Why You Shouldn’t Sleep With Your Door Open?

Why You Shouldn’t Sleep With Your Door Open?
Why You Shouldn’t Sleep With Your Door Open?

You may wake up with damp clothes


It can be embarrassing to come home after a night out and find your jeans are wet, especially if you didn’t remember how they got that way. Don’t risk it by taking chances with your personal security.

If someone wants to hurt you, then they will find a way. So make sure to protect yourself first thing in the morning by making sure your door is secure (deadlock or lock mechanism) and that there is something obvious such as a chair or piece of furniture blocking the opening.

Also make sure that any pets are kept inside rather than outside your room, since people often forget that pets could really want to get in too.

Finally, make sure your light switch is turned off so you do not wake up in the dark when you return from a night out.

You also need to know who you feel safe around while sleeping. If you don’t think anyone would want to harm you, then keep the window closed.

You may wake up with a creaky bed

Why You Shouldn’t Sleep With Your Door Open?

A lot of people sleep with their bedroom door open. This is fine if you are in your own house, but once you get out there it’s easier to wake up and hear some noise that shouldn’t be there.

If someone or something hears you sleeping, they will try to come inside to check you out. So always make sure your doors are fully closed and locked!

Also don’t assume that everyone else is asleep by default. Even if the rest of the room is quiet, you might still wake up an animal who was sleeping soundly just before dawn.

You may wake up with dirty clothes

Why you shouldn't sleep with your door open?

It happens all the time, but you might not be aware of it. When your house is clean, you usually just leave each room as you find it. However, if you don’t make enough noise coming down the stairs, you can accidentally wind up waking someone else in the morning.

Their door could open without them knowing about it, or they could walk in while you’re getting ready to go downstairs. Then you’ll have an angry person asking why their door wasn’t closed!

You signed a contract when you rented this apartment that says everyone’s responsibility is to maintain their part of the home. So please try to keep your room tidy so people will know you are responsible.

Also, its good manners to close doors in places where others are working or eating. People enjoy sharing stories around a firefly-lit porch; shared experiences are what make us human.

So before you choose to open your door, think for one second if you want to share these moments with anyone else. Also, remember that maybe you should sleep with your door slightly ajar like the author does in the article.

Maybe that way you’ll be prepared for escape in case something starts happening. After all, we do know how to run fast sometimes!

You may wake up with bacteria on your sheets

Why you shouldn't sleep with your door open?

There are an abundance of ways to die-off bacteria, including shampooing them away, but there’s one safe way to do it that works for most people: sleep with a closed door.

This prevents bacteria from escaping into the room and keeps all of the other doors shut so no new bacteria can enter.

Furthermore, keeping the window open instead of shutting the door also helps because it creates negative pressure which sucks any outside air through the window rather than allowing it to pour in through the doorway.

Also, make sure you don’t leave your roommate with his or her door open either! It makes sense, doesn’t it?!

You may wake up with germs on your door handle

Why you shouldn't sleep with your door open?

Now that you know how to determine if someone is at your door, let’s talk about what to do when you see it open. First, keep in mind that not everyone who approaches your door is actually there to get rid of something. Lots of dirty bodies just want to hang out around people their own age.

So while most normal people would run away from a door opened by strangers, lots of teenagers will walk right up to a porch or hallway entrance and ring the bell without being noticed.

And since we live in an increasingly dangerous world, even well-adjusted teens can feel uncomfortable walking back home after sunset. They’ll seek shelter in a nearby restaurant or bar where they hopefully won’t be charged for overpriced drinks.

That said, security should always be implemented in places like schools with covert doors. It’s much easier to lock them than to monitor every inch of a building.

Also, don’t assume anyone who rings your front doorbell is friendly. Most are happy to leave a package as close to your doorstep as possible, but don’t approach any human being who stands outside your house.

If you have a dog, he or she might dash to the door even faster to avoid being bitten.

You may wake up with dust on your curtains

Why you shouldn't sleep with your door open?

Most people know that houseflies are messy, but did you know they can be a problem if you have kids? They can jump onto your bed or couch and then into your child’s room. When children sleep with open windows, even try to close them from time to time, there is a chance that some of these flies will come in

When this happens, the insects will enter their inner-most room through an open window and lay eggs near where they slept. Believe it or not, all of this could happen right outside your front door!

You may wake up with dust on your carpet

Why you shouldn't sleep with your door open?

It’s best to close your door even if you are sleeping soundly, it will keep out all those creepy crawlies that love a good night nibble!

But more importantly, tell someone where you are and what time you are going to be there. Or let them know when you expect to get back so they can start looking for you then.

Don’t put yourself at risk of hurting or being hurt by wondering who was in the room while you were asleep.

You may wake up with sound sleepers

Why you shouldn't sleep with your door open?

It’s natural to leave your door slightly ajar so you can go back to sleep if you hear noise, feel uncomfortable, or have a dream that scares you.

But every time you open your door, it takes more effort to close it when you get back to sleep! Over time, this minor loss of sleep could make a significant difference in your overall health.

How does shutting your door reduce sleep quality? There are two reasons. First, even though you might be able to block out noises, your subconscious knows there is something amiss in your room. Your brain pays attention to such signals, making adjustments to ensure we get proper rest.

Second, not getting enough sleep has been linked to problems such as depression, anxiety, and increased risk of disease. This can also affect how you taste and smell things.—Kendall Saunders

According to a study by Harvard Medical School, individuals who slept with their doors closed reported an average of seven fewer hours of nighttime sleep than those who did not experience these events.

Having a door near your bed reduces the effectiveness of trying to fall asleep. Even if you are awake during night, having your door nearby helps keep you aware of what is around you.

You also miss out on the awakening effects of sunlight coming in through the window. Sunlight wakes us up, but openings in the ceiling (or walls) allow some light into the room, which reveals the amount

You may wake up with a pet

Why you shouldn't sleep with your door open?

Even if you close your door, you are still likely to hear or see your pets when they come inside. If you’re trying to get some sleep, this is detrimental to your quality of sleep.

Also, if you have a cat, it will probably want to be let in at some point during the day.

Maybe once you close the door, you can also take that chance and hope you don’t find any strange animals in your house!

Trust me, you do not want to find out how much these creatures invade your home environment. They bring in bacteria and contaminants, as well as parasites and viruses.

These things are like nightly pest control services for insects. Who wants an insect problem now?!?!?

Also, consider what these animals might eat. If you’ve got rabbits, they could definitely cause problems. Likewise, rats, mice, cats, dogs, etc… All potential food sources for stray animals.

Never feed your pets from the table. This is dangerous and can lead to lots of conflicts, including digestive issues and nutrient deficiencies.

These are all risk factors for cancer and many diseases. Starting off with a diet full of toxins because you were too busy eating dinner is no way to live life.

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