What Neutralises The Smell Of Garlic?

What Neutralises The Smell Of Garlic?
What Neutralises The Smell Of Garlic?

Fresh herbs

What Neutralises The Smell Of Garlic?

Another way to keep your breath smelling fresh is by using fresh herbs. When dried, they lose some of their vibrant color and flavor.

You can use any type of herb for this purpose. Some examples are basil, mint, sage, or lemon.

To put it simply, these ingredients create an aroma that is unique to its root plant. So if you want to feature another scent in your oral hygiene routine, here’s what you need to know about different plants.

For example, tomatoes contain seeds and papaya leaves, both of which have a pleasantly tart flavour. Mix these together with salt and pepper to get a distinctly vegetable-y smell.

Baby powder


If you need some help disguising your smell, try choosing a baby spray. It can be purchased at most supermarkets or pharmacy chains. This is because babies can easily get scented from birth.

However, even when they are just infants, they may still love their own scent! So if you have already got a supply of baby powder, then that will be great. You should also keep in mind what other people might want/need.

For example, my sister gave me her old perfume to wear but it did not fit my lifestyle so she bought me another one. I probably would not have wanted hers anyway.

People are very different regarding fragrance preferences. Some like heavy smells, while others prefer light perfumes. The key with selecting a baby spray versus adding your own scent is personal preference.

People tend to think that wearing no scent is better than using a generic scent. However, many people suffer from sensory issues and avoiding a specific scent can sometimes save them pain and frustration.

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