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What To Do If You Hear Tapping In Your Walls?

What To Do If You Hear Tapping In Your Walls?
What To Do If You Hear Tapping In Your Walls?

Not all noises from walls are normal

What To Do If You Hear Tapping In Your Walls?

Wall tapping is quite common, but not necessarily something that should be worried about.

In fact, it’s very likely what you think is wall tapping is just your ceiling ticking due to moisture. Moisture can easily get trapped inside hollow wooden beams (the structural frame of buildings) or between layers of brick or cement block work.

That said, if you hear repeated taps when there’s no one around, see someone concerning for symptoms, or feel uncomfortable, they may want to investigate further.

Call in professionals to ensure the restoration process is secure and won’t cause any additional damage.

Check your walls for drafts

What to do if you hear tapping in your walls?

Another common cause of tapping is metal pipes leaking gas or electrical current. Most commonly, these are air conditioner units, although water heaters can also be responsible.

It’s important to have a professional repair this issue, as it may be very expensive to fix.

Also make sure you turn off the power to those items. If you hear clicking when you tap, that means the pressure is changing, so turning off the source alleviates the problem.

You don’t want to force anything up or down a pipe while it’s still going leaky!

Hold on!

What to do if you hear tapping in your walls?

As we all know, sounds travel. And noises that start as touch tones (such as punching into a wall) can become mental images very easily.

So when you hear rapid tapping, it’s like someone is typing on metal keys instead of hands. And when they type, they tap the space bar more than once.

It may help to imagine fingers going up and down like windshield wipers while they type.

And other times, you may hear sliding sounds, which are also common. When there’s a lot of dust or dirt in your room, for example, it can seem like something heavy is sitting on the floor and then suddenly dropping.

You may feel concerned about what you’re breathing in your home, so try switching off any devices with them built-in. It could really help you get some rest.

Take a break

What to do if you hear tapping in your walls?

Even if you’re not immediately concerned about hearing tapping, it can be a sign of some other issue closer to hand.

If you continue to hear audible taps after making sure there is no one else nearby who might be causing them, then this may be an indicator of a larger problem.

You should seek help from your doctor or a mental health professional before getting any more treatment, however.

Treatment for depression and anxiety depends upon what underlying cause you have. If you are able to solve the origination of the auditory hallucinations alone, then treatment will not be needed.

However, if they are accompanied by delusions (false beliefs) or paranoia (an excessive fear that people are out to get you), then therapy may be used along with medications.

They also may give you tools to help you live with the symptoms of these disorders. Auditory hallucinations range from feeling like you are being haunted or followed to completely false perceptions of sounds and scenes.

Medical professionals can help identify the source of these noises and find ways to treat them. You could be referred to a medical therapist, which is typically less expensive than seeing a psychiatrist or psychologist.

Alternatively, you could see a soundproof specialist who specializes in psychiatric treatments. He or she can teach you how to recognize and control the noise yourself.

Ask your neighbors if they hear tapping

What to do if you hear tapping in your walls?

Most places that experience water damage will report it to national plumbing investigators within 24 hours. This is because water damages money, so people want to make sure their checks arrive with time left before the end of the day.

However, this doesn’t always help you solve the problem. When it comes to hearing taps, you have seconds or minutes to get help. That means any place that has experienced flooding should be checked by professionals immediately.

Help may already be on its way, but don’t wait for it. And try not to worry too much about what might be causing the noise.

Rather than focusing on what caused the tap to leak, think instead about how to fix it. Think about who could have done this and why. Was there a pipe explosion? Could there be someone home during the outage?

These are all good questions to ask yourself. But remember that even if someone else was at fault, you still need to handle fixing the leak personally.

Bring your own device to listen to

What to do if you hear tapping in your walls?

It is very important to bring your own device to an audio tap session. An amp or computer won’t be able to hear the tapping you’ll be hearing once we start our sessions.

It is recommended that you use a smartphone for this type of listening.

You can also download a recording app like dropbox to record moments when you feel there are noises coming from inside the walls.

When we review these recordings, maybe there is something interesting that you can find.

Return your curling iron to its package

What to do if you hear tapping in your walls?

Heat-related injuries are very serious, even for adults. The risk of injury increases with the use of any heat source, including hair appliances, candles, matches, gasoline fuels, etc. Children are especially at risk because they are less likely to understand how dangerous these devices can be.

If you feel that something is burning somewhere in your home, check it out immediately. Then call the fire department or emergency services so someone can help search for the cause.


Try using a hair dryer

What to do if you hear tapping in your walls?

Did you know that you can use a hair dryer to try and stop hearing tapping sounds inside your wall?

I hadn’t really heard of this trick before, but I decided to give it a shot last week when my mom kept talking about she needed to drill some holes into her house.

She had already tried everything else; turning off the music system, unplugging appliances, making sure all the doors were closed, and shutting up the other noises that seem to be coming from down there.

After asking around, I found out you can use a hair dryer to make noise vibrations uncomfortable or unpleasant. And while you may not want to wear headphones washer-fresh with music you don’t like, at least you can drown out the sound for awhile.

Try keeping yourself well hydrated as well. Dehydration can play a role in ear pain. Plus, we drink coffee (or teas) every day, so drinking more is an easy way to help take care of our bodies.

And lastly, going to see someone regarding any issues they might have would probably be a good idea. Chances are they will have some tips for you too.


Dear me, how considerate others are! They went and ruined one of history’s greatest inventions just because something similar has been done before.

But still, things could always be worse. At least you haven’t gotten

Try to isolate the source of the tapping


If you hear tapping sounds, even if they’re not very loud, you should try to find the source. Tapings can come from many places, such as loose nails or screws, old metal fasteners, pipes, or molding strips.

If you explore areas where you have heard the noises, you could encounter another type of sound, like a drip or a low hiss. These could be the causes of your tapering.

However, it is difficult to determine what made the noise if you don’t know how to investigate. For example, if there’s a leak in your roof, then that might be causing your taps, but you will need to see the leak before we can properly resolve the issue.

We can also look at your plumbing lines for leaks. However, this needs to be done systematically by a professional since unclogging a drain requires using a tool capable of breaking through debris.

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