative thinker; I don’t wanna think about anything bad. Cheer everyone up and help us focus

The movie is slow

What is wrong with the people in the hills have eyes?

One of the biggest complaints about the film is that it’s just too slow to start. You need to let things bloom, get into the zone, before they actually happen.

There are many ways to put your audience in the zone. For this movie, you could listen to some of the songs on Indaba Music’s soundtrack album here or here. (And thank you so much for providing such great music! )

You can also watch the trailer once more as well as when the movie was first released so you can see how different people have reacted to it.

The characters are not believable

What is wrong with the people in the hills have eyes?

One of the biggest problems with this movie is that the characters seem unreal; like they are acting out something that just isn’t real.

There are two main reasons for this. First, the character stories are very one-sided. Most of the time, the characters don’t do any research about what it takes to be successful in business life.

Second, the way the characters deal with failure is completely wrong. I understand that it was made to make people scared but coming up with ways to defeat yourself is something most normal people would not do.

I feel like if these were more realistic characters, the movie would have been much better. Having stronger characters makes the movie become watchable which brings me next point.

The story is predictable

What is wrong with the people in the hills have eyes?

There are many horror movies that are successful because of their predictability. If you know how the movie ends, then you can plan what action to take to be more effective than surprise at the end.

For example, if you know there will be trouble, you can make sure to have someone watch for danger while others look for solutions. By having two people act as guards, you can split up and go different ways.

This way nobody knows where everyone else is, which makes them easier victims. You can also send some away from the camp site, so they’re not under protection.

By having kids stay with each other, it creates even bigger problems since they’re forced to depend upon each other for safety. Why wouldn’t they try to kill each other when they’re left alone together?

Have one or both of the couples shoot, stab, or otherwise hurt the other couple very badly. Then wait around town for the girl to ask why her boyfriend is injured. And don’t tell him that you knew he was gonna get attacked! This takes all the fun out of winning love triangles.

The dialogue is corny


Another common issue is that the characters talk like they are reading from a script instead of using natural, flowing dialog. This can be especially noticeable when there are multiple characters talking to one another.

There are many reasons why this happens. One reason is that it’s easier to record digital audio than live audio. Also, with digital recording, you don’t have to worry as much about quality-of-sound and microphone selection.

You also may not need any special effects (such as reverb or distortion) to make the scene “pop”. If the sound quality is poor, nothing else will get along with it.

However, if the sound quality is good, then the acting won’t seem quite as cheesy. Also, some people speak softly or quietly; speaking down low is going to change the tone of their speech.

The movie is heavy on exposition

What is wrong with the people in the hills have eyes?

Now let’s talk about how the story is told in this film. First, they set up the plot. They want you to know that there are crazy people out there! Then they tell you two things that happen before the opening scene. One tells something you might not have known about the area while the other gives you a clue as to why one of the characters acts like she does.

Then the actual event which begins the story happens. And then we see all parties involved with the incident. You get some insight into who they are from what they say and do between them. A little bit more back story adds to the overall flow of the film.

The end was very weak

What is wrong with the people in the hills have eyes?

I get that it’s supposed to be funny, but there are many better ways to achieve that without making people feel bad.

People were crying during this movie!

And why is that? Because the villain wasn’t scary or disgusting enough for them.

They should have given him red eyes instead of blue ones, as your average joe on the street probably has blue eyes.

The score is poor

What is wrong with the people in the hills have eyes?

As mentioned, part of the problem with “The people in the hills have eyes” is its structure. It feels more like a sketch than a movie, which makes it difficult to get invested.

Also, the whole thing takes place inside an inn; what can we infer about the characters and how they interact? We know that there are some differences between the men and women due to gender roles, but aside from that, everyone seems very similar.

This film could really use a group of diverse people talking about their different experiences living in the village or something.

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