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Why Are People Hanging Purple Lights?

Why Are People Hanging Purple Lights?
Why Are People Hanging Purple Lights?

The trend of hanging purple lights began on Facebook

Why Are People Hanging Purple Lights?

A few years ago, it was just a simple graphic with nothing extra. But soon customers were asking for more details about the picture.

At first, bloggers did not understand why people would want to hang something as trivial as a light bulb.Some critics said that lighting up your house with pink or purple bulbs is not helping you save money or energy.

But then there was the novelty factor. More seriously, purple promotes sleep by stimulating brain cells. In small degrees, at least.

According to one study, the color purple has been proven to induce sleep in humans.

Another study found that listening to music from 300 to 360 hours per year reduced stress among workers, so try adding some silence too.

Consider investing in headphones to help relax before going to bed. (They’re also a great way to cut back on noise if you are trying to find a quiet place to fall asleep.)

It’s a Halloween tradition

Why are people hanging purple lights?

Many people choose to hang purple lights in their homes as decoration for Halloween. The bright colored lights make it easy to find your way around the house, even if you have no idea which room is which.

Halloween falls on October 31 this year, so get those batteries charged and set some time aside to put up the decorations! Besides making your home look fun and festive, hanging out colorful lights are also an effective technique for scaring away ghosts and other unwelcome visitors.

Mixing things up a bit is important, or else your ghostly guests will begin to feel like they’re being chased all day long by someone who knows where they live. If they notice that there are gaps between the hours of daylight and the times when the flashes from the cameras pop into view, then they’ll start to wonder what’s going on.

Also, since most criminals rely heavily on technology these days, putting little notices in every bedroom letting people know that the homeowners are smart and aware might help keep them safe. Letting others know you’re watching can prevent miscommunication and conflict over whether or not everything has been done to protect the security of your home.

Finally, pictures are still one of the best ways to calm residents down and remove any scary feelings. Even if they don’t understand what each picture means, just having them give you a sense of comfort and safety helps take the pressure off of you.

Many celebrities do it too

Why are people hanging purple lights?

Celebrity endorses are very powerful when it comes to cosmetics. They can be real or they can be imagined, but their impact may still be great.

Some celebrities have large fan bases and some have great products. Endorsing these reasons can help customers feel more comfortable making a purchase.

It’s hard to say whether or not celebrity fans affect sales of a product because research is focused on topics like gender and sexuality rather than income level. However, we do know that media influence is significant in personal purchasing decisions.

Media such as television, movies, music, video games, magazines, and blogs all contribute to people developing impressions about what differentiates one brand from the other.

Individuals who watch many films and TV shows are likely to buy brands they see mentioned frequently. These same individuals are also most likely to go to the store/shopping center to check out new releases.

They are more inclined to trust companies they believe are well run and employ honest marketing tactics. Case-ins for brands include :

Is this impression true for every person? No way! But if you look at those who often spend money from luxury items (high price, high quality), then yes, there will always be chances that they will pay extra for endorsement.

It’s an easy way to add texture and depth to a room

Why are people hanging purple lights?

Adding purple lights to your window or door is one of the easiest ways to make your home more textured and stylish. Not only does this simple trick give your room a unique feel, you can also use colored light strings as decoration.

These days there are tons of different styles for adding color to a room. The most common way is by painting walls in the style that she prefers.

Another method involves using colorful posters or cloth decorations. But what about those people who don’t want to paint the wall or buy poster materials?

With just some plastic tubes and a few sets of batteries, you can create your own version of a rainbow effect without leaving your house! All you need to do is plug-in electric bulb into each end of the tube. By adjusting the length of the tube and the amount of lamp parts, you can determine how many colors you want to see.

By placing the tubes along various surfaces like the floor or ceiling, you can spread the colors throughout the room. Figuring out which shades you want to highlight will help you decide where to place them in the room while still keeping it looking vibrant and unified.

There are many different styles of hanging lights

Why are people hanging purple lights?

If you’re thinking about buying some holiday gifts, our first suggestion is that you don’t bother trying to buy their favorite candy or snack. Unless they really love it, chances are they have already tried it and dismissed its flavors as quirky or weird.

That said, if you do find that you and your loved one share a flavor obsession (we all can count ourselves in this group), then by all means make these items a part of your partner’s gift.

There are so many great brands out there who create products that work because people obsess over them for years. Let’s talk about some of the most common versions of homemade purple light snacks.

The pros and cons of hanging lights

Why are people hanging purple lights?

Christmas is coming, and you’re probably already brainstorming ideas for how to spend your money. If you’re not quite sure what you want to get someone else for a gift, here are some reasons why you should just buy them something delicious.

You can make people happy by giving them treats or drinks or spending time with them. Any means will work; socializing is one of the most basic ways to show other people that you care.

Treating people to meals at restaurants is another way to add happiness to their lives. Whether it be dinner out or breakfast in, adding an element of joy to someone’s day can do wonders for their mood.

Putting effort into things you do can help create joy. A cheap ticket to a movie might sound fun, but if you choose to pay $10 for a beer and $8 for a sandwich, that doesn’t really cost any more than buying a drink.

However, something as simple as going for a walk or doing a puzzle can lead to all sorts of feelings of success and pleasure. People who play video games seem to have very fun times, but this seems like a lot of work compared to just getting together with friends or having food.

For these reasons, and more, there’s no right or wrong way to hang purple lights. Do whatever helps you feel good and take your mind off of everything else.

Ask your friends


If you ask your friends why they’re hanging purple lights, you might get some strange answers. You may hear things like:

Everyone hangs different types of Christmas decorations. What people originally hung as children can change when placed in their homes alongside their adult-created traditions.

It’s a cool way to connect with your childhood experiences about Christmas. It’s a fun alternative to shopping for gifts or going out to eat. Or maybe it’s just a nice thing to do for yourself or someone else.

Anyways, here are all the reasons people hang purple lights.

Do you want to add this to the next revision of the Magic Bookcase Planner? Yes, no, or maybe? Maybe

Make sure you’re ready for hanging lights

Why are people hanging purple lights?

Even if you are going to decorate your home with energy-efficient bulbs, there is some process that needs to happen before you plug them in. This can be a little intimidating, but it’s definitely worth doing!

When we talk about “hanging wires” or electrical wiring, we’re talking about suspending strings from the ceiling to use as floor lamps.

But first, make sure you have access to long strips of fiberboard (cotton bandanas work well). You will need approximately 12 inches (30 cm) of string per lamp you want to put up.

Next, keep reading to learn how to hang these beautiful mood lighting tools!

Don’t put the strings up until you’re sure it will be done

Why are people hanging purple lights?

Even if you don’t want people to know they can find out that your house is lit up with purple lights, so get some privacy when you do decide to hang them.

That way no one will see how many strings you have or what colors your are using. I also don’t recommend having any of the strings exposed.

When someone comes to visit and tries to touch one of the strings, they could accidentally cut themselves. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

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