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What Was The First Buddy Cop Movie?

What Was The First Buddy Cop Movie?
What Was The First Buddy Cop Movie?

Bad Boys

What Was The First Buddy Cop Movie?

Martin Lawrence and Billy Murray were both having rough days before they teamed up to star in this comedy film released in 1993.

Murray was stuck doing public service announcements while his sitcom got canceled, and Lawrence was going through an ugly divorce.

They had many jokes about their problems (including one where Martin says Billy ruined his life).

But Lawerence said that he saw a police officer in everyone he told the story to and thought there might be something in saying these stories helped him gain confidence.

He said he went back to being a PSA after seeing this movie.

Lawrence and Murray eventually partnered with Chris Rock for this funny hit.

Many young men look up to law enforcement officers as role models so any connection you have with cops may help your body run more smoothly.

That’s why it’s important to remember that you are not actual handcuffs or anything else associated with the police directly.

It is just good etiquette to listen to them when they ask you to do something. This includes calling the paramedics if needed but also turning off autoplay on movies and music apps.

And don’t forget to stop at red lights. It makes sense!

Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo


Released in 1977, “Electric Boogaloos” were break-dancing movies that had actual police cars as sets. The movie itself was based on real footage of cops chasing criminals around Boston.

By jumping into it head first, they created something called a “cops-and-robbers” movie. It became a huge hit because it offered an escape for people who felt like they lived in a constantly troubled world.

These were the same people that watched “The Jerry Springer Show”. They liked seeing things about bad relationships off camera.

Also, there was a lot of fear surrounding life in the 1970s. People feared going out, so breaking the law was a way to enjoy yourself without leaving your house.

Robbing banks was extremely trendy among young people at this time. Robberies provided the perfect excuse to get away from parents and friends, and do exciting stuff with lots of cool rocks and knives.

Point Break

What was the first buddy cop movie?

It’s hard to believe that it has now been 20 years since the release of David Lynch’s blockbuster moviePoint Break. At first glance, the story appears very simple: A group of young men are paroled from prison into one job – saving the surfing community of Pacific Coast Beach from being destroyed by a huge oil spill.

But there’s more to the plot than what at first seems. The lead character, Elliot Stabler, is going through a transition in his life. He started off as Brian McBrian, but over time he becomes Elliot Stabler, an undercover police officer working in extreme sports. His fellow surfers become friends who he helps save from serious injuries and make waves out of their routine daily conflicts.

Die Hard

What was the first buddy cop movie?

The movie that started the whole “Buddy Cop” trend was John McClane from Die Hard. In the film, he is a cop who has recently moved to New York City from California. He teams up with Hans Gruber, one of the main villains from the first film, during the hijacking of a skyscraper in downtown Los Angeles.

The two track down several members of the criminal organisation behind the plot and fight them until help arrives. This very standard concept for a Hollywood police drama worked so well they tried to remake it as a TV show. They even called it after this same-themed buddy cop series.

However, back in the day there were no such things like remakes or shows about cops. There were just heroes fighting crime, period. Therefore, the “buddy cop” genre was born!

True Romance

What was the first buddy cop movie?

A lot of people might know that Quentin Tarantino’s most famous film is “True Romance,” but did you know it was Tony Scott’s first movie as well?

It’s been fifteen years since both men have achieved cult status so maybe we can give them equal credit!

When they were younger, both men worked as screenwriters in Los Angeles. Both men had scripts that never got made. But one day, while shooting hoops with friends, Christian Slater (who plays Jimmy Bobo) mentioned how he had played the lead in Tony Scott’s dream project — an R-rated drama about two bikers who fall in love.

At the time, neither man knew what the other guy looked like, much less could picture him as the star of their romantic comedy. But something about the script just didn’t feel right to both guys.

Later, when Tony asked his friend if there was anything in the works that would help promote bikes, Slater revealed that he loved riding bikes and planned to do charity rides across America. And then Tony suggested doing a few movies together on bike films. They wrote a script between hikes at the park and during lunch breaks at work.

Within a month, both men had shot and finished filming scenes around their hometown of Santa Monica, California.

The movie cost roughly $4 million to produce. Released in 1993, “True Romance”

Stealing Beauty

What was the first buddy cop movie?

In 1996, director Darren Lynn Bousman turned to his close friend Saffron Burrows for help with this very serious problem that he was facing.

Bousman had been trying to write the script of a film called Face/Off with another good friend, John Woo (a fantastic movie director and filmmaker!) but still did not have a story or plot in place.

Woo helped them out by writing a scene in which two cops meet on street sides and then go to work together. But there were so many questions left unanswered, including how they would connect with each other, why they were working together, and what their differences were.

Burrows and Bousman knew each other from before, having met when she was an actress and he was a screenwriter at 20th Century Fox. However, it was not until much later that they realized they are both addicted to caffeine.

She remembered reading somewhere that writers should always include things about themselves in their stories, which is where the idea of ‘self-insert’ came from.

So, Bousman decided to use her as protagonist Ashley Vincent, taking offingshe comes across as more confident, intelligent, motivatedand selfless than anyone else in the cast.

Short Cuts

What was the first buddy cop movie?

The first movie to feature police and criminals as friends was It Runs in Families, released in 1979. Even though this film had John Belinda playing an anti-social criminal, it really kicked off the buddy cop genre.

However, prior to that we did have one highly successful buddy cop movie called Keeshan’s Police 365. In this movie Jack Kelly played Inspector Donald Kergan with Geraldine Page playing Mrs. McCallister, the lawyer for the department. This movie hit me hard because my dad starred in this movie. He played chief inspector Robert LeGrande.

I remember going to the set tours when this movie came out and looking through the windows of the production office. All the kids on set would run up to the door yelling “Daddy! Daddy! Are you in there??” I felt his presence even then.

The Usual Suspects

What was the first buddy cop movie?

One of my favorite scenes is in the movie where they are stealing money from the bank, but before they can get away, some masked men show up and take them down.

There was also an amusing scene when he was going to retire and she was still working, so he asked why and she said that she liked it better than work. He replied “Maybe for you, but I’ve seen your face every day at work for 14 years. You’re not getting any younger, and now you want to be home for dinner too.”

She realized what she had been doing all these years. She saved nothing; instead, she spent her life putting money into someone else’s pocket.

When we have children, we will teach them how important it is to put something away in savings. They should know that if things were difficult, we would support their decision.

Cats & Dogs

What was the first buddy cop movie?

Many of us remember the scene in Back To The Future where Doc Brown takes Marty McFly back to 1985 for their duel, which eventually leads them facing each other at Owl’s Perch Junction. But there was actually another “first” time they visited that year: when Biff Tannen rode his motorcycle through time and ended up chasing someone over the horizon.

That episode featured future cop Dana Lewis (Melinda Rogers) trying to help out current officer Larry Daley (Bill McGinley), who she had a crush on. She helped him deliver a runaway girl into his precinct after he made an appeal on TV.

It may have been scripted as part of the first season of Back To The Future, but it was filmed between May 8th and June 26th, 1984, indicating it might be from one of Edison Studios’ independent films.

There were rumors about this being a clip show, or possibly even an unofficial pilot for a new series not connected to Universal… so maybe it was meant to debut somewhere else before then.

So maybe it was originally intended to premier either late last summer or early fall of 1983 prior to its release date this coming October 13th.

Either way, we definitely got a taste of how buddy cops would operate with the premiere of their movie trilogy later in 1990. And it led directly to a pair of pre-meltdown Marvel films in 1994 and 1995.

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