Why Is Ratatouille Good For You?

Why Is Ratatouille Good For You?
Why Is Ratatouille Good For You?

Rich in healthy fats

Why Is Ratatouille Good For You?

The movieRatatouilleintroduced us to the world of young chef Remy, who has an unlikely love affair with food.

It starts when he finds a bowl of rice porridge on his plate and hears a voice inside him say “This is what your taste buds want”. He decides to follow this voice and tries out different foods.

He learns about nutrition by listening to another voice that speaks over the touch of physical activity. He pays more attention to this second voice since it comes from within himself instead of someone else.

These are all lessons we can learn from Remy – starting with how we should look at our diets.

We often believe that we need to have vegetables every day, or fish, or fruit, or something meaty to feel complete. We think to ourselves, if I don’t have seafood, I’m not eating fish. But did you know that most people enjoy eating fruits and vegetables just as much?

They may be seasoned differently, or combined with other dishes, but here are all the tasty ways to serve veggies up:

Stir-fries: One of my favorite ways to eat vegetables is in a stir-fry recipe. Most recipes for vegetable stir-frys include fresh noodles or thin strands of pasta, soy sauce, and various amounts of garlic.

You probably knew that garlic was good for you! However, there are many other benefits to

Widely available in the market

Why is ratatouille good for you?

Many people are hesitant to try new foods because they think it is too expensive or that they will have to spend a lot of time learning how to prepare them. With ratatouille, however, you can enjoy this delicious food already prepared. Not only does it taste great, but also contains many health benefits.

By adding several vegetables and some herbs to your recipe file, you can quickly create a dish that includes all kinds of healthy ingredients.

This type of cuisine has been popular for years and is prevalent across numerous countries. Much like pasta or pizza, there are so many variations you can make!

Complex in both texture and flavor

Why is ratatouille good for you?

Many people don’t realize this, but raw vegetables are full of sugar. This includes many greens you would eat as meals. Roasting them (along with other foods) changes their composition so that they can be eaten comfortably without contributing too much caloric intake to your diet.

This app allows you to compare the nutritional profiles of dishes. Here is how one typical restaurant meal containing pasta and broccoli compares to eating an entire basket of mixed vegetables:

Has a lot of vegetables

Why is ratatouille good for you?

One serving of ratatouille contains a total of nine servings of fruits and veggies — that’s three times as much as you get in two slices of toast, six times as much as you would in an apple, and nine times as much as you’d find in a cup of leafy greens.

These nutrients come from crops like peppers, tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant, and zucchini.

The vegetables in ratatouille are loaded with antioxidants, including carotenoids, flavonols, and vitamin C. These additives work together to support many aspects of health, including immune function, skin protection, and cardiovascular health.

Protective compounds found in plants include capsic acid, phenolic acids, and folates. We can acquire these compounds through eating plant-based foods, such as berries, corn, nuts, beans, grapefruit, and carrots.

Has a lot of protein

Why is ratatouille good for you?

Many people don’t consider that vegetable dishes can be high in protein, thanks to ingredients like beans and nuts. While there are no exact rules for how much plant-based food you should include each day, it is always good to vary your diet into smaller meals if possible.

Certain vegetables can also help fill you up – especially when they are coated in sauce or have extra cheese thrown away (use this as an excuse to eat more greens!). Even though removing meat from your dinner party often implies cutting down on starches, I would still recommend that you avoid overdoing the potatoes and replace them with lighter alternatives like squash.

Not only do these foods supply lots of healthy carbs, they’re also low in fat, which is what you want after a workout.

Low in carbohydrates

Why is ratatouille good for you?

Many people miss out on the health benefits of vegetables because they think it’s too hard or time-consuming to prepare.

While cooking takes time, there are many quick foods you can make using vegetables that take little time to cook.

However, most recipes containing vegetables also contain some type of protein or fat to help balance out the meal. By choosing vegetables over other foods is more often about nutrition vs. taste.

The average woman should have two servings of vegetables per day, with one serving being either 1/2 cup cooked or ½ raw vegetable. The second serving is an option depending on your individual need and preference.

There are a wide variety of both raw and cooked vegetables available. Plus every food group is represented so you will find something edible for everyone.

Ratatouille is a good example of a recipe that uses several ingredients from the vegetables section including lettuce, tomato, garlic and pepper. This simple dish contains rich sources of vitamin C as well as zinc, fiber and magnesium.

These nutrients work together to support healthy skin, bones and organs. There is even research suggesting that consuming zinc may reduce the risk of diabetes.

Does not contain sugar


Many foods these days are filled with additives that make them more appealing. Although salt is healthy, many people avoid it because they believe it makes things taste “too salty”.

By avoiding added salts, you will be avoiding an important source of food flavor. While this may lead to meals that are overly bland, there are ways to add flavor without adding salt.

Ratatouille avoids such shortcuts, helping your body heal itself. Your tongue can detect up to six flavors, but most rats have ten, thanks to their large mouths!

Healing Properties of Vegetables

The organs of our rat ancestors eat vegetables for both nutrition and pleasure. Unfortunately, humans only consume veggies as food when we find ourselves hungry.

This disconnect between eating nutritious vegetables and experiencing their health benefits has contributed to the rise in chronic diseases like obesity, type 2 diabetes, and cancer.

Has natural antioxidants

Why is ratatouille good for you?

Antioxidants are substances that supplement other nutrients in foods with respect to maintaining health.

Generally speaking, antioxidants help cells maintain optimal function by protecting them from oxidative stress (oxidative damage).

Oxidative stress occurs when there is an excess of free radicals relative to how much antioxidant capacity one has. Free radicals can cause oxidation or disruption via a variety of methods.

One way they cause harm is through cellular DNA. Another is by reacting with proteins and lipids which provides a mechanism for their pro-inflammatory effects.

However, not all antioxidants behave the same way within the body. Further research is needed to identify exactly what each type does, but here are three key players.

Curcumin is one such compound. It’s found in curry spice and several popular dishes. Clinical trials have shown it to be effective for diabetes mellitus and inflammatory bowel disease.

Alpha lipoic acid (ALA) is also known as thioctic acid. It is made by plants. People with deficient levels of alpha lipoic acid may suffer from fatigue, pain, and weakness. These deficiencies can worsen if you lack vitamin E or folate.

Beta carotene is a nutrient found in oranges and vegetables. When consumed in combination with vitamins A and C, beta carotene functions as a provitamin to produce Vitamin A in your liver.

It helps protect your eyes against sun

Has vitamin B12

Why is ratatouille good for you?

Vitamin B-12 is an essential nutrient needed by the body for healthy brain function, nerve function, and red blood cell formation.

Vitamin B-12 is found only in animal foods; no plants contain it. Because rat food isn’t typically made from animals, you have to get it from your diet (in realistic amounts): pork or soy products, eggs, tuna, and dairy.

Unfortunately, most kids’ diets are founded on junk food; children often don’t eat enough nutritious meals. Adding extra cheese here, mixing up old breakfast cereal there — these are tricks that many parents use to try and convince their kids to like what they can make.

But true taste comes from feeding yourself quality nutrition, whether you ate three squares at home or you picked something off the cafeteria tray.

The more of this “rat food” you put into your stomach, the better you will feel, and the wiser you will be. The next time you find yourself thirsty, hungry or tired, remember that hunger is one of our strongest feelings because we’ve been doing a lot of things to fight it.

Between socialization, entertainment, technology and other distractions, people tend to forget how powerful hunger really is. It’s the reason why homemade baby snacks were always easier than fast foods-you were eating to grow.

We become hungry again after we eat because digestion takes work. Our bodies

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