Why Do I Feel Like Someone Is Sitting On Me When I Sleep?

Why Do I Feel Like Someone Is Sitting On Me When I Sleep?
Why Do I Feel Like Someone Is Sitting On Me When I Sleep?

You may have a kink or fetish

Why Do I Feel Like Someone Is Sitting On Me When I Sleep?

Sexual fantasies are normal and they can be very arousing. Most people have them, but if you’re having nightmares every night, it might help to investigate why.

Maybe you have a kink (someone who performs acts of sexual dominance) or a fetish (a person with an unusual craving).

You should feel comfortable asking others about their kinks/fetishes, but don’t worry about being “normal” anymore. It’s what makes you you.

If something feels wrong or bad, then that is how you need to feel it. Know that you are special and unique!

There are many things out there that will help you figure out what you want to do next. Keep searching until you find what feels right for you.

Some places to look include:

You sleep on your back too often

Why Do I Feel Like Someone Is Sitting On Me When I Sleep?

It’s normal to want to wake up every hour or so during the night, but when you do find the time to get out of bed, you should try to go into a deep sleep.

This means shutting off everything in your mind and body that is distracting or uncomfortable.

If something was bothering you, you could always use some good sleep to forget about it. But if you stay awake long enough, you will start to feel more tired and run down, like you have had too little sleep.

You also need to know how to control your breathing while you are sleeping. If you were ever asleep at home and needed help, then someone would call 911. They would send officers to check on you.

Same thing here; maybe there is an emergency, but probably not. So why don’t we take better care of ourselves?

By learning how to breathe better, live with awareness, and keep yourself warm, you can improve the quality of your sleep.

Try making a change by trying replacing your current pillow with a pillow insert. Or you can invest in a neck cushion to improve your comfort.

You sleep on your side too much

Why do I feel like someone is sitting on me when I sleep?

Your body is set up for sleeping on one side only. Unfortunately, people who are used to falling back asleep quickly may find that they need to work at it.

You have probably always tried to go to bed around the same time every night, so this should be an indicator as to whether or not you’re able to fall back asleep. If you can’t seem to get yourself in the right frame of mind before trying to sleep, then try to put yourself into a routine that allows for just enough relaxation ahead of time.

Maybe Monday morning rolls around and you feel like you haven’t really gotten any sleep yet. However, over time, you’ll learn how to relax more prior to sleeping so you can enjoy better quality rest.

Here are some tips that will help you get ready for sleep when you don’t want to take chances and risk waking up feeling tired or unrefreshed.

These lessons are helpful no matter what state you’re in by eating a healthy breakfast, taking a bath, or doing some light exercise if you aren’t feeling quite awake. Just working on one thing each day until you develop good habits will make it easier to wake up earlier and stay that way.

You hold your legs too close to your body

Why do I feel like someone is sitting on me when I sleep?

Even when you’re falling asleep, you are still thinking about everything that’s happening in your day. This keeps you awake so you focus more on what you want to sleep than how tired you are.

When you start getting sleepy, your mind begins to worry about being hungry, about school, or whatever is going on at the time.

You need to let yourself be fatigued before you can fall back to sleep, or you will not get enough rest for the days ahead. Put your feet up if you have to.

Do anything to relax your body to help you feel sleepier. Maybe that will letting you go back to bed a little earlier tonight.

You hold your legs too far from your partner


The most common cause of someone being held too tight is that they are afraid to let go. They may also be used to their partners holding them too tightly in times of stress.

When you sleep, you need to trust yourself and your partner to stay safe. If you feel uncomfortable or restrained, then you should get up until you’re comfortable.

Maybe you’ve had an argument and your partner has told you to stop touching them. If this is the case, then it’s very important that you not take this order. Letting yourself be controlled like this isn’t good for your mental health.

If you think you might have a problem, talk to us about it. It’s easier to solve a problem when you have a reason to move forward.

You hold your legs too close to your genitals

Why do I feel like someone is sitting on me when I sleep?

Most people know that our feet have two sides, three sections (toes are present only in the superior section), and four fingers. What most people do not realize is that your knees are also divided into five sections.

The main dividing line runs through what’s known as the “femoral neck” or the “hip joint.” Everything after this joint is called the knee.

From the hip joint down is where you place the division between the upper part of your body and lower parts. This division forms when you were still in the uterus during pregnancy.

Normally there’s no pain at the femoral neck, it simply just happens. But conditions like osteoarthritis can make you feel like someone is sitting on you when you sleep.

That sensation comes from pressure on a certain area of your spine. In some cases, surgery may be an option to fix this issue. However, before going in, try taking kinesiology exercises to see if they help relieve the feeling of being squeezed.

You hold your legs too far from your genitals

Why do I feel like someone is sitting on me when I sleep?

Most people hold their legs away from their genital area for protection. This is a perfectly natural reaction to something that feels dangerous. But by holding yourself further away, you are negating one of the primary reasons that sleeping with your legs apart works effectively.

With your legs separated, there is more contact between the surface of your body and those tissues surrounding your vagina/pelvic floor. Since you are not using gravity as a cue to sleep, it makes sense that you would want to increase other cues to help you get comfortable at bedtime.

By switching off the normal cues we rely on to tell us feel sleepy, you can get back into a sleepy state later when needed. It takes time to adjust to these new conditions, so expect to fall asleep slower at first.

You hold your legs too close to your partner

Why do I feel like someone is sitting on me when I sleep?

Many people sleep holding their knees very close to their body. It’s natural for us to want to keep our partners near but this can make it difficult to get enough air into your lungs while you sleep. Your bed is your place of relaxation, so try changing your sleeping position every now and then.

Maybe you like to sleep on your back But if you feel that you are holding your feet too tight to your partner’s legs, try putting one leg out at the bottom of the bed as you switch between positions.

You hold your legs too far from your partner

Why do I feel like someone is sitting on me when I sleep?

More often than not, people cuddle up with their partners only when it is cozy or they are falling asleep.

When you sleep alone, you may need to make more effort to avoid intimacy. Your bed (and your pillow) will feel colder if you aren’t willing to put some time into them; you can use sheets, blankets, extra pillows, whatever you have to make yourself comfortable, but don’t forget about this essential piece of equipment!

Some people find that making love in the middle of the night is the most satisfying part of sleeping together. If you want something like that, then you should ask your boyfriend or girlfriend to try switching off the lights, playing music at least a little bit softly, and putting away any lamps before bed.

Make sure there isn’t anything distracting him or her until much-needed sleep comes. This includes phones, computers, etc.

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